“So the first village,He doesn’t look angry at all,It’s because of this whole Lihuagou,Is the tribe of the underworld,They maintain all the stockades by manipulating the dead,Let the outside world think this is an isolated place???”Hu Bailing’s eyes are full of fear。
The playmate who didn’t have a relationship with him。
Is she a Yin Ling master?,Still dead??
“that……What’s going on with the lost dragon??”Nan Yu Suo asked。
“We are also controlling。Mourning dragon,Is our patron!”at this time,A man’s voice came from the hill in front,He is standing under the cold moonlight,Wearing a fur hat,Wearing fur clothes,It’s just that the whole person exudes a strange stance!!
Compared with the honest and honest appearance before,At this moment, he is even more elusive!
“Yin Ling Master?Actually we don’t really like to call ourselves like that,We call ourselves death!”The pleated patriarch Song Xunshan walked out of the forest behind him,And with one hand twisted the girl Shi Meirou。
“What the Holy See says,Sanglong is a creature that serves the god of death……”Hu Bailing suddenly recalled this sentence,The whole person is like a thunderbolt。The more she thinks, the more angry she gets,Point to the patriarch of this stockade,“No wonder the Dragon will not be extinct,It’s because there are you Yin Ling masters living in this pear ditch!”
“You guys are really unexpected,Send you to Sanglong Village,Can still come out alive。but,Now that you already know the secret of our Lihuagou,I can’t let you leave alive。”Patriarch Song Xunshan said。
In fact,Song Xunshan has never been certain,Do these people already know the secret of Lihuagou?。
But when they leave without incident,Song Xunshan thinks about it, the more things go wrong,He feels safe,Or deal with them,After all, they have been in contact with Shi Meirou,And Shi Meirou also told these people,They can see the ghost things!
“I……I didn’t say anything。”Shi Meirou said。
“But they still guessed,Isn’t it?”Patriarch Song Xunshan said。
“I thought the patriarch gave us so many gems,Hush fee,Actually we don’t care who you are,Yin Ling Master,It’s okay for the Dragon Reaper,What we only care about is,Are many people dead here。In fact, when I knew that you were the village of Yin Ling Master,,I’m still relieved,This means that there are not thousands of people in Lihuagou who have died tragically under the claws of the dragon,I am more bodhisattva。”Zhu Minglang said。
Not slaughtered。