What shape is the best shape for nail cutting?

As the saying goes, the hand is the second face of a woman, and the nails form a key part of the beauty.

Of course, many girls have already admitted this, taking supplemental nails as their own compulsory course.

Xiao Liu is such a beautiful girl. Because of her pursuit of perfection, she has become a frequent visitor to nail shops.

Her nails are replaced every two or three days. Although it looks simple and simple, Xiao Liu is still worried. If the nails are trimmed repeatedly or replaced with various shapes, will the nail health be adversely affected?

So today, let’s explore what alternatives we should take while making nails pleasing to avoid nail damage.

  Many girls who love beauty and cleanliness like to trim their nails neatly, and accidentally cause excessive expansion.

If the nail is cut short, it will not feel uncomfortable at the hand. If the shape of the nail is not well grasped, it will change the direction of the nail growth for a long time, resulting in ingrown nails, key nails and pincers.

So, how do you fix your nails?

  ■ It is best to cut the edges of the nails into straight lines or parabola. If you want to trim the nails frequently to maintain the cleanliness inside and outside, then the girls should pay attention to the shape of the nails.

The pointed nails will weaken the condition of the nails and are very easy to break off. The squared nails will easily become inverted trapezoids after being grown too much. It is necessary to pay special attention to replacement or to use the grinding rod to modify the shape frequently.

Studies have also shown that the different shapes of the nails cause the nail growth to undergo residual stress, which can change the shape or curvature of the nail over time and even cause severe nail deformation.

Therefore, it is recommended that nail art fans should try to expand the edge of the nail into a straight line or a parabola.

  ■ The nail is very fragile and can be washed and then the appearance of the nail is cut. Some people seem to be very hard, otherwise it is fragile and extremely permeable.

The most obvious example is that every time you shower you will find your nails become very soft.

Because water penetrates into the nail several times faster than it penetrates into the outer layer of the skin. If the nail is soaked for too long, it will swell due to moisture, shrink, and the nail will be easily broken and split.

  After the wipe, the nails will become soft. Insert the nail clipper and the oblique mouth to gradually expand from the side. Do not cut the whole nail from the middle, so that the nail is easily broken by excessive pressure, and then gently use the file to remove from the two.Round the lateral middle, remove the spurs, and finally apply nutrient oil to the roots of the nails.

  ■Welcome to the beautiful hand, don’t forget to protect the nails, small skin nails, small skin is the small layer of thin skin on the nail near the white, and the nail is protected at the end of the nail to prevent the invasion of bacteria and foreign matter.

Some people in the nail art, will remove or push the small skin on the nail when doing the basic care of the hand, so that the nail surface becomes more long and straight.

However, this type of damage to the nail skin protects the nail from becoming fragile, and it is recommended to retain this protective film during care.

  If the nail skin has shrunk or disappeared, there is a way to promote the re-growth of the nail skin: stick the finger with warm water for 10 minutes – 15 minutes every day, then wipe it gently with a hot towel. Do not use too much force, thenApply some hand or armor oil to massage your fingers to reduce cracking or peeling.