Chen Xiu swallowed the blood flowing out of his stomach without hesitation,Started in the bodylGot hot,A pure power slowly appeared in the dantian and meridians,This power faintly echoes the golden liquid real aura under the dantian,Under the impact of this force, the easy muscles and bones of the Wu people,There are faint signs of a breakthrough。
Worked a bit,There was a hint of joy on Chen Xiu’s face,Thought:“Refining these wolf blood,Yijin forging bones should be able to break through the realm of refinement,Enter the fifth floor!”
As Chen Xiu ran the Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill, the blood qi in his body became more and more active,Faster and faster。A faint cloud slowly appeared around his body。
I don’t know after a long time,Chen Xiu finally combined the wolf blood power in his body with the golden liquid zhenqi under his dantian,Formed a kind of wonder and power。Once this wonderful power is formed,Just running in the body,Tempered his body。
“Ding Ding Ding Ding。”
Chen Xiu’s blood vessels and meridians kept ringing,The sound is crisp and sweet,It rushes through his body like a flood broke through a dam。
The first layer of Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill is to strengthen the skin,The second level of cultivation is bone strengthening,The third level of blood refining,The fourth level of cultivation is the marrow,The fifth level of cultivation is that the membrane is the meridian。
At this time, he has cultivated to the late stage of the fifth layer,He only needs to temper the meridians,You can enter the sixth layer of Yijin Bone Breaking Skill。
When it hit the forty-ninth,The sound stopped suddenly。The power of the meridians that has been faintly flowing in Chen Xiu’s body,It also stopped running at this time。
A trace of regret flashed in Chen Xiu’s eyes。The power of refining wolf blood,Chen Xiu is only a line away from the sixth floor。
“correct,And inner alchemy!”
“This wolf king is a Tier 3 fierce beast,It must have formed an inner pill in its body。”