Autumn intake is more stressful and more healthy than soup

In autumn and winter, the human body’s yang is hidden, and the yin essence is fixed. It is the accumulation stage of the body’s energy. It is a good season for the weak body.

  Chinese medicine believes that the replacement of warming Chinese medicine in autumn and winter can enhance the vitality of the human body, and even benefit the disease prevention and strengthening of this season, and lay the foundation for the health of the coming year.

Through TCM health conditioning, it can also improve women’s blood and weakness, face aging and other issues.

Health experts pointed out that many people will have a situation of nothingness, “virtual no compensation” is the patient’s physical weakness, but can not accept the terminology.

The first is the weakness of the spleen and stomach.

Because the digestion of the stomach and the function of the spleen are poor, and the supplements are mostly nourishing products, after taking it, not only can not be well digested and absorbed, but it increases the burden of waste and symptoms such as indigestion.

The physical weakness is divided into many types, including qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency.

  The following are the symptoms and manifestations of these 4: 1, qi deficiency: the performance is short, shortness of breath, shortness of breath.

The feeling of being afraid of cold is not obvious.

  2, blood deficiency: mainly in the heart and liver two organs.

The lack of blood and blood is manifested as palpitations, insomnia, dreams, and anxiety.

Insufficient liver blood is manifested as a dull complexion, dizzy tinnitus, dry eyes, and unclear vision.

  3, yang deficiency: performance as body cold, cold limbs, long urine, indigestion, thin.

  4, Yin deficiency: the performance of five upset hot or afternoon hot flashes, night sweats, blush, weight loss, red tongue and less moss.

  It is only the decision to make up for the individual’s physique.

Among the many tonics, how should dialectical choices be made?

Health experts remind: for the qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency and other physical deficiency syndrome, choose the “four big names” in the tonic medicine – ginseng, Ejiao, antler, Cordyceps sinensis will have a great alternative.

  First, qi deficiency-based ginseng (Ganoderma lucidum ginseng soup) ginseng temperature, sweet and bitter, into the spleen, lung two classics, great vitality.

Modern pharmacological research found that its main active ingredients are ginsenosides and flavonoids, which have anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-harmful substances, anti-tumor, improve immunity, regulate nerve and endocrine system, and increase coronary blood flow.Reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, regulate blood lipids, prevent vascular sclerosis and other effects.

  To use: Cut ginseng into thin slices, take 2 each time?
Add 3 grams of water into the cup, soak it for 1 hour, then replace it. Add water after the drink, and cycle.

It is best to take it within 12 hours. Finally, chew the ginseng tablets and also directly take the ginseng tablets.

For use in first aid, take 30 grams each time, thicken the clothes.

Ginseng, ginseng, and ginseng are also used as tea to drink.

  Second, the yang deficiency is the main – antler (antler Yuanshou soup) antler temperature, sweet and salty, into the liver, kidney two classics, have the effect of kidney and impotence.

Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that antler can “refine the marrow, nourish the blood, strengthen the bones, and cure all the damage.”.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that velvet antler contains a variety of amino acids, titanium sulfate, estrone, collagen, protein and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals, nourishing, strong, transforming red blood cells, hemoglobin and reticulocytesIncreased, medium dose can strengthen myocardial contractility, increase cardiac output, and have a strong heart effect on debilitating heart.

Ingestion of the human body is full of energy, but the yin deficiency is not convinced.

  Usage: At the end of the study, take 1 gram each time and take it in the millet porridge.

Or take antler, 30 grams of yam, sliced separately, immersed in 500 grams of white wine, sealed for 1 week, take 20 ml each time, take 2 times a day, cure no matter, urinary frequency, face black.

In the market, there are Shibu Pills made from velvet antler as the main material, oral liquid and other medicines, which can be taken according to the instructions of the medicine.

  Third, the main blood and blood deficiency – Ejiao Ejiao Pingping, sweet, into the lungs, liver, kidney Zhu Jing, known as nourishing Yin and nourishing blood.

The ancient doctors regarded Ejiao as a good medicine for gynecology.

The folks called Ejiao, ginseng, and velvet antler for the winter to make up the “three treasures.”

Because Ejiao has a unique merit in the treatment of various gynecological diseases, especially women are favored.

  Usage: Take Ejiao 5?
10 grams, add the right amount of rice wine, steamed clothes.

Or take 500 grams of donkey-hide gelatin, soak in 1500 grams of rice wine, and then the rubber block will be sprinkled into a sponge shape, steamed into a liquid by water, and added with 1000 grams of rock sugar. When the sugar and the peptizer are integrated, add the fried black sesame seeds andBroken walnut meat with the right amount, made into a sticky thick cream taste, take 1 each morning and evening?2 spoons, served with warm water.

  Fourth, the yin deficiency is the main – Cordyceps sinensis Cordyceps sinensis is warm, sweet, into the lungs, kidney two classics, there are tonic deficiency, benefit essence, cough and phlegm.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Cordyceps contains protein and trace amounts (of which 82.
2% are beneficial to the human body), sugar, crude fiber, minerals, cordycepic acid (D-mannitol), cordycepin and vitamin B12, which enhance immune function, increase myocardial blood flow, lower cholesterol,Anti-hypoxia, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and sedative effects.

  Usage: Take 1 husband duck, 10 grams of Cordyceps sinensis.

Ducks go to the hair and internal organs, poke the duck head to the neck, put several pieces of Cordyceps into the duck head and the neck of the duck, then wrap it tightly with cotton thread, and put the rest with ginger and scallion in the duck belly and put it into the pot.Inject the broth, use salt, pepper, cooking wine to adjust the taste, seal the basin mouth, steam on the cage for about 2 hours, pick up the ginger after the cage, scallion, add MSG, and become a famous “Chongcao duck”.