The charm of Pilates

Exercise definitely does not mean sweating. In today’s advocating aerobic exercise, gently and simply raising your hands is more conducive to burning excess aunts and building a perfect body, just like Pilates.

  A bit like yoga, a bit like ballet, highlighting the combination of movement and static, to accommodate the essence of different sports, Pilates is becoming the most fashionable sport for fitness “fans”.

  The irresistible fitness temptation Pilates, called as mysterious as its name, attracts bodybuilders into its world.

  What is Pilates German Joseph?

Pilates was weak and sick from a small age. He combined Eastern and Western health methods, such as yoga, Tai Chi, ancient Greek and Roman traditional health methods, and created his own instruments and exercise techniques to create Pilates.

  Now, Pilates has evolved into a noun that refers to all the use of Joseph?

Pilates exercises to exercise classes.

At present, Pilates classes in the gym are designed for people working in the office. They are mainly aimed at abdominal muscles, buttocks, shoulders, back and other muscle training.

Regular Pilates exercises can correct body posture, relax waist, obesity, solve shoulder problems, tighten arms, and loose muscles in the abdomen.

Many professional athletes now use Pilates to avoid sports injuries.

  Pilates VS Yoga Practicing Pilates is like yoga, you can cultivate yourself.

In contrast, yoga focuses on the cultivation of the state of mind, while Pilates pays more attention to the training of physical muscles.

Pilates uses slow movements to control the muscles with the time of intervention, so as to achieve the purpose of consuming energy in various parts of the body, to achieve rigidity, gentleness, and to achieve physiological unity during exercise.

Pilates can enhance the body’s sensitivity and flexibility. More importantly, it can quickly shape a slender and firm body, especially for the shaping of muscle curves of the waist, abdomen and buttocks.

  Pilates and yoga both pay attention to breathing methods. The difference is that yoga is inhaling and exhaling, while Pilates is inhaling and exhaling.

So doing Pilates has the feeling of swimming in the air.

A member who has been practicing Pilates for a long time said, “I feel like the muscles and ligaments have been stretched, the turbid air in the body is eliminated at the same time, and the softness and control of the body are enhanced.

“Regaining balance. All Pilates moves have a brilliant center of gravity concept.

In modern life, habits such as right-handedness can easily lead to physical imbalance, and continuous work in distortion and computer can also lead to imbalanced muscle development.

And Pilates exercises require the proper use of their body center of gravity to exert their power.

For example, when doing “side-up kicking”, in order to stabilize the upper body, the waist must be rotated while still sitting firmly on the mat below the waist.

In this way, while maintaining balance and strengthening the body’s center of gravity, after one month of training, you will find that you have changed your hands and feet.

  The basic elements of Pilates “focus, control, center of gravity, breathing, fluency, accuracy, relaxation, long-lasting”, these 16 words are the basic elements of doing Pilates.

  Focus on a training session and quietly “listen” to your body.

  Control a movement to be in place, try to achieve the position required by the coach.

  The center of gravity makes full use of the power brought by its own gravity to achieve the effect of muscle training.

  As soon as breathing is performed, pay attention to the depth of exhalation, and use the method of abdominal breathing appropriately.

The speed should not be too fast, which is basically consistent with the speed of the action.

Exhale while exercising and inhale while stationary.

Attraction must be concentrated.

  Fluency strives for smooth movements and uniform speed.

  If you do n’t know exactly what you are doing, your exercise performance will be greatly reduced.

  Relax and lie on the floor and meditate, feeling your body carefully: the other side is higher, the head and feet are lighter and the staying power is consciously contracting the muscles that need to be exercised, keeping the muscle tension of time, and the consumption of contactThe energy of various parts of the body is more effective than doing dozens of sit-ups.

  Special reminder: Pilates is a safer exercise method, but it is not for everyone.

Because these exercises must tolerate the flexibility of the joints to a certain extent, there are injuries or diseases in the sports system, such as arthritis, muscle strain, and ligament damage. It is best not to practice for the time being.

  Do not eat enough before exercising, otherwise it will cause digestive dysfunction.

However, you can prepare some mineral water or other drinks during exercise to replenish lost water.