Exclusive 丨 Bai Yansong recalls Zhao Zhongxiang: I really want to eat another bowl of noodles made by him
On January 16, the host Zhao Zhongxiang died of illness at the age of 78.Sauna, Ye.net exclusively contacted Bai Yansong on the high-speed rail trip to Inner Mongolia. Bai Yansong said that Zhao Zhongxiang ‘s death was at 7:30 in the morning, and 7:30 in the evening was the end of “News Network”.A male anchor, “Miss Zhao Zhongxiang.In April 2017, Ni Ping’s “Grandma’s Quotations” has a new edition and a new edition of the first spot of discovery. Ni Ping, Zhao Zhongxiang, Bai Yansong, Jing Yidan and Dong Qing took a group photo.Photo courtesy of Bai Yansong The following is a text message from Bai Yansong to the sauna, Ye Wang wrote about the recollection of Zhao Zhongxiang: It was very sad to know the news of Zhao ‘s death this morning. When the hosts knew each other, I could realize that everyone sharedsad.From my own point of view, I really want to eat another bowl of noodles made by him, but this is impossible!On the afternoon of the 13th, Jing Yidan, Li Xiuping, Xu Li, Ju Ping, and Lu Jian went to the hospital to see Mr. Zhao. At that time, Mr. Zhao was in a deep coma. We all know that on January 16, it was Mr. Zhao.On our 78th birthday, we also said to Mrs. Zhao ‘s wife that we expect Mr. Zhao to survive this day first, but Mr. Zhao still left on this day!One day came to this world, and one day walked from this world, Mr. Zhao ‘s ward can see the old building of CCTV from the window. I believe that when Mr. Zhao is just in hospital and can walk, he will often see him from the window.In the work place, I believe that there are too many brilliant and memorable memory pictures in his mind, especially for our host, in the past communication experience, we are used to calling Mr. Zhao “Guru”. This titleWe never gave it to others, which also represents our collective recognition, respect and gratitude to Mr. Zhao, because he is the only pioneer of Chinese TV news anchors and a guide for TV hosts.As a junior, he is not our elder, or his predecessor, and he must be thankful.Teacher Zhao’s life is a worthy life, and it is a life that all our TV presenters must respect!It is also the common memory of several generations of Chinese!Mr. Zhao ‘s wife said: I hope not to play music during the farewell ceremony, instead of playing the voice of Mr. Zhao ‘s commentary. In fact, before the serious illness, Mr. Zhao went to record the program of “Animal World”, but he hasSay: Looking for other people, I am not strong enough.There is no doubt that Mr. Zhao has just worked till the last moment.Of course, I will go to Teacher Zhao ‘s farewell ceremony. I believe that many of my colleagues will go, and there will be many audiences. Not only to say goodbye, but also to be grateful, but also to play his voice on the spot, and will always remember Teacher Zhao.!-Bai Yansong sees the topic in detail: Zhao Zhongxiang’s death, many friends post a commemorative sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Wu Dongni