Xu Wan has been watching,Her personal experience of Sandworm’s cruelty,If there is no mysterious power to help,She is dead。
She may not be able to accurately judge the power of Sandworm,But she can judge Xiuxiu’s strength at this moment。Dealing with sandworms alone,Not sure if the sandworm died or escaped,But you can be sure that Xiuxiu returned intact。
Ning Beizhi said something to him last night,Introduced Li Dachuan’s deeds,But did not introduce her to the members of the Strangulation Group。six people,Five men and one woman,A tacit understanding between each other,Xiuxiu,Independent killing of sandworms returned intact,Less than a minute,Looks easy。
She became curious about the other members of the strangulation group。
A strong force comes from the waist,Can’t help but follow。
Knife,Chest injury,You can see the fine scales in the broken wetsuit,It’s undoubtedly a body skin mutant,Amazing strength and endurance,Bring her this“burden”Action in the water is easy,But I don’t know how he got hurt。
First161chapter:Endless abyss
Half an hour,Underground river entrance,The water column swirls upwards and gushes,It will be washed away as soon as it gets closer,Then I’ll be pushed back by the whirlpool,Only in a circular torrent,But it’s hard to stay relatively still,Move with the waves。
A group of people cruised in this waters,Some people turn on their headlights,You can see other people around you。
The four members of the strangulation group are here,In the water closest to the water column,They seem to be waiting for something。
A while,The water column twisted,It’s like a huge monster churning inside。
then,Li Dachuan came out of the water column,I saw him jerking,A giant sandworm was dragged off the water column by him。
The four strangling team members go up,Dagger into the sandworm body,Hang the body on it,Turn off headlights,Wave to other people to do the same。
A water marching officer has everything to learn,All hang on the sandworm,Turn off the headlights。Wu Heng went up,Useless knife,Two hands are like crab claws,Clamp the sandworm skin folds firmly。Gan Yifan looks interesting,Hang on sandworm like him,I was stared at by Wu Heng。
Go through the entrance into the underground river,Go deep,The water flow became calm,Look down,There is a circular entrance at the bottom not too deep,Shine,You can see sandworms swimming over the entrance。
Li Dachuan straddles the sandworm head,Control sandworms to swim towards the entrance,From time to time, sandworms swam by,No one moves,All cling to the sandworm,No one was attacked by other sandworms。Until near the entrance,The sandworm suddenly struggled violently,Even Li Dachuan could not force sandworms to enter the mouth。
“boom”,Water wave vibration,Li Dachuan punched the sandworm to death,Waved for everyone to accelerate sinking。
Like swimming fish,Everyone swims along the sandworm’s slowly sinking body to the entrance at the fastest speed,Li Dachuan swims upstream,Whenever other sandworms approach,Will be repelled by him。With him,Everyone is shocked,All came safely to the entrance。