The old people’s health care, these taboos can’t touch you.

The elderly should take care of many aspects of their health. In the details of daily life, there are some taboos for the elderly to pay attention to. Do not touch, the body will naturally be more healthy.

In the principle of health care for the elderly, we should pay attention to diet and ecological health. Today we mainly talk about the health issues in ecological emotions, in order to cultivate happy emotions, harmonious interpersonal relationships and strong will, so as to maintain physical health.purpose.
However, there are these five bogey in the elderly’s ecological health care. Do you know that? Sitting in a long time can relieve fatigue and make it comfortable, but too long will also cause muscles to decline and shrink.

Therefore, the elderly should take more outdoor activities suitable for themselves and strengthen their muscles to enhance their physical fitness.

  The second time to stop the station is too long to live in sports.

The elderly adjust the blood and blood balance through dynamic and static combination. If they do not move in advance, they will affect the blood and blood circulation. It is a part of the human tissue cell malnutrition, and there is qi stagnation and blood stasis, which leads to disease.

  Three bogey use eye time is too long, the elderly use eye time is too long will produce dizziness and other symptoms.

Therefore, the elderly should read newspapers or watch TV. The film should be controlled within 2 hours. It is not easy to watch movies and TV continuously.

  The four bogey time is too long to follow the four o’clock, spring and summer, get up early, get up early in the fall, get up early in the winter, and get up early in the winter.

A proper sleep is good for the health of the elderly, and the body will be soft.

  Five bogey quiet time is too long, too boring, lonely, quiet, lonely situation, leading to the elderly become mentally weak, temperament, loss of confidence in life, leading to a decline in health.

Beautiful music can make people relaxed and happy, and the spirit should be rejuvenated. Therefore, the elderly should have appropriate sound stimulation and art to enhance human health.