On December 2nd, the Chifeng Municipal Committee held the city cadre conference to convey the spirit of the 11th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region.

  The meeting requires that the city should improve the political station, strengthen the mission, carefully organize, carefully deploy, combine the study and implementation of the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session and carry out various ways of learning education, and adopt a variety of ways to promote the party. Spirit, transfer the spirit of the General Assembly to every party member, spread to thousands of thousands of households, and earnestly unify thoughts and actions to the party congress, especially the party committee of the autonomous region, the care of Chifeng, comprehensively and accurate, not crust Turn out, so that the decision-making of the party congress of the autonomous region is renovated in Chifeng landing, flowering results.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the 11th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, always keep in mind the "largest country", the overall situation, the mission, conscious shoulder, and fulfill the five aspects of major political responsibility, and solidly promote economic high quality development. The ecological environment is high in protection. The people’s lives are constantly improving, and the national work is further strengthened, and social governance is more effective, and it is comprehensive to obtain new results in strict governance. The meeting requires that he must highlight the development of the first order, and make a bigger step in the high-quality development of ecological priority and green development.

Gathering "three transformations", resolutely abandon over-relying on resource development, resource consumption, and promote innovation and driving development, resolutely control high-energy, high-emission projects, speed up green low-carbon development, and resolutely transform dispersion inefficiencies The type of industrial development model promotes the development of concentrated collections.

Continue to optimize the industrial structure, do a strong industrial economy, accelerate the construction of agricultural and animal husbandry, and vigorously develop modern service industries, build tourism into the first industries of the construction of a modern economic system. Focus on strengthening development support, more prominent innovation leads, fully investigating investment, and vigorously optimizing business environment, continuously strengthening infrastructure construction, fully strengthening regional collaboration, unswervingly deepening reform, expanding opening, creating better conditions for high quality development, Provide a solid foundation.

  The meeting pointed out that the eleventh party congress in the autonomous region clearly put forward key construction of Chifeng and Tongliao "Diao Constellation". The whole city must understand the rich connotation and essential requirements of the "Double Stand", recognize responsibility, see the gap, around the total goal, formulate construction drawings, and further optimize the improvement of the central city of China, China’s important livestock products Output base, the state undertakes industrial transfer cooperation demonstration zone, business service-type national logistics hub to carry cities and national characteristic cultural tourism and leisure resort bases, vain to Tongliao, learn from Brother Mongolia, and Tongliao City Working side by side, working together to promote the construction of "Gemini Constellation" in a real action initiative.

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