“Little brother,How can you sell this winter??
I have doubled the price?”
Li Hui said that this is stunned.。
“This big brother,Isn’t it eating here??”
“Well to eat,But the premise of being eaten is how much you eat yourself?,And the hotel gives half a catty once,There are not many hotels in the hotel.。”
This is to let Li have a little understanding.。
Willow sweet this seems to have used hunger marketing.。
In an instant, he understands that there should be a high person behind the sun.。
Otherwise it is impossible to have so many sets of roads.。
This is only so much in just a few days.。
“This big brother,I will give you a pound.,I also want to eat more.。”
“okay,Thank you brother,this is my name card,I will find me in the future.,I also take you to taste the roast duck。”
Looking at the title of the old pair of advertising companies,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“it is good,I will find you when you go.。”
Soon Li, Li, is also a pound of each other.,Then I went to the hotel with a pound.。
When I came to the hotel,Li Hui Feng also did not order,Instead, I will directly find Liu Xujian.。
He is very embarrassing, who is a high person behind a sweet and sweet?。
“gentlemen,Our boss is very busy now.。”
I have to see the boss.,The waiter is also patient explanation。
“I know,I give her a call.。”
Said Li Hui, picking up the phone directly, picked up the mobile phone.。
Several waiters saw that Li Hui Feng really got up the phone and dialed it out.,If you don’t feel that Li Hui Feng is in front of them.。
After all, they are not two people who have encountered this.。
“Sweet sister,What are you busy with?”
Willow sweet is also, I didn’t expect that Li Hui will call her.。
The first time is a happy query。
“breeze,Did you come back?”
“Yup,I have come to the door of the hotel.,Sweet sister is amazing,The style of the decoration is unexpected.。”
At the door?
wait for me a while,I will go find you.。”