The fifth ball!

Ajax defeated Utrecht in the crowd’s cheers and claimed the Dutch Cup! to be continued
[Text 216 rumbled]
When the first leg of the Dutch Cup final came to a close at the Amsterdam Athletic Stadium, the audience stood up and applauded, leaving the home team Ajax fans and Utrecht fans in the middle of the halftime, and they got up and left.
Ajax crushed Utrecht powerfully, leaving with their heads held high, and the fans cheered excitedly as if to announce that they had won the Dutch Cup!
Perhaps the final suspense lies in the theory.
Utrecht’s team left dejectedly, knowing that their season was over.
5. The gap makes the second round turn into a distant dream!
Even if Ajax won’t send the strongest array to replace the array in one round, can Ajax say that Utrecht’s strength is equal to reverse the gap of five goals? How is that possible?
After the game, Qin Xiong didn’t go back to the dressing room for the first time. He came to the edge of the stands to sign autographs for the fans who cheered him. He seemed more patient than usual and didn’t care about the passage of time to meet every fan’s demands.
No one realized that this serious China player who signed and wrote the two Chinese characters, while the dragon and the phoenix danced and Qin Xiong, actually bid farewell to the fans in this way.
The stadium staff was always by his side, afraid of accidents, and ensured that Qin Xiong could get away at any time, while Qin Xiong took the initiative to take the stand channel to continue to meet the fans’ request for signature photo.
Qin Xiong always smiles like a big boy when he meets some Chinese fans listening to their admiration and looking forward to the Champions League final.
No Ajax player suggested relaxing after this crazy victory. Everyone left the club and went home to sleep after a tacit bath and change clothes!
The next day, I returned to the club for recovery training. Ajax will focus on the Champions League final.
At this stage, it is not suitable for highintensity training, and it is important for the coaching staff to adjust the psychological and physical state of the players reasonably.
Coleman led the team players to watch and analyze the video of Porto’s game in the Champions League in the tactical conference room.
The coaching staff did not take Porto’s video strength analysis in the league as a reference.
Empathy Porto’s study of Ajax will inevitably not refer to Ajax’s performance in the Dutch.
That really doesn’t mean much.
Because the strength of the two teams is in a detached position in the local league, the strength is too obvious, and there is not much difference in the strength of the opponents in the Champions League. The video of the game is valuable for analysis.
Recently, the most popular coach in European football belongs to the young coach Mourinho Porto!
First of all, his fame is not the starting point of the Champions League record, but the starting point of winning the UEFA Cup with Porto in the season. He is famous in European football as an assistant to the former Barcelona coach or an official independent translator.
And when the season passes by, he will be added to the command on the sidelines. He often exaggerates and attracts the media to pay attention to his physical performance, which makes him a star coach
There is no denying that Comanderson, these coaches, have also made great achievements this season, but Mourinho is undoubtedly the most dazzling in terms of the expressive force of the coach’s posture and atmosphere.
He has become the coach of many big clubs competing for the position.
Real Madrid Chelsea also recently joined Liverpool.
Among them, the scandal of Chelsea Mourinho has made the street know more than the outside world. They have already signed a contract. Mourinho will enter Stamford Bridge after the Champions League final. The summer transfer budget given by the Chelsea boss to Mourinho has also been reported in the newspapers, which is shocking 1.4 billion pounds!
Chelsea’s revolutionary whirlwind swept the whole European football, and the whole season was accompanied by the transfer scandal of their worldclass stars
Ronaldo expressed his willingness to participate in Abramovich’s football revolution at Stamford Bridge.
Rivaldo has also said that he will not resist a move to Chelsea.
Is it impossible for Chelsea to bring Beckham back to London from Madrid in the middle of the season? Abramovich poached Kenyon from Manchester United. Beckham had a very good personal relationship when he used to work for Manchester United, but at the end of the season, with the highprofile announcement by Sisterinlaw Victoria that she would take her children to settle in Madrid, Chelsea’s plan fell through.
Roman Abramovich recently watched f1 racing passion with Milan manager Adriano Galliani in Italy. Afterwards, Galliani said that Roman Abramovich talked about racing football. They didn’t talk a word. Who believes it? Most fans know that Abramovich is obsessed with Shevchenko, a Ukrainian nuclear warhead also from Eastern Europe.
Ranieri lived in the embarrassing situation of being humiliated by Eriksson all season. The scandal of Chelsea England coach Eriksson has turned into a soap opera. Eriksson promised to enter Stamford Bridge privately, and it will be said that his brother Devid joined in the past. The scandal has been making Chelsea the focus of European football news.
However, at the end of the season, Chelsea actually fell into an embarrassing situation in the selection of coaches.
The more Eriksson is exposed by the media, the harder it will be for him to move, especially from the position of coach of England to the position of coach of Chelsea, a local team, so that he will be drowned by the saliva of several English fans, and in a sense, he will offend the FA inside and outside!
There are actually not many worldclass handsome men.
Ferguson, Wenger, Capello, Ancelotti and Lippi, these managers are either deeply rooted in the original club and there is no need to take risks elsewhere, or they are unwilling to give up halfway.
Worldclass players are not easy to dig, and worldclass coaches are certainly not easy to dig!
So Chelsea turned its attention to the young forces, especially Abramovich, who also needed someone to share his pressure. There are many media fans who want to see the jokes about the failure of the Russian rich revolution.
Deschamps Coman Mourinho is a candidate for the selection range.
But before the Champions League semifinal, Deschamps said in response to the scandal that it was not good to play for Chelsea for a short time, but we won the FA Cup.
At the end of his career, he played for Chelsea, but the coach Velia was very bad, and the wifeadding method adapted to life in London, which led him to leave voluntarily after staying for a year, which made him not particularly active in inviting Chelsea.
桑拿Coleman is also a candidate, but he is not popular, and the reason is simple. One is to learn from Fan Jiaer.
Fan Jiaer’s appearance at Stamford Bridge to watch the game became the trigger for his being spurned by the fans. If Coleman is still ambiguous when responding to the scandal, it will further anger the Ajax fan board!
This is simply abandoning Ajax’s dignity!
When the top management of the Fan Jiaer Club fell out, Coleman got the full support of the fans, and the temperament man Coleman appeared decisive and uninterested in responding to the scandal.
And another factor is contrast.
Ajax is, after all, a more wellknown team than Porto, especially in terms of its longterm construction strength. Ajax is famous for its youth training in the world, but it has not yet fallen out of the scope of elite clubs in the impression of unification.
Sokoman is more like a byproduct of Ajax’s success. In other words, from the outside world, Van Basten may coach the first team or Blind may have a similar record
But Porto is different. Under Mourinho’s leadership, the strength in the past two years is too shocking, and the impact is far greater than Coleman’s.
When Coleman positively expressed his interest in Chelsea’s handsome position, the scandal of Chelsea Coleman came to an abrupt end and turned into Mourinho’s highest voice now.
Ten days ago, Mourinho went to Stamford Bridge in a lowkey way in the Premier League. After being discovered by reporters, he came to watch the game, but Stamford Bridge was ready to welcome Mourinho. This behindthescenes is also inseparable from Mourinho’s agent Mendes’ excellent bus skills.
Qin Xiong usually doesn’t pay much attention to the news, or forgets it when he hears it. He doesn’t think Mourinho is particularly famous. After all, he has hardly heard too much news from Portugal. All the news from Porto comes from the Champions League.
Now he may realize that Mourinho’s limelight is so exaggerated.
He still doesn’t care, hoping to seriously analyze and understand the style and characteristics of Porto’s team to be continued
[Text 217 The protagonist is in place]
Ajax coaching staff watched and analyzed all the videos of Porto Champions League matches together.
It takes two days
Porto’s play in the group stage was not particularly outstanding, and there was also a painful experience of being directly crushed by Real Madrid.
But after the knockout, the Porto style became very obvious.
Full of skill, defensive counterattack!
Most of Qin Xiong’s teammates frowned after watching the video of the Porto game.
If Porto is just a tactical counterattack, that’s all.
This is a common practice of the company.