Li Tianchou thought of it instantlyNA way to get rid of the opponent,But there is no certainty。The gunman is too cautious,The distance is also in place,Almost no loopholes to drill,Plan now,Can only pretend to be soft,Adapt to circumstances。
When Li Tianchou went downstairs with his hands,Uncle Geng’s gaze changed from surprise to anger、Deplore,But only for a moment all his emotions suddenly disappeared from his eyes without a trace。
Somewhat speechless,Li Tianchou is ashamed,Don’t know what to say。Only a few days,Uncle Geng in the wheelchair seems to lose weight again,Deep sunken eyes,I can’t believe it。
“More than one audience?”A middle-aged man dressed in a black silk open shirt comfortably got up from the armchair,Inadvertently shook his sleeves。This person has a cold face,Especially the cheeks are cut like a knife,Gray sideburns,Should have experienced vicissitudes,Cold eyes、Domineering and with a captivating spirit。
Li Tianchou was secretly surprised,The chill in this coldness is rare,It seems to be a breath of blood and killing,Is this person Zhang Zhiqiang?
“One upstairs。”The gunman standing on the stairs answered。
“One?One for one。”Zhang Zhiqiang doesn’t seem to have any more serious ideas,Start looking up and down Li Tianchou。A moment later,With a light wave of his right hand,A strong man standing upright in the corner of the hall,Rushed to Li Tianchou immediately,Start a full body search。quickly,The dagger he used next to his body、Flashlight、The phone and so on were all turned over,Even a few broken wires。
Li Tianchou stood there and said nothing,Trying to remember Zhang Ziqiang in the nightmare in my mind,Unfortunately,Many pictures suddenly become blurred,Only the moment when Zhang Ziqiang fell to the ground was the clearest。That is a smiling face,Although it became a bit miserable because of pain,But very calm。Was too young,There is too little comparison with the vicissitudes of the old man in front of me,The eyes are slightly similar,But the face shape is quite different,Isn’t it the same person?
Zhang Zhiqiang looked at the pile of broken things in front of him with interest,Turn around and look at Uncle Geng,Suddenly happy,“Brother,I seem to be right,Although your apprentice is a bit stupid,But his heart is commendable。You have a companion,I’ll add another day。”
“Who said he is my apprentice?I don’t need company,It’s good to stay alone。”Uncle Geng suddenly said coldly,It made Li Tianchou feel even more ashamed after hearing this。
“Let me guess who he is。”Zhang Zhiqiang ignored Uncle Geng at all,Self-consciously said,“Young,Halfway,Should be counted as your closed disciple,Last name Li,Is it Li Tianchou??”
Uncle Geng’s expression did not show any special changes,But Li Tianchou was really surprised,This Zhang Zhiqiang really has two things,Never met,I can recognize who I am at a glance,Could it be an unknown prophet?
Actually Li Tianchou didn’t know,months ago,due to“1.14”Sequelae of homicide,Zhang Zhiqiang once asked Tang Shiming to investigate Li Tianchou’s personal background,Very detailed,Even photos,So it’s not surprising that Zhang Zhiqiang can recognize it at a glance。
There was a time,Zhang Zhiqiang has gradually forgotten Li Tianchou,But in recent days,Because Asahi Fengtang was hit hard,He met this young man again,And attention has skyrocketed。
Zhang Zhiqiang walked slowly to Li Tianchou,Asked with a smile:“young people,I dare not even admit my identity?”