“You damn girl talk nonsense,Be careful I spoil your mouth“Zhao Chunling flushed,So he rushed towards Li Fengzhu。
Li Fengzhu stood up abruptly,She laughed and said:“sister!Don’t pretend,All live together,What else is embarrassing“
Zhao Chunling listened,My face is even redder,She rushed off the bed,It was blocked by Xia Jianji。Xia Jian made her face,Then ask Li Fengzhu:“Sister Fengzhu,Just speak up。Not only will we be relatives in the future,More importantly, I am still a colleague“
“Brother-in-law!You are so bright。Is such that,I called down a few sisters from the same village,As a result, there are six people who live and die without stealing,Said I was lying to them,Should I do work for them?,After all you are more mature than us,Strong ability to analyze problems,Maybe they can listen to you“Li Fengzhu changed the topic,So when it comes to her purpose of coming here。
Xia Jian looked at Zhao Chunling,Asked with a deliberate smile:“Dear!Sister, I think we should help her!After all, they are all from the same place,We can’t make big money,Let them drink southeast wind!“When Xia Jian said this,,When Li Fengzhu didn’t pay attention,Winked at Zhao Chunling。
Xia Jian is called Zhao Chunling like this,Makes Zhao Chunling very shy,But this woman is a female man。Although she can’t hide the expression on her face,But she said more cooperatively:“Row!I believe in your abilities“
“So be it!You call all these people into our room,Let me enlighten everyone,As for success,I can’t guarantee“After Xia Jian got Zhao Chunling’s opinion,,Immediately said to Li Fengzhu。
Li Fengzhu,Hehe smiled and said:“Then I will call them over,Brother-in-law troubles this matter“Li Fengzhu finished,Turned around and left。
Xia Jianli and Ma joined Zhao Chunling,Whisper:“They came in a while,You have to take a good look,Are there any cronies sent by Li Fengzhu among these people?。if there is not,Just give me a gesture,I deliberately brainwashed them,And you write to them with a pen“
“Tell them our identity,Then let them pretend to cooperate with us in acting,After gaining the trust of Li Fengzhu,We’ll go back right away“
“What you mean is to leave Fengzhu and the others alone?“Zhao Chunling asked a little puzzled。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“how can that be possible?We can’t leave any one of us this time,Take it all back safely“
“This is your task,Has nothing to do with me“Zhao Chunling raised her neck,Said this to Xia Jian on purpose。
Xia Jian lowered his voice and shouted:“Don’t forget,You were a soldier yourself“Xia Jian’s words touched Zhao Chunling’s weakness,She slowly lowered her head,Didn’t say a word。
quickly,Li Fengzhu came in with six girls。These six people,High and low fat and thin,And all of them look sloppy。Even the spirit is a little sluggish,It feels like I just came out of the prison。
See this scene,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel angry。He shouted at Li Fengzhu:“What did you do?Why do you call down whoever“
“Brother-in-law!They did it right on purpose,Do not wash your face or dress up every day。Actually tidy up,All are very energetic。Don’t be fooled by their false appearance,Otherwise you can’t convince them,They convinced you”Li Fengzhu smiled,To say this is very evil。
suddenly,Among these six girls,A tall girl shouted at Li Fengzhu:“Li Fengzhu!Don’t be fooled,Pie will never fall from the sky。You still die this heart,Hurry up and let us go back”
“Chen Xiaomei!After listening to what my brother-in-law said,You plan again,If you really don’t want to do it here,I will send you back”Li Fengzhu said seriously。