Finally, Xiao made a decision,Report the fine-tuned attack plan,All participating units begin to prepare for attack at the same time,Not long,Liu Changming, the leader of the task force, called,Hang up after asking a few key questions。Less than five minutes later,Discussion by the task force,The revised attack plan was approved。
Xiao Yadong took a deep breath,The physical and mental stress is unimaginable,He suddenly looked up at the morning glow in the distance,And then ordered the drone to fly。
“what sound?”The old demon noticed an unusual noise,Zhang Zhiqiang immediately stood up and slowly approached the corridor window,He saw a black drone,Just passed by the east side of the building。
“Drone。”Zhang Zhiqiang thoughtful。
“What is a drone?”The old demon brought six long tentacles to that,I’m very curious about something spinning the wind wheel,I don’t know what kind of creatures in the world?There are many creatures that are born to fly,Among them, there are no strong ethnic groups,Among the four-winged bats, great gods and demons have appeared,Seems to be in a very distant era,Fallen in the battle with the fairy world。
Ah yo,wrong,That thing is not alive!The old demon patronizes and searches for the sealed memory fragments,Suddenly I realized that I had missed it。
“A drone is a kind of aircraft made by mortals using technology,Can do many things。”
“Oh?The old man just say,Mortal individuals are too bad,I don’t know how to practice Qi,Toss about some weird things,Doesn’t seem to be of much use,The old man set a thousand mountains,Can instantly kill all the creatures in this town,unfortunately,There is no means now,Can’t make it,Otherwise, why bother?”The old demon brags,Suddenly found that Zhang Zhiqiang’s look was wrong,So he asked quickly,“Tell me what’s the use of that thing?”
“This is a reconnaissance aircraft,Like a pair of eyes,Instead of mortals always staring at us。”
“Knock it out is。”The old devil heard it very disapprovingly,Don’t say it’s Wang Xiang,Even Zhang Zhiqiang’s current cultivation base has many methods,Destroyed that aircraft。
“Useless。”Zhang Zhiqiang shook his head,“This should be a signal before they attack,Look at the situation inside the building,Check where I am waiting,These eyes can also send the images they see back to mortals,Help them develop an attack plan。”