“Naturally formed?”The teenager laughed,“This is what you call an advantage?The source of all pride?”
“Has nothing to do with what you said,We are not the same thing as you。”
“Let it out!”The big guy who had been silent suddenly interjected,It is very jealous of teenagers,But I don’t know where the courage comes from,This seems to be a good signal to Li Tianzhu,At least the big guy cares‘Creation’,Never pee in a pot with this boy。
“Leave this fragment,It will disappear cleanly,You are sure to let it go?”The boy tilted his head and looked at the big guy。
“That’s you!”The big guy was obviously surprised,Unexpectedly, in the stone fragments‘Creation’Will be here,How different is this from complete annihilation。
“Do not,no no。”The teenager shook his head repeatedly,“If not greedy,It won’t keep my useless stones,If it’s not too selfish,It would not think of using these stones to catalyze the chaotic world,All this has nothing to do with me。”
“But you are the owner of these stones,You know the characteristics of these stones best,How can it be pushed cleanly?”
Young man,Spread your hands,“It likes,I will give some,Why not?”
“Talking more is not helpful,How can i put it?”Li Tianchou frowned,Simply jumped out of the hidden void,This is my home court,Hide your head and show your tail again。
The teenager shook his head again,Suddenly stretched out,Two shiny blue gems appeared in front of Li Tianchou and the big man。
“What I just said was not a trifle,If the two really want to save‘Creation’,Just let me take this eternal life stone and walk around here。”
The immortal spar hovering in front of Li Tianchou,Slowly rotate to release a faint blue light,Is much larger than what he saw in the hall of Kaitianyu,The fine crystals inside the stone contain terrifying energy,But it converges well on the surface,If you don’t investigate carefully,It’s hard to taste the unique chaotic atmosphere,This breath is both weird and seductive,Li Tianchou took several pieces before,Have experienced the terrible consequences of mixing the stone and the chaotic world,‘Creation’Is the obvious example,The young man has to do it again?
Different from Li Tianchou’s anger and hesitation,The big guy jumped so far,Afraid to avoid spar,Where can I avoid it?The spar is like a shadow,Always in front of the big guy,It’s so angry。
“You are a threat?”
“This is a fact。”The teenager does not deny,“Only go in together,Have the opportunity to create a chaotic land again,To recreate an eternal new world,As for controlling the undead within the gate of heaven,Or let the cosmos that you strive to maintain for a long time,It’s not a problem。”
“There are three regions and seven houses,Why choose us?”
“Four rough stones,Indispensable。It’s the weakest,Good control。”The young man reached out and pointed at the fragment‘Creation’,Then he pointed to the big guy,“It is the purest‘destroy’。As for you,That’s truly unique。”
“‘Creation’Say,There have been three rough stones in the same situation as mine?”
“Not bad,One died inexplicably,I failed the other two。”The teenager shook his head regretfully,“I thought there would be no rough stone with a chaotic world again,We are ready to venture out of the gate of heaven,I didn’t expect it,You will break in,I am afraid that chaotic will can’t stop my plan.,Do you think it’s wonderful?”