In May 1946, the CPC delegation moved from Chongqing to Nanjing, because of the work of the 1941 US manufacturing license plate number "Beijing 1645", "Jing 1645", and drove from the driver Duan Tingying to Nanjing As a business car that Zhou Enlai during the National Negotiation. At that time, this car has been parked in Meyuan New Village, a member of the CPC delegation, and the staff also joked the car as a "Meiyuan Car".

During the National Nanjing Negotiation, the National Government placed more than ten special watchmakers around the CPC delegation, and even a lot of mobile specialties, and people who were going to Meiyuan were tail. In such a sinister environment, Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu and others have taken this car to visit democrats. This car has become "mobile meeting room".

After the national Nanjing negotiations, the CPC delegation was forced to evacuate from Nanjing. This car has also returned to the people until Nanjing liberation will return to the people.

In 1965, the Meiyuan New Village Memorial Meiyuan New Village of the CPC Daiyuan will receive the car after collecting the house from Shanghai for the audience to understand this important history.

Nowadays, this witnessed country, Nanjing negotiating, the small sedan has become a precious national first-level revolutionary cultural relics, and also important teaching materials for patriotism education and revolutionary traditional education. It has witnessed Zhou Enlai to spend the new village of Meiyuan. The end of the years of hardships. Guidance | Central Party History and Literature Research Institute Chen Jian, Zhang Wenliang Certified Unit | Jiangsu News Broadcasting Protector | Wang Weigang, Yanyuan Garden, Ding Fengyun, Suo Haoyang, Liu Yuwei, Gu Qianying Planning / Copywriting | People’s Network Kai Yan, Wang Wei, Wang Pule | 巧红 edit | Zhang Suling.