Diet “Eight” to prevent stomach problems

Stomach disease needs to be “three-pointed and seven-pointed”, and many people know this.
Dietary nutrition is the most direct method of nourishing the stomach. It can also be said to be the most important thing in the stomach.
  Chinese medicine has the saying that “the stomach is warm and aversion to cold”, that is, the stomach is very sensitive to temperature, likes warm food, and fears cold and cold food.
Therefore, in the winter, the raw and cold fruits should not be eaten or eaten as much as possible; in cooking, it should be noted that cold salad should also be eaten less; the food taken out in the refrigerator should not be eaten directly, and should be taken at room temperature or heated.
In addition, “old stomach disease” should pay attention to the “eight Yi” diet principle.
  Should be less suitable for fine: the amount of food per meal should be less, seven or eight minutes can be full, avoid overeating.
The variety and cooking of food should be fine and easy to digest. Rough, crude fiber-containing foods are not easy to digest, and may also stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain and fullness.
  Yiwen Yijie: The temperature of the food should be warm and suitable. Do not eat cold or iced food. Although the weather is cold, you should not eat hot food.
The ingredients must be cleaned and cleaned when cooking.
  It should be fresh and light: the food must be fresh, and not eat food that has expired or been placed for too long.
Cooking food should be light, do not eat greasy, heavy taste food, avoid spicy spicy food.
  Should be soft and should be slow: the choice of food should be easy to digest, cooking should be cooked thoroughly, so that the food is soft and easy to digest, eat less baking, barbecue, hard food, so as not to cause bad stimulation to the gastric mucosa, increase the burden of gastrointestinal.
Eat slowly, chew slowly and help digestion, not gorging.
  ”Disease from the mouth”, diet has no small impact on the occurrence and development of the disease.
Pay attention to the diet and let the stomach live a comfortable winter.