“This problem is good。”Light snow puts the knife to your own military boots.,I want to rely on the leg of Zuo Luo next to it.。
It is not nearly close to the foot.,She smiled slightly to the snow:“roll。”
“I know that I am just aBeta,Can’t match you。”Guan Xue is pitiful,Also want to make it。
Zuo Luo is unreasonable,Only for new people:“We are a mechanism in the school,But the federal also has a routine army。”
“There are weapons here,Under emergency。”Guan Xue didn’t stick to Zuo Luo Huan,Positive color,“There is also a layer below,Training field,Have time to come and practice。”
Before,Yan Yan asked Zuo Luo Huan:“We are the Qing Dao Force Reserve?”
Zuo Luo:“We are only the students of the first military school,There is no relationship with the Qing Daojun。”
After the newcomer is finished,Cut snow is holding yourself:“I am exhausted.,Take the mouth every day。”
“Are you too worried about it?。”I have always looked up at Zuo Luo.。
If you are coming at this moment,See this person,I will definitely recognize that he is the flyer of the school gate.。
“Express so many new people,Split different set gather points,Let the newcomers and new people don’t know each other。”Qian Mao wants to move Zuo Luohuan,Too careful,And she also recruited many other people who did not take the battle in the future.,For example。
In the eyes of Qianmao,The nature of the nature of gamplero is originally,Zuo Luo is more like preparing for other situations。Maybe they only graduate from the first military school for four years.,But once started,Naturally there is a person with a hand。
http://www.tjjielian.cn “The history of the Yundong Military Academy is still destroyed。”Zuo Luo Huan,“If they can resist,Not so that the Winter Army came over。”
Many people only know that the Yundong Military Academy is rescued.,Eastern defense line reinstall,But I don’t know that the winter army picks up the hand to support.,How many lives have been lost again。
Since she took her hand,Naturally,What’s more, the school let yourself do it.。
“Go back first.,There is still something tomorrow.。”Zuo Luo got up。
“Oh,right,I heard that the left chairman wants to return to the north.。”Cutoff intimately passes his own gunbox,Ask Zuo Luohuan,“Tomorrow, I want to give a banquet.,Can I go to eat and drink??”
“I want to go too!”Qian Mao immediately raised his hand,Where is it serious?。
“With you。”
Left home to send a banquet,People http://www.kaiboss.cn who come,Most people are‘sincere’farewell。Zuo Duhong in the capital day,There is a low-pressure around the capital day.,No one knows when to plant him。This time it comes back to North,Many people are not at home to set off firecrackers.。
Zuo Luo was grabbed by her mother early today.,Standing at the door reception guest,A morning,The face is smiling.。
Attempt,Don’t have a rose in your chest.,I don’t know what to do today, what is the wedding today?。
When the Ji is coming to the parents,Guests have almost all,He saw that person standing at the door.,It is ineffective to count the rose in front of the chest.。
Left lady loves roses,Various roses are arranged at each banquet,Naturally don’t let go of your own daughter’s chance。
Occurrence falls behind the parents,Slowly walk to the door,Skating,In the face of Zuo Luohuan,The line of sight does not cover the rose http://www.xjinsuo.cn on her chest.,Use the cold and clean voice:“Nice,With you。”
Good words,With his cold face,Hard students, let Zuo Luo heard a slightly laughter。
“I think this flower is more worthy of you.。”
Provocative people,The level of Ji Yong is still。
Zuo Luo happened to the rose before the chest,Tight pour,In the moment she raised her hand,The end of Ji Yong,Reach you want to block,But she was tightly held with another hand.,Success to bring the roses in the ear of Ji Yue,She is whitening:“Give this flower to us, better?”
One of the comes, one hand, holds her,Zuo Luohuan took the other hand with another hand.,Almost half-pressure。
“Oh,my God!”Qian Maoyuan saw two people hugs at the door.,Get your own eyes,“What is this doing??”
Cutting, cover your chest:“I didn’t expect my competitors actually be aAlpha!”