Xiao Xiao,Wang Shuai and Qiangwei both look inexplicable。
Chen Wenjin didn’t explain,After all, it’s about Abao’s privacy。
After opening,Chen Wenjin cleared the stocks in his account。
Go out to see Abao。
A distance,A leopard droops his face,Smoking in the fire escape and said:“艹!I was really recruited!gonorrhea!”
“It’s not AIDS and syphilis, so thank goodness.。”Chen Wenjin talked about the situation in the account after the stocks were cleared,And then said:“I will take stocks for a long time,Plan to buy one,Not sure when it will rise,But I expect the increase will be close to three times,You save some money to buy it,It will be sold out when it rises to RMB 77 in the future。”
“So cool?How long to wait?”Leopard’s eyes suddenly shined。
“Didn’t you say it??I don’t know how long I will wait,Just to judge that there will be so many increases in the future,Shouldn’t be more than a year。”Chen Wenjin actually remembers the launch month of that annual demon stock,I also remember that the highest price is 83 yuan,But at this time I can only say that。
“Then I put all the money in and wait until then.?”A Bao full of hope。
“Be realistic,Just the profit after the mortgage of your car is overdue,Rolling to the future is higher than stock gains,Must be a loss。Let alone your situation,Can wait so long?Do you believe it yourself?I plan to ask me to borrow money until next year?No show。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t believe that Abao can have that kind of concentration。
“Too……”Abao sighed,Calculated again:“The money for the car borrowed was 150,000 yuan even with the principal and profit.,The capital given by my parents can be put inside to buy the stocks you mentioned,Return Wang Shuai 400,000,Give you a total of 90,000,The gifts promised to Li Xiang add up to 80,000,Qiangwei’s 30,000 yuan, including the capital and profit, will return her 210,000 yuan,Save 20,000 to buy into the art school……I fuck,Two hundred and thirty thousand left!Isn’t this a busy holiday??”
“Who do you blame?You don’t have to ask me to borrow 90,000 yuan one after another,Wang Shuai is 270,000 yuan more than the car you originally lost,Li Xiang, take a moment to get a discount and save at least 70,000,You could have 700,000 free money left。Your nickname is Leopard Million,But millions of dollars can’t support your consumption,Don’t relax——I think you can get back to the original shape in a week or two。”Chen Wenjin sees Abao very upset,Just urged:“hurry up,Clear accounts。”
“I have to wait for my dad to come too……”Abao said that,Chen Wenjin said badly:“Less wordy!Must clear today。I’m now wondering whether the debt?Let you pass today,Can’t play and disappear yet?”
“……I won’t rely on you!”Abao feels that his trust has been seriously insulted。
“Haven’t you been bad。Don’t talk to me,If you have money,If you have no money。”Chen Wenjin just finished,I saw Wang Shuai and Qiangwei coming out,Chen Wenjin’s phone rang too,It’s Xiao Xiao。
“Does Abao want to pay you back??Do you want to go to the bank too?Do you want me to accompany you?”
“Of course we have to go together。”Chen Wenjin thinks Xiao Xiao is quite interesting,I asked if I didn’t come out directly,It’s like changing directions to determine whether he desires to be opposite her as much as possible。
moment,Xiao Xiao is also out,The group went to the bank downstairs,There are already two people waiting for Abao,One is from Qinghe,The other is Abao’s father。
Abao and his father had talked long ago,Said it borrowed other people’s money as principal,In the end, I have to pay back the profits,His family didn’t know that Abao won the prize,This statement also explains the source of the money he put in。