According to Tuanchuan County People’s Government Network, on September 15th, the mud cage under the mud high town high furnace Village in Mud High Town, the murry, and a few villagers, and several villagers, shuttle, busy, honey, honey . The villagers carefully remove the hives from the beehut and gently sweep away the bees above, and then send the hive to take honey room to take honey.

Looking at the crystal clear honey, the villagers were filled with the joy of "bees".

"I am working on the base, about 10,000 yuan in the year, I feel that this industry is good." The high furnace village set up the card household.

Eating mountains, eating water by water.

In recent years, the blast furnace village has adhered to the two bottom lines of ecological and development, making full use of the advantages of ecological resources, vigorously developing the ecological specialty industry, and promotes the increase in farmers’ income. The bee industry has less investment, fast effective, employment, non-pollution, high income, male and female and old, is a good project, which is a well-affected project, the village as the main industry as the main industry. In 2016, the high furnace Village used the "three-change" project, leading the people to set up a national cultivation of farmers in the Sichuan Autonomous County, integrated more than 1.4 million yuan, and develops ecosystems with "Village Collective Economy + Cooperative + Poverty" Beekeeping industry, make full use of effective resources such as helping units, e-commerce poverty alleviation, take orders, online purchase, etc., smooth sales channels, ensure that the industry is effective, farmers are affordable. It is rich in "honey", and the industry is "bee". After several years of hard work and practice, the bee industry not only effectively solves the educational problem of the villagers, and the industry results are gradually highlighted. Today, all 300 boxes have entered the honey, and the villagers are busy harvesting honey.

"This year’s base farming is 300 hunters, and the gross revenue is expected to be 500,000 yuan, the interests cover 115 units, and each household is more than 2,000 yuan, and the collective economy is increasing 150,000 yuan.

Yang Chi, deputy director of the village committee of the high furnace Village, relying on the unique climate advantage and ecological environment advantage, vigorously develops industries such as beekeeping, wild kiwi, alpine cold and vegetables; in order to consolidate the effectiveness of the poverty, the next step, open the revitalization strategy A solid foundation.

(川 农 农 农 农)) (Editor: Lin Yu, Chen Kangqing).