Sex experts teach women how to reach orgasm

As a woman, is it often difficult to reach orgasm, then don’t be afraid, because you are not alone.

Studies have shown that about 10% of women have never experienced climax, and 50% of women have difficulty.

  Recently, the US MSNBC website invites two famous American sexologists Gail?

Salz and Drew?

Binskay, to explore why women are difficult to reach the climax, and there is no solution.

  There are many factors that reflect women’s enjoyment of sex.

The biggest problem with Drew-Benske experts is that many women never really understand, observe or examine themselves, and do not know how to stimulate or stimulate this part in order to get pleasure and guide their partner.

  At the same time, some drugs (such as antidepressants, antihistamines, etc.), fear, suspension of alcohol, changes in hormone levels, and dogma that will enjoy the shame of sex will affect women’s climax.

  What should men do if women can’t reach their climax?

  Drew Binske said that men correctly understand their partners and recognize that women differ.

“Males usually think that the foreplay is to kiss and stroke the female genitals, but for some women, the foreplay is an intimate dinner or other emotional communication.

Couples do not have to care too much about the climax, but should strive to cultivate more intimate feelings.

Finally, men should pay more attention to each other’s needs and ponder that some way works best for her; don’t pretend to impose what they want on their lover.

For women, in order to get the climax, the following should be done: First, learn self-stimulation, find out what way is most effective for yourself, and tell each other.

  Second, occasionally using some sex tools, once you enjoy the taste of the climax, you will have confidence and more cravings.

  Third, sexual fantasies, women are emotional, and a virtual picture inserted in the brain can arouse their passion.

  Fourth, try new tricks.

The old one is inevitably boring, and trying new tricks can enhance pleasure and increase irritation.