Her little hand hasn’t touched Wang Youcai’s thigh,Has been caught by Wang Youcai。Feng Yan slammed it twice,But Wang Youcai held on tightly,Feng Yan didn’t get rid of it。
In a hurry,Feng Yan stood up suddenly。Wang Youcai just took a step forward,The two ran into each other face to face。The smell of good perfume on Feng Yan’s body instantly penetrated Wang Youcai’s nose。
“You smell so good!”Wang Youcai said,Push up,The whole person is attached to Feng Yan’s body。
Feng Yanyi anxious,I want to reach out and push Wang Youcai,But one of her hands was still pinched tightly by Wang Youcai。Feng Yan is anxious,She lowered her voice:“Wang Youcai!Don’t fool around。The influence of broad daylight is not good,Besides, I’m here to work”
“Rest assured,No one will come to me during work hours。Say again,I did your job for you,You have to thank me,So that we can cooperate well,Make money together,dont you agree”Wang Youcai said,Double took a step forward。
Feng Yan’s butt is on the desk,It can be said that there is no way out。And the meaning in Wang Youcai’s words is very clear,Want to make money together,It seems she can’t do anything without paying。and also,Feng Yan knows too,She wants to control Wang Youcai,I can only sacrifice my hue,Otherwise this man is really hard to control。
Just when Feng Yan hesitated,Wang Youcai swooped forward,He pushed Feng Yan down on the large desk。Feng Yan is struggling,But Wang Youcai didn’t give her any chance。Prey in the mouth,How can he give up easily。On one-third of one acre of land,If he can’t help Feng Yan,,Don’t even think about other places。
Although Wang Youcai’s strength is not great,But he is very good at dealing with women,After three or two,Feng Yan gave up resistance。With the bang of the basin falling to the ground,In Wang Youcai’s office, there was the joy of mixed men and women.。
Liu Ying who is busy cooking in the kitchen,I was alarmed by the sound of the pot falling on the ground。She doesn’t know what happened in Wang Youcai’s room,Ran over quickly。When she arrives at the door of Wang Youcai’s office,,The grunt from inside,Make Liu Ying’s face instantly red。
Fortunately, I didn’t rush inside,Otherwise, Wang Youcai will be scolded again。This honest woman had to go back gently,Back to the kitchen,I cooked my own meal without distractions。
Half an hour later,Feng Yancai walked out of Wang Youcai’s office。Her clothes are a little wrinkled,But this woman didn’t pay attention,But walked to the white sedan chair,Pull the door and sit up。
Wang Youcai fastened his clothes button,Chased up,He asked with a smile:”Manager Feng!Let’s go after lunch!“Wang Youcai laughed,Hurried over。
Feng Yan started the car,She put down the car window glass,Then whispered:“Stinking rogue!You be careful“
Wang Youcai climbed up the car window,Laugh softly:“I’m for your good,You said you drank such a big pot of bullwhip soup,Don’t exercise,I will definitely get a nosebleed at night,I won’t lie to you about this“
“go away!Listen to me,Although I don’t come here often,But I still know what happened。So i hope you be honest,If you wanna leave me alone,If you make money alone,Then your ending is terrible“Feng Yan gritted her teeth。
Wang Youcai smiled,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“You are not seeing me,Mine is yours,Yours is mine。So don’t get it so clear, OK??“