In order to effectively do a good job in the prevention and control of new coronal pneumonia in the whole region, this newspaper guarantees the safety and physical health of the masses. In the past few days, the grassroots medical institutions in Baiyun District have effectively strengthened the role of the "sentry point" of grassroots medical institutions, measures and enhances the epidemic Prevention and control and responding to handling ability, from stricting all prevention and control measures, resolutely keep struggle in the absence of grassroots epidemic prevention and control lines. All kinds of grassroots medical institutions at all levels in the whole region strictly implemented the "four-early" requirements, standardize setup premise, strictly implement the pre-examination and clinative system, strengthen the first medical responsibility system, all medical staff to receive patients to strengthen the pair The patient’s body temperature and health code have been inspected, especially the history of epidemiology, the history of travel history, inquiry and registration history in diagnosis and treatment activities, and strive to achieve early morning prevention.

All grassroots medical institutions strengthen management, enrichment, improve facilities, optimize the process, implement closed-loop management, and do a good job in the health monitoring and protection guidance of key personnel in the jurisdiction, establish a comprehensive township hospital, community health service center package Linkage mechanism, take together, poll the urban and rural prevention and control "net". In terms of internal infection control of the institution, all hospitals in Baiyun District strictly enforced a visitor and escort management system, and all the grassroots medical institutions adhere to the "people with the same defense", and launched. Self-examination and self-correction, strict supervision and management, through strengthening the perspective of nucleic acid detection, investigation, investigation, strict medical institutions in hospitals, and implementing the prevention and control of basic infections, and effectively do new crown pneumonia The hospital prevention and control work.

In terms of grassroots nucleic acid sampling, Baiyun District Health and Health Bureau adds 16 medical institutions at all levels of medical institutions at all levels, providing free nucleic acid testing services for the masses, only on October 26, a total of 1080 free tests for free testing. The bureau strengthens the training of the samples of the grassroots medical institutions, and the medical institution will be added to the medical institutions, allocate sampling personnel, timely supplemental sampling materials, equipment, and take the way of purchasing third-party testing services, guarantee the quality of testing, reasonable personnel arrangement, and effective Accelerate the improvement of grassroots nucleic acid sampling capacity, and ensure that it should be inspected, the operation is specified, and the test is quickly inspected. In terms of new crown pneumonia vaccination, 15 grassroots health institutions undertake new crown vaccination tasks in the jurisdiction, in strict accordance with the requirements of new crown vaccination, standardize inoculation, strictly implement health inquiry, inoculate taboos, informed, information registration, " Three check seven on one verification ", after inocation, the procedures are processed, and the suspected abnormal response monitoring and disposal is prepared. As of 24 o’clock on October 26, a total of 746,999 doses were completed in vaccination in the whole district.

Baiyun District also strengthens training and emergency drills, district health bureaus and district disease control centers to strengthen the supervision guidance of epidemic prevention and control of all grassroots medical and health institutions in the jurisdiction, promoting people, protecting materials, etc. And epidemic prevention and control power; all grassroots medical institutions in the jurisdiction conducted all staff training in the form of online + lines, so that grassroots medical staff masterd new crown epidemic prevention and control knowledge and skills; Baiyun District Health and Health Bureau strengthened "grassroots medical care The training and application of the Health Organization’s Major Epidemic Prevention and Control Plan and Works Manual, formulate various types of prevention and control plan, regularly organized drills, and accelerate the improvement ability of the grassroots response to major epidemic.

(Zhong Rong Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Liang Wei) ("All grassroots medical and health institutions in the whole district are prevented for" copper wall "" by Guiyang Daily, please specify the source, not authorized by written license, no reprint Or mirror.

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