According to the plan,The guild is going to be after the guild match,Start to invest,Use 500,000 to help her get her grades up。
Watching the rich and powerful Jiangnan spend money like earth,She hopes this is her eldest brother。If there is such a guardian,Play games with other big anchors,She won’t be afraid。
suddenly,She is a little nervous,I’ll connect with Brother Hu later,I don’t know if it can attract the attention of some local tyrant brothers,Especially Jiangnan, a great player。
Hu Yang saw Jiangnan’s speech,A little unexpected:“what!Guess well!This yellow glazed porcelain,The market price is almost four or five million。”
The people in the live room are speechless,Started with fifty thousand,It costs four or five million in a blink of an eye,Almost a hundred times the terrorist profit。
Jiangnan:“My old man has a collection of exactly the same,It was over 4 million shots back。”
Get!No wonder he guessed so accurately。
but,Exactly the same?Is it wrong?This kind of thing,Will it be exactly the same?
Populus is even more surprised:“The other one is collected by your family?Is that a coincidence?”
No one in the live room knows what to say,Feeling Hu knows that there are two pieces of the same porcelain?
“I just wanted to say,This plate is not complete,Originally a pair。I should be on the left,The other one on the right。”
There was an exclamation in the live broadcast room。
“Damn!Are you a human?”
Chapter Ninety Four Lin Jianguo
Hu Yang just finished speaking here,I heard Chairman Fang say the same thing,The people in the live broadcast room are completely speechless。
The last regret,Undoubtedly Lao Li,Beat your chest,I also lifted my comfort to my friends,If it wasn’t for these guys’ doubts,He won’t be so miserable。It can be said,He lost so much,My friend is also an accomplice。