Online nut stocks are sought after, three squirrels rise and stop: there is a sudden increase in demand
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, 北京夜网 timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Original title: Online nut stocks sought after, three squirrels daily limit: there will be a periodical increase in demand on February 18th, the online snack food leader three squirrels (300783).SZ) After the market opened, it continued to rise continuously. At about 10:19 am, the three squirrel seals increased the stoppage and reported to 65.53 yuan / share.  The overall food and beverage sector increased by 1 on the day.18%.In addition to the daily limit of three squirrels, the closing was terminated, I miss you (002481.SZ) rose 6.86% reported at 10.44 yuan / share. At present, nut products have contributed more than half of the operating income for Haoxian. The date is less than 14%; Yanjinpuzi (002847).SZ) rose 5.26% at 41.45 yuan / share.  In addition, Chacha Foods (002557.SZ) rose 2.57% at 34.77 yuan / share, sunflower seed products accounted for 66% of the total revenue of Qiaqia Foods.94%; Lai Yifen (603777.SH) rose 5.13% reported at 10.86 yuan / share, accounting for more than 30% of the revenue in Iraq are meat and aquatic products, as well as roasted and soy products.  Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng told interface journalists on February 18: “This time the epidemic has a boosting effect on casual snacks. It is a good thing in the context that most consumers cannot go out.Each brand of casual snacks has its own characteristics in the sales channels. The three squirrels are mainly online channels, and the offline ones are basically blank; Qiaqia and Liangpinpu are more balanced online and offline; Laiyifen and Yanjinpu are onlineStrong down, weak on the line.”I personally prefer walking on both the online and offline legs, which will be more stable.Zhu Danpeng said.  Judging from the three quarterly results of the three squirrels in 2018, the first and fourth quarters are the quarters with outstanding performance of the company.However, in the first quarter of 2020, affected by the epidemic, companies in various industries were affected to varying degrees.Company officials said that the offline market is affected by a certain cycle, and there will be a sudden increase in demand in the e-commerce channel.  The three squirrels said on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform on February 15: At present, the company’s production and logistics have resumed production and production in accordance with government requirements, and have basically returned to normal.It is reported that the three squirrels officially resumed work on February 10.  On February 15th, I miss you, the impact of the epidemic was mainly due to the company’s inability to resume work in a timely manner and the normal operation of express logistics. The epidemic situation has gradually improved. The core departments of the company have resumed work and related express services have gradually improved.At present, Baicaowei’s 12 large warehouses across the country have resumed work and are expected to return to normal by the end of this month.  The Yanjinpuzi Air Force stated on the interactive platform that the current epidemic has affected many companies’ normal return to work and logistics and transportation, and has a certain impact on the company. The company’s sales channels mainly include direct sales, distribution and e-commerce.  Qiaqia Foods said on February 12 that the outbreak had limited impact on the company. Compared with the original plan, the company’s production and operation time was delayed, and the company had a certain impact in the first quarter. Now factories have resumed work.  At present, various leisure and snack food companies are successively releasing 2019 performance forecasts.  The three squirrels expect net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to be 2 in 2019.300 million yuan -2.800 million yuan, down 8% -24% compared with the same period last year.The company said that other income in this period is expected to decrease by 20 million to 30 million yuan compared with the same period of the previous year, which is mainly due to the decrease in government subsidies in 2019 compared with the same period of the previous year.  The current sales channel of the three squirrels is mainly a “one main two wings” model, one main is an e-commerce platform, and the two wings are food shops and squirrel alliance shops.The food shop mainly focuses on experience and brand, and the squirrel alliance small shop aims to reach users conveniently.Formed an omni-channel marketing model.As of December 3, 2019, the total channel sales of the three squirrels had exceeded RMB 10 billion.  I want you to disclose the 2019 performance report that the company will achieve a total operating income of 59 in 2019.6.1 billion yuan, an increase of 20 over the same period last year.44%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 1.9.3 billion yuan, an increase of 48 over the same period last year.66%.  Yanjinpuzi is expected to earn 1 in 2019.200 million yuan-1.3 trillion, an increase of 70 over the same period last year.18% -84.36%, the company said that the offline retail channel “Yanjinpuzi” snack house + “Mr. Bean” breadhouse double-south island strategy is advancing normally, and the proportion of offline distribution channel revenue continues to increase.