In terms of promotion of Puhui Financial Services, agricultural banks Pu Wei-type small and micro enterprises loan balance trillion yuan, speed up, tens of thousands of customers, more than 10,000 households over the last year; Agricultural Bank Agricultural Bank accelerate mobile banking Introduced in the palm rustic version and the big transcription, the amount of the original active customer (MAU) breaks through hundreds of millions, an increase of 20.077 million over the last year; through digital customer relationship management system (DCRM), Agricultural Bank achieves multiple products closed-loop marketing, sales The amount increased by year-on-year, and the smart anti-fraud platform has monitored the transaction volume of 100 million. The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Bank said, the next step will focus on the following work: First, to carry out the education of party history, lead the high-quality development of the whole bank with high quality party building; second, in depth, "three strategies", highlight the reinforcement of rural resolution Financial services, promoting green finance and accelerating development, achieve more breakthrough results in digital transformation "Ten Projects"; third is to build new development patterns around the service, optimize credit and putting rhythm and structure, and increase the field of entity economic focus and weaknesses The financing support of the link, supports technology innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthening the expansion need to promote consumption financial services; four is to optimize business management, in-depth promotion mechanism reform, ensure equalization coordination, steady and continuous; five is intensive development and safety, comprehensive Improve risk premium, active resolution and effective control ability, and resolutely keep all kinds of risk bottom lines. (Editor: Cao Wei, Li Yuan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.