“Then next,Everyone prepares well!”
slowly,As Lei Yuan sees here,Lei Yuan at this time,Is a little eager to try。
Don’t say it’s Lei Yuan,Even other people,Looking here,deep in the heart,The same feeling。
As for now,How to deal with such a thing,Let’s not say anything else for now。
But the next thing,In fact,There is still a need to deal with it。
And see here,Now,Lei Yuan watched this scene before him。
“All right,Now words,For the time being, don’t worry about that much。”
“As for the next,What should I do with this,Actually I think,You should work harder too。”
When Lei Yuan finished,The others nodded repeatedly。
“Patriarch, don’t worry,These things,Completely wrapped around us。”
“That’s what it said,But from now on,How should these things be resolved?,Actually these,It’s a good thing。”
“In short, this time is also our chance,Just take it well。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
Actually these things,For Lei Yuan,On the contrary, I didn’t think there would be many problems。
See here,Now,Lei Yuan was even more eager to try。
“But now look,Other things,There is nothing to say for now。”