What happened to my body shaking suddenly while sleeping?

Before too many people fall asleep or fall asleep, their bodies will suddenly shake like electricity. What is the reason for this?

The answers are different: some say they are tall, some say they are calcium deficient, and some say that the nervous system is afraid of you dying, and they are alarming you!

So why does my body suddenly shake when I sleep?

Scientifically speaking, this is “sleeping muscle jumping disease”.

  ”Sleeping muscle jump” is usually a normal physiological reaction. It is a phenomenon of nervousness, irritation, or excessive work fatigue that causes the whole or local muscles to twitch suddenly. The time is very short. Like an electric shock, the feet suddenlyStep on it.

However, there are also pathological muscle jumps.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon: 1. High pressure.

At work, the relationship is relatively tense, the task is heavy, long-time overtime, often stay up late, and people with poor sleep quality are prone to this symptom.

There are also those who are easily angry and frightened.

  2. Severe calcium deficiency.

Calcium is low, which causes the muscles and nervous system to be more excited, causing muscle contractions in the distal nerve.

  3, liver and kidney weakness, lack of qi and blood.

If it is not very strong every time, but the frequency is more, this may be caused by liver and kidney deficiency, qi and blood deficiency.

  4. Symptomatic muscle leaping: if accompanied by headache, dizziness and other conditions, which are also pathological, you should go to the hospital in time for brain CT or magnetic resonance to rule out brain disorders.

  Ways to reduce muscle leaps: regular work and rest, avoid staying up late, learn to self-decompression; you can do muscle exercise before bedtime; drink water before bedtime, do not drink tea or coffee, etc.