Qiao Yu did not,He advised a cup,I didn’t have a little smile in the corner of the mouth, I didn’t hesitate.,Advise:“brother!You drink more!Don’t drink this cup.!”
“Joago……I didn’t drink more!Full!I am happy today.!Joago!We are all revolutions now……”
Qiao Yu quickly stopped the road:“Hiss……brother!Don’t talk!This is a top secret!You really drink more!Can’t drink anymore!”
Revolutionary military comrades will belong to confidential organization,It is never possible in public.,This is enough to prove that Qi Yu is really drinking.,Qiao Yu said at this time.:“brother!You drink more!趴 on the table!I went to the kitchen to find something to wake up.!”
Don’t say Qiao Yu,Rui Rui is already on the table,Qiao Yu shouted two times,Rui Rui promised to look up,The head is too lifted and squatted on the table.。
This is a more normal reaction to drink too much.,Qiao Yu believes this Qiyu is really drunk.,So I opened the door and looked at the people who smashed on the table.,But he did not leave immediately,Instead, I have listened to the room without moving in the room.,This is just step down.。
Rui Rui is not moving,The special agent of the Legaloya is not a person.,Perhaps there is a suite in the darkness that you can also say that you can,Then, this fake Qiao Yu does not need to stare.,Six brothers have already been confessated.。
Chapter 26 Ouyang Napo
Fake Qiaoyu went downstairs to get the kitchen to make a bowl wake up,Then I went out of the hotel directly into a food store next door.。
A while,Qiao Yu took two boxes of specialty snacks out of the food store back to the hotel.,A bowl of wake up on the side of the side,Seeing Qi Yu face pillow is sleeping on the arm,There is still a mouthful of mouth, and the mouth is soaked.。
Qiao Yu put the food box on the side of Qi Yu, who was universities, gave him a few soup.,Waiting for a while, I haven’t awake it.,So, the account, the buddle helped people to help people to the door of the hotel,Two yellow chassis returns to the military club。
Qiao Yu has already dinner when he sees Qi Yu.,He slept for an afternoon。
Like the fake Qiao Yu said sorry:“Joago!sorry!I am drunk!This appetite is still uncomfortable now.!”
“Brother!You still don’t drink this wine.!”
“I can’t do this wine.!Let Joyang laughs!”
“Silly brother!Drinking a little benefit,Especially if people like our people are easier to delay,Even because of the wine!so!Brother!I will say that I will not drink it.!Don’t drink anymore.!”Qiao Yu seems to be really concerned about Qi Yu,
“Joige said!In addition to Joige, I will not drink alcohol.!”
Rui Rui and Qiao Ji Yu eats something in the club at the club,
“brother!Do you have any arrangements at night??”Qiao Qiao asked,
Rui Rui wants him to arrange,Ask:“Joago!You have arranged?”
“I will see it tonight.,Not to say that there is a dance here tomorrow?!Then let’s rest early today.!Raising the courage to participate in the dance here is happy!”Fake Qiaoyu said,
“Row!I listen to Joshi’s!”
Two people have finished eating all houses,More than an hour,Zhao Ji, who is dressed as a waiter, makes the warm pot, first knock the fake Qiao Yu’s room:“Chief!This is the hot water that is just boiling!do you need?”
“Oh!it is good!Give me a pot!thanks!”Qiao Yu passed a warm pot to turn the door,
Zhao Ji’s again knocked the rural room:“Chief!This is the hot water that is just boiling!Do you need it??”
“Needed!”Rui Rui picks up a warm pot low:“Hey!Do you have any fun at night??”
“I don’t know what the chief wants to play.?”Zhao Ji is one side and said with Qi Rui,I haven’t seen more than a year.,Zhao Ji’s hate can’t hug and call the nine brothers。
“Do you have a beautiful female soldier??”The rumored voice gradually became large,Jooseo Joy is also heard,I did this, I gave him.,
“Of course!I can see it now.!A lot of beautiful girls?!I have the type of chief like!嘿嘿 嘿……”
“Yes!?Then I have to go see it.!”