Spring sleepiness induces multiple mental illnesses

South of the Yangtze River is known as “cracked when yellow flowers bloom”, which refers to the time when yellow flowers are in full bloom-that is, spring. In the north, the prevalence of mental illness and mental illness is slightly later than the south, about the end of spring.That is, before and after Qingming.

  Chinese traditional Qingming sent grief is not just customary meaning.

The climate warmed in the Qingming season, and everything revived. However, the new scene is more inclined to associate with the story of an old friend who has passed away. Therefore, Qingming set foot on the tomb and sacrificed his ancestors.

  The causes of mental and mental illness following seasonal alternation are very complicated, especially the pathogenesis principle has been an unsolved puzzle, but except for genetic factors and organic destruction factors, almost all of them are related to mood.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has a theory of “beginning and falling sun” that is prone to madness, and western medicine also has the theory that the cold and hot alternating season is the weakest resistance in the cycle change of the human body. The beginning and recurrence of most diseases are here.It’s a coincidence.

Not all people can develop mental illness.

Everyone’s living environment, working environment, and health level are different. Under the same circumstances, some people are susceptible people, and some people are immune people.