The third garbage incineration power plant (Chongqing Sanfeng Jiangjin Baiguyuan Project) is one of the largest waste incineration power generation projects in the world.

The main business sector of the Chongqing Sanfeng Environment is high, which is conducive to the implementation of professional managers reform. (Chongqing Sanfeng Environment) The 2021 third quarter report released by Chongqing Sanfeng Environment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as the three-peak environment) shows that from January to September this year, the company achieved business income billions, the year-on-year increase%, net profit billion yuan, A year-on-year growth rate. In 2020, the three-peak environment business income, net profit increased by 13%,%.

The data shows that this company not only continues to grow, but the growth rate is getting faster and faster, the quality of development is getting higher and higher. How did the three peak environments do? One of the important reasons, it is the first to realize the overall transformation of the manager in the national enterprises to the professional manager to reform ice-break, which has strongly promoted the high – quality development of the company.

  The three-year sign of the contract is hired. In the face of the industry policy adjustment and environmental supervision, Sanfeng Environment Deputy General Manager Si Zhongzhong leads the technical team innovation to use the main steam high parameters and high speed of the turbine, so that the amount of garbage power has increased by dozens of degrees, let the three peak environments Liaoning Anshan, The annual power generation revenue of the garbage power plant in Chongqing has reached 5% -8% year-on-year.

  "In the past, engage in research is a task, and now you have a big rice bowl, pressure and incentives are big.

"Si Zhongzhong said that the professional manager system reform has greatly boosted the essence of everyone.

  Thanks to the reform of the professional manager, in just one year, the company has introduced a number of high-end research and development talents, established a postdoctoral research workstation, establishing innovative achievements to transform the incentive mechanism, and improve the enthusiasm and creativity of researchers from the system.

The research and development team focuses on the difficulties of industry pain and bottlenecks.

  On November 27, last year, the three-peak environment conducted a centralized signing of professional managers. On that day, Si Lizhong completed the identity of a traditional state-owned enterprise executive to the professional manager. According to the relevant system of professional managers, the contract is hired for three years, and the performance assessment is "funny" year, but it is not a trouble.

  "This is a market-oriented reform, which is indeed more concerned about many people, which is one of our main resistances." Zue Qinping, chairman of the Sanfeng Environment, said that after converting to the professional manager, there is no fixed term labor contract To release, reckon the three-year labor contract and appointment contract, as well as the annual and term of target responsibility. If the performance does not meet the standard, the labor contract will be directly lifted, which makes some high-serving "pressure Mountain" that considers the high-serving of professional managers. On the other hand, due to the use of performance and salary, the professional managers will be determined by the same listed enterprises in the three-peak environment, net profit, net asset yields, and the main industry. Ok, the annual salary of the manager will be high.

In this regard, there are also concerns about the shareholders, which also constitutes resistance. In order to open a new bureau, the Municipal Republic of China and the Sanfeng Environmental Control Shareholders Chongqing Water Environment Group decisive decision, the chairman of the Chongqing Water Environment Group personally hangs, quickly forms a job, and hires a professional team, studying marketization in detail, The details of the contract management, differentiated salary, market-oriented exits and operating performance indicators, the three-peak environment leadership team fully promoted, reforms were successful.

  "When the manager layer turned to the professional manager, based on the unified thinking, the manager fully respected senior people’s willingness." Tang Guohua, deputy general manager of Sanfeng Environment, said in the process of reviewing the reform process, the company originally actively proposed I don’t want to turn around for the professional manager, and take the initiative to resign the company executive position. In 2021, the Sanfeng Environment was strictly hired in accordance with the professional managers to choose management systems, and the socially recruited high-rise executives, respectively, in the field of investment and safety environmental protection. The newly hired executives show great professional quality and work ability, excellent completion of the work, so that the board of directors and shareholders are very satisfied.

  I adhered to the five-seabate of five lakes, and the results of the residents of the market should be in the national enterprises in the city. The three-peak environment will take the lead in achieving the reform of professional managers, which is called "breaking ice". Unlike some state-owned enterprises, "passive reform", this reform is the active requirements of the three-peak environment.

  Last year, the three-peak environment became the first A-share listed company in the city. "Be a listed company, we feel that stress is up.

"Rein-Qinping said that the company has to reward shareholders and investors, providing returns through better development, whether in terms of professional technology, team advantage, or using capital to make a multi-purchase layout, To play the role of "Trunters".

  In addition to internal power, the three-peak environment is also facing external pressure. With the many central enterprises and large private enterprises enter the field of waste incineration, the domestic market layout has been basically formed, the business is basically mature, the market space is getting smaller, the industry growth is slow, and the environmental protection support policy provided by the industry is also gradually slope. . Is it a stream of wave, or be brave enough? The three peak environments have selected the latter.

  At the perspective of the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Republic of China, the city chooses the three-peak environment to explore the reform of the professional manager, but also considering that the Sanfeng environment itself is in a full competitive industry, the market is higher, the company’s governance structure is relatively improved.

In addition, the three-peak environment has a joint venture experience with foreign excellent enterprises, and has established a modern management system and concept of adapting to the market, adapting to the "background color" of reforms. "The reform of the three-peak environment also gives us some inspiration." The above said that the above-mentioned party committee is needed to fully authorize the company. Of course, the premise is that the capacity of the original team must fully evaluate, such as the past performance, operation stability. Second, the evaluation reform is effective, all aspects must be marked with the market, and we must know the best companies in the same industry, we will know that it is good.

  The third is the choice of members of the professional manager team, to see if the other party put all the minds into the market, customers and costs.

To this end, we must adhere to the five lakes and four seas, and once the profession can guarantee the pureness of the professional manager in the company’s identity and work will.

  The highlight of the pilot state-owned enterprise has been hired by dozens of professional managers to see the reform of the three-peak environmental professional managers. Under the co-ordination of the Municipal Site, Chongqing Yufu Holdings Group, China Si Xian Group, has successively carried out Marketization is an occupational manager including general manager. Southwestern Securities Company, Chongqing Farmers, Chongqing Textile Group and other enterprises also launched a pilot of the professional manager system.

  The reporter noted that the pilot state-owned enterprises have a thousand autumn in the reform.

For example, in the selection, Chongqing Yufu Holding Group will take a headhunting recommendation and public reception resume in two ways to find qualified talents, actively encourage internal eligible personnel to convert identity, and actively sign up for fair competition, 8 occupations selected. Among the managers, 3 were converted to the interior cadres. China Si-Bian Group will have a 10-year experience in large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, familiar with the relevant industrial sector as position conditions. In terms of setting alienation, Chongqing Yufu Holding Group fully references the market principles, and the compensation standards of the subsidiaries of the subordinate enterprises are determined by the principle of interested standards, and the "three pairs" principles and salary targets. Combined with the company’s development cycle, the difficulty of business difficulty is integrated. China Si Xian Group implements special rewards in professional managers, with total rewards from 30% of the annual salary or term salary standards, and is included in the total amount of wages of China’s Si-Bian Group.

  Up to now, 19 households in Chongqing have accumulated 49 professional managers, providing a strong talent resource support for enterprises to respond to market-oriented competition. At the same time, it also drives the transformation of national enterprise cadres ’employees’ concept of understanding, further I have inspired the vitality of the national enterprise reform. Next, the Municipal Republic of China will actively summarize the reform experience of the National Corporate Professional Manager System of Enterprise, China, China Si-Bian Group, and increase experience replication promotion, and strive to conduct pilots in more business enterprises.

  Our reporter Bai Lin.