Colleagues are not troublesome

Three tips on how to get along with colleagues.

  The first move is to be generous and not to plan big things without being confused, even small things are savvy, and even everything is well-thought-out and never loses. Who can dare to associate with such a capable person?

It’s most taboo to get along with colleagues, why bother with a little loss, and even tear up the face theory to ruin the relationship with colleagues.

  Ms. Min Xi was so embarrassed by a colleague ‘s questioning. At a departmental AA dinner, several colleagues took a ride with a young man in the unit. However, at the end of the month, the person found the fuel bill and foundFinance “Ms. Xi, solemnly demanded reimbursement.” It only took half a liter of oil and cost only three yuan, but he remembered it for so long and was too shrewd.

“Advice: Win small things and win righteousness, be generous and benevolent, friends with great wisdom and fools are already popular.

  The second trick is to be kind and do n’t make trips. In the day-to-day work of the trip, knowing that this job is tricky, but you have to push it to others.一位‘元老级’的工程师,但他接手后发现难度很大,竟给领导说‘小周资质高,给他个机会多锻炼锻炼’,就这样把这个包袱甩给了我,做不好Will be fired!

When confronted with a teacher who “carried” such a younger generation, Mr. Zhou dare not speak up.

  Advice: Selfish, hypocritical people will be isolated in the end, and be kind to others. Who would not like sincere and friendly colleagues?

  The third trick is to face the rumors calmly and spread the rumors of the “big mouth” naturally unpopular, but if you heard that someone was slandering or slandering yourself?

Citizen Ms. Liu’s response was a violent thunder, and she eventually found out that it was a misunderstanding. She regretted her lack of calm.

“The other day, a female colleague told me to ‘bite my ears’, and said that a colleague had spread my promotion through the back door, and I was so angry when I heard that.

“After confrontation, Ms. Liu found that she had wronged the colleague, and the other person’s tribute to” the clear person clears himself, the turbid person clears up “made her blush.

  Advice: Rumors are like a poison that destroys the relationship between colleagues. When you hear it, you should avoid “secondary transmission”. Calm and calm performance can show your grace and will be more respected.