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In the second fault, although a missile behind the plane was replaced by a flash monster, it actually occupied the same track. If you want to pass, it is not difficult to follow the first fault.

Pastoral Yang looked at the front and came to the second fault before the handsome said
桑拿会所As soon as his voice landed, everyone saw the screen in front of him open for a few days. At this time, he had already rushed out of the second fault and stepped on the solid road in the second and third faults.
It is not too difficult to grasp the good words when passing through the third fault, because there is a missile on the pit side, and the missile can take off before it comes, followed by a second jump from the missile side.
However, due to the inertia in the first two faults, many players will still choose to enter the pit and walk along the gold coin line, so that they can pass through the third fault smoothly and eat the gold coins in the pit completely without losing the bonus points after eating the whole gold coin line.
In the fourth fault with lower difficulty, Zhang Shaotian easily went into the pit to eat gold coins and jumped out.
At this time, Fang fever’s energy is already full. Zhang Shaotian looks at more than 9,000 meters into the super prize. The golden gun marshal knows that when he rushes out of the super prize, he will surely break out of 10,000 meters in this game!
Put away your mobile phone Zhang Shaotian to land behind him with a wave and looked at a full face of rain or shine uncertain Shi Fei laughed Shi Fei bro that your heart? Oh, refer to the settlement score for this game. Why don’t I show you the final settlement score again?
Shi Fei’s face turned blue and red. He never imagined that this little day really ran to 10 thousand meters in front of himself …
I plan to embarrass Zhang Shaotian in front of so many people, but now he feels that it is not Zhang Shaotian who is beaten in the face, but he is Shi Fei himself!
Still look at the settlement score? Look at an egg! ! !
You run a few kilometers longer than me, and the final settlement score is not high!
But how do you practice this little day? Why is this technology so nb? ? ?
Shi Fei has an impulse to vomit blood, and he has been practicing hard for two months. This has brought his strength to more than 9,000 meters, but Zhang Shaotian can actually run to 10,000 meters now, which makes Shi Fei’s sense of superiority gradually collapse for a long time …
And Shi Fei know just now Zhang Shaotian super reward moment before the shield is still not broken, which means that he still has spare capacity!
Nima … How far can this small run? ? ? ? ? ?
Suddenly, it occurred to him that Zhang Shaotian’s farthest distance from listening to the monitor of Class Five a few days ago was sixteen thousand meters …
Lying in the trough …
If that’s the case, don’t let people live! ! !
Although I lost this game, I can’t lose the momentum. Although Zhang Shaotian is strong, the last two games are not without opportunities!
Now the Creation Team has won two games in a row, but after getting three points, the two remaining players should be less powerful than Zhang Shaotian’s own victory in two games.
Read this Shi Fei face haze gradually dissipated and the warm sun rose again.
To force a smile, Boss Zhang really scared me to death. Shi Fei is today, but I still have hope to win the last two games before the game is over. Please don’t secretly rejoice because you won the first two games, which is not worth a few points. Now it is still unknown.
Before looking at this mouth full of spun braindead Mo Tianyuan several people’s thoughts.
Some people just don’t cry until they see the coffin …
At this time, several people in the Creation Team had a unanimous idea that they had to run out of the 10,000meter distance with the toughest wrist to make this mouth noisy and completely shut up!
Then tell me who will compete with you in a game? Zhang Shaotian testily with the wave and said
Shi Fei’s mind turned sharply.
There are two people left in the end, one is Muyang, and the other is that Xiaoxian Genesis Team, who was ranked last just now, has got three points. If they get it, I will lose. It seems that this game has to find the weakest Muyang guy who often hangs out with Zhang Shaotian, and his strength should be not bad enough to talk like this …
Thought of here, Shi Fei pointed to the creation team sitting here in summer and autumn and said
Let’s play this game!
Chapter 64 Ten thousand meters strong team!
Shi Fei’s summer and autumn should be the weakest in the creation team, but when the distance between summer and autumn in front of the screen was fixed for more than 12 thousand meters after ten minutes, he realized how stupid it was to choose this guy who doesn’t show mountains and doesn’t leak water …
I originally planned to get a game back or get some of the remaining faces back, but instead of getting them back, I threw them all in!
Even losing three games at this moment, Shi Fei’s mood is so bad that even the omnipotent animal grass mud horse can’t be shaped! ! !
Summer and autumn always have a faint gloom. In others’ eyes, he seems to have a kind of flexibility. At this time, several girls in Class Five have been looking around here frequently!
Feel the change of people’s attitude towards Genesis Team. Shi Fei feels a little uncomfortable all over.
You little bitches! Cann’t you have a little backbone and stick to your integrity? ?
Don’t lose your wife in the end …
He looked back at the girl he was interested in to see if she was shortsighted like these girls around him. Well, fortunately, she didn’t stare blankly at Xia Qiu like other anthomaniac …
But … Damn it! When did she leave? ? ?
Shi Fei bro’s total score is 1 point. Now we have got 6 points. You didn’t get 1 point. Your broher team lost this game. Zhang Shaotian looked at his face as if he had been beaten by autumn frost. Shi Fei said lazily.
Shi Fei has the strength to listen to Zhang Shaotian’s words. At this time, he can’t think of anything to refute Zhang Shaotian’s language.
Yes, I didn’t win one of the three games, and it seemed absolutely impossible before the game!
Even if it’s a blast, it should be your own to blow up the Genesis team! But now the fact how and originally expected drama ended the opposite …
Three games are scored!
This is a disgrace! Shame! ! !
Oh, no … There’s another one! The last game can have 4 points! Although I have already lost, if I win the last game, the final score ratio between my team and Genesis team is 4:6, which sounds much better!
And in a couple of days, when Feng Biao and Chen Hu of Class Six asked about it, they could have a relatively decent account …
Shi Fei thought of here as if he had found a light in the dark night!
But … What if we lose the last game again?
After losing three games in a row, I can’t hold my head in front of so many people in my class. If I finally die and fail again …
Shi Fei some dare not to think.
But he felt very unwilling if he didn’t get back a few points!
So many people are watching. If you go out with a record of 6, then don’t meet anyone at school …
Like seeing Shi Fei’s face struggling and feeling that the team’s record was too bleak, Cao Hai got up and said, Didn’t you win a few games? I still don’t believe that you can remain unbeaten. Although we have lost, I want to learn from you in this last game!
Shi Fei gave him a grateful look.
At this time, Cao Hai thought to himself, Although the worthless goods lost several games, they were all in the same class and had to be mixed up with him after sharing the same roof. It seems that he should be the time when I need help most. I will definitely make him feel good when I make moves at this time. Isn’t it necessary for everyone to call a brother when he is in the class?
Seeing Shi Fei’s face showing that gratitude, Cao Hai was even more smug. It seems that he was right. I am the final winner in this game!
Even if the final team falls: 1 record is like this! Then the blame will still have to be borne by Shi Fei! Who told him to pretend to be B?
Zhang Shaotian several people looked at him with great interest for Cao Hai several people feel very strange is to know that he has just been Shi Feishen after recording live broadcast where this early bird comes from?
Who are you? Zhang Shaotian asked idly.

"Mommy didn’t lie to you …" I couldn’t say anything when I saw Bamboo’s suspicious expression.

"That baby, let’s talk about it at home." I tried to appease Zhu.
"Mommy, do you want to escape?" Bamboo is not easy to fool.
"Didn’t I promise to tell you the truth when I went back?" I sincerely say.
Bamboo nodded also cleverly replied, "Well, don’t cheat."
I nodded and promised to invite the cashier, but the cashier said, "Miss has settled the bill just now!" "
Has Tang Xiner paid the bill?
Zhu and I glanced at each other. Since someone had checked out, we went out with our own things and didn’t have the heart to continue shopping. When I called a taxi by the roadside to report the address, I realized that I didn’t remember the address.
Hesitate whether to call Wei Qingkui. Think about whether he is busy with work or not to disturb him. Call Karen, get the address and report it to the taxi driver. The car will soon go to Wei Qingkui’s villa in Washington.
Back to the villa, the servants were also busy with their own things. Bamboo took me back to the second floor and let me sit on the sofa by the door. She moved to a small stool and sat in front of me, like interrogating a prisoner, and I was not allowed to escape.
"Mommy can talk now, right?"
She has been thinking about …
I glance left and right, and my brain is spinning rapidly. What excuse can I find?
Bamboo, a pair of small hands patting the sofa, eyes at an early age, have been determined. "Mommy, I’m not a three-year-old child anymore … Don’t try to lie to me …"
Section 316
"This matter … it’s a long story!"
"Then make a long story short …"
I …
Well, we can’t fool our age. To be honest …
"The thing is, in the commercial marriage, Mommy was forced to marry a man who didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. That man was hateful. After all kinds of mistreatment, I met you in michel platini. He saved me and helped me divorce love rat and restore my freedom. I wanted to repay you. michel platini came, and he disappeared. It was the other day that you knew."
What I said was half true and half false, but I believed it with an epiphany, saying, "No wonder you see daddy’s expression is strange and daddy’s attitude towards you is strange."
I nodded quickly. "It’s just that saving my life is not enough. I’m ready to throw him down. He actually played missing for me. Do you think it’s irritating? But it also says one thing, he probably doesn’t like me, so let’s leave him alone, okay? You have to annoy him, don’t you think, baby? "
I looked behind me as I talked about it, but I saw that she didn’t answer or pay attention, so I turned to look at the door and a strong figure stood there with a strong sense of visual oppression.
"Ha ha … how did you come back before?" I’m so embarrassed that I’m like being hit by a client who speaks ill of others behind their backs.
The man’s deep eyes are slightly narrowed and his lips are slightly parted. "MengMeng, you go and tell aunt Fina that daddy wants to eat French food tonight …"
Bamboo immediately jumped off the stool and ran out, saying, "Good daddy and mommy are yours!" "
After the bamboo went out, the man slammed the door into the door.
The man looked down at my lip corner and said, "I heard that you want to throw me down?"
I snapped up and took two steps back, both nervous and embarrassed. "Well, ha ha, you misunderstood me … I just said that children are all going to be coaxed …" Speaking of which, I threw him a’ you know’ look.
Before the man heard the speech, he stepped forward and sneered at "What? What did I misunderstand? Isn’t it? Why are you afraid of me? "
He approached one step, I took a step back, raised my hands on my chest, and smiled and said, "Where?"? How can I be afraid of you? You are not a tiger, are you? You didn’t misunderstand. I misunderstood. I thought Mr. Wei was too simple. How can Mr. Wei be so capable and capable as those little beggars? "
"What little punk do you compare me to?" Men continue to approach.
Behind is the bed and next to it is the wall. I can retreat for a while like a cold mountain.
"Come and give you a chance to throw me down!" The man suddenly gave up the attack and sat on the bed with a big makin knife, and he said,’ You take care of me and throw me down.’
How dare I!
If I had changed, I might have thrown him down without thinking about it, but now I know that he has remarried, I have to think about his purpose.
I retreated to the door and begged for mercy. "Mr. Wei laughed and threw yourself down. Let’s leave this to your wife!" Me … Forget it. "
The man’s long legs stretched out in front of me like a harp, and his low-alcohol voice sounded, "What if I say I allow you to do this?"
spa会所Hey, before Hawaii, he didn’t want to touch me. Are you sure you’re not kidding me?
I stretched out my slender white fingers like lush before touching his forehead …
No fever!
I thought so and said so. I looked at him doubtfully. "You shouldn’t be out of your mind, should you?"
Man, when I touched his forehead, his face was already dark. It will be completely dark.
As soon as the man grabbed my hand and pulled me, he dragged me into his arms. It was this half-lying posture that made me uncomfortable.
The man turned me upside down and pressed me to the bed. We looked at me condescendingly. My eyes were full of impatience. "You are such a woman. How could I look at you before I lost my memory?"

At this time, Giggs suddenly sent a pick.

Football flew from the front left half of the restricted area to the right half of the restricted area, and an imaginative pick appeared in everyone’s sight
Johnson Mascherano’s doubleteam defense failed!
Mascherano looked back and saw Rooney pulling to the right front of the penalty area. He didn’t get rid of Agger, but Agger had to follow Rooney to guard. Then Berbatov was guarded in front of the door. Mascherano immediately retreated straight to guard Berbatov, the little brother.
Rooney stopped the ball on the right side of the top corner of the small restricted area and then when Agger rushed over, he deflected the ball and passed Agger!
spa会所Then when Rooney thought he would get a very good shot, he never expected goalkeeper Reina to appear in front of him!
In fact, Reina is putting all his eggs in one basket to take a risk because he doesn’t believe in Daniel Agger. Neither of Liverpool’s two central defenders, Skrtel and Agger, has reached the worldclass level. When France uses close defense to contain the opponent’s attack, it is very likely that there will be problems in their defense. Mascherano Alonso Gerard, a worldclass midfielder, used to be the cover in the back line to make up for the defense strength.
When Ryan Giggs was sure to give it to Rooney, Reina abandoned the door and rushed to Rooney.
After Rooney changed direction and broke through Agger, Reina threw herself in front of Rooney and pressed the ball before Rooney made a technical move!
There are not many digits in the stands. Red Devils fans are very disappointed when they see this scene!
Rooney was disappointed himself. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Unbelievable.
Rooney missed a golden opportunity. Maybe he chose the wrong breakthrough direction in the restricted area. Maybe he should try a difficult shot and volley at the first time, but he chose a normal but not difficult way to break through and expand his shooting angle, and then Reina directly confiscated the ball. Manchester United missed a golden opportunity.
We should feel sorry for Manchester United, and Rooney should feel sorry for Rooney’s blockbuster in the European Cup in the summer of 24 years. Qin Xiong rose to fame in the Champions League final. The two of them can be described as the new stars of the same era. In the same summer, Rooney joined Manchester United and was worth three times as much as transferring to Arsenal Qin Xiong. However, after seven years, Qin Xiong has become an absolute superstar on this planet. But what about Rooney? He does have many champions, but compared with Qin Xiong, the team’s personal achievements are far from perfect. Especially now, he may have the strength to make people see him close to being the strongest striker. However, the World Cup is in a downturn, and the number of goals has slipped sharply in the new season, which makes us wonder if Rooney and Ronaldo Messi Qin Xiong are really the same level superstars?
Rooney is very strong and fighting spirit. After Manchester United fell behind, he took the initiative to retreat to Scholes to share the pressure of offensive organization and help the team to attack and defend in series.
However, this has led to another problem. Berbatov, the little brother, is unable to support himself in the Liverpool defense zone. It is difficult for him to complete the deadly attack alone.
In the 44th minute of the game, Liverpool launched a fast break again after Michael Carrick was cleared by Johnson’s header.
This time, near the center line, Qin Xiong approached Gerrard actively, forming a meireles triangle behind Qin Xiong’s parallel Gerrard.
It is three players who are in such a position that Manchester United’s defense line is afraid.
Because the three of them are running and cutting, they have reached the peak!
As a result, Rooney Scholes, O ‘Shea, Carrick, Nani Giggs, and many Manchester United players rushed over to grab.
Football rolled from meireles’s foot to Qin Xiong’s face.
Qin Xiong observed the situation in the frontcourt before touching the ball.
Due to Manchester United’s midfield encirclement and suppression, the midfielder pressed forward a lot, which led to the extension of the back line distance of the midfield line.
Then Suarez will have enough freedom to play in front of the back line.
Qin Xiong broke the ball and went straight through the gear when touching it, and the ball went from Carrick’s legs behind him.
Suarez turned his back and stopped the ball in front of Brown. Suarez could feel the pressure he felt during Manchester United’s game today.
It’s not huge. On the contrary, it’s easier than a game against West Ham United!
Because his teammates are all substitutes in a game, Suarez is the core of the attack, but it is difficult to play his own characteristics in the close defense.
Today is different. When Qin Xiong and Steven Gerrard are present, they are very resourceful. Now Suarez has created a good attack.
No waist to interfere with Suarez!
But this is the key, and Kuyt has also contained Evra Suarez. It is enough to face Brown and Smalin.
Suarez turned to the right after stopping the ball with his back. As soon as he moved, Brown immediately turned with Suarez, but Brown saw that the football did not move!
Suarez turned around and faked it!
Faster and more flexible, the Uruguayan striker immediately turned from the other side and stepped forward at the same time!
Seeing that Brown’s defense was broken, Smalin immediately moved sideways.
Suarez ignored Smalin’s trip to the penalty area, and it was faster. Suarez volleyed before Smalin got to his side!

"Since he made a mistake, he should be punished instead of dredging to avoid guilt." Song Qingcheng continued, "If he chose to call the police instead of leaving the scene, the injured person might still be saved."

Then she turned her head and looked at Yu Tingchuan’s angular face profile. "You don’t need me to do anything about this because I know it’s my uncle who is wrong."
Yu Tingchuan said, "Being sensible is good, being sensible is also a headache."
This sentence doesn’t sound like a compliment to her.
Song Qingcheng still looked at him. "Do you want me to cry and help you?"
Yu Tingchuan’s sight is still looking at the road ahead, but when he smells it, he smiles. Take his right hand off the steering wheel and hold her hand as if his temperature makes people feel comfortable. "How long has it been like this with me?"
Song whole heart warm toying with his every finger "not identify is don’t want you to reverse black and white because of me"
Yutingchuan takes Song Qingcheng to lunch first.
Not a restaurant or a hotel, but a private restaurant in Laoqu.
How much can the whole Song feel that Yutingchuan is a requisite for her? She may feel that her station was scared and had a similar experience a few years ago. At that time, the psychological pressure was not what she could sit in that position now, and her heart was not too frightened.
After dinner, Yutingchuan didn’t send her back to Yunxi Road to take her to Hengyuan Headquarters Building.
Lu Song Qingcheng asked, "Will I bother you in the past?"
The annual leave will be taken in a few years, and it must be very busy now
She didn’t want to delay Yuting Chuangong herself.
Yu Tingchuan teased, "Then you should stay and have a rest. I won’t be distracted if I can’t see you."
""sounds like a love story
Song Qingcheng picked up her lips and felt like eating honey. Liu Xishan was temporarily forgotten by her.
To the Hengyuan basement, she followed Yu Tingchuan on the 17th floor.
There was a year-end meeting in Yutingchuan in the afternoon. Song Qingcheng had nothing to run around in the office and took a nap in the rest.
Song Qingcheng was awakened by the buzzing sound of the mobile phone.
She’s the one with the pillow and the cell phone
Seeing it shows that Song Qingcheng’s sleepiness dissipates is Ge Wenjuan’s name.
Remembering Lu Xishan’s words last night, when the car accident happened, Ge Wenjuan also went to the police to ask questions himself, and Ge Wenjuan certainly could not be lucky.
Song Qingcheng didn’t refuse this call considering Lu Xishan’s situation
She just put her mobile phone to her ear and Ge Wenjuan calmed down. "Where is your uncle now?"
In the past moment, Song Qingcheng said, "Aunt, how can I know if you don’t know?"
"You don’t know?" Ge Wenjuan obviously doesn’t believe it. "The police told me that he went to see you for the first time after the accident. Who knows where he is hiding except you?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t lose his temper and said bluntly, "After the accident, my aunt didn’t lose her uncle and ran away. My uncle won’t be out of control. My aunt answered my question and wanted to know where my uncle could go to the station to ask more."
"Is that your attitude when he comes to you for something?" Ge Wenjuan had long regretted running away from the scene last night, thinking that her missing husband would not be angry. "He must have wanted Yu Tingchuan to help you, but you didn’t agree, did you?"
"Now it is a society ruled by law, and whoever breaks the law should be punished."
Ge Wenjuan saw that Song Qingcheng was so oily and asked, "Can you just watch him go to jail?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t JieQiang.
"I think he raised you for so many years!"
Wen-juan ge deep breath light way "YuTingChuan? He’s not next to you You let Yutingchuan answer the phone and I’ll tell him myself. "
"If you don’t look for him," Song Qingcheng said directly, "Uncle’s hit-and-run will not be sentenced to prison even if he goes to jail. People who do wrong will always pay the price. If there is nothing else, just let it be."
Say that finish the song city to hang up.
Ge Wenjuan had expected her finger to touch the instant opening of the hang-up button. "Even if he is your biological father, you won’t help once?"
☆ Chapter 265 No one can hurt you with me.
Section 24
"Impossible" Song Qingcheng denied it.
Say that finish before Wen-Juan Ge hang up again.
Song city with his back against the head of a bed, holding a mobile phone in his right hand, seems to have Ge Wenjuan’s ear. Even if he is your biological father, his body suddenly turns cold and white, and he has thin sweat at the back of his neck. She raises her hand and strokes her long hair, and her brain is still a paste.
The phone rang again.
Song city didn’t look at the machine directly.
The lounge has independent hygiene.
In front of the washroom, the whole city of Song Dynasty spouted water from the faucet, and some absent-minded people replayed the dribs and drabs of getting along with Lu Xishan over the years.
Even though she said she didn’t believe Ge Wenjuan’s words, her memory was deeply buried and she was touched.
The first time I met Lu Xishan was her fourth birthday.
Maybe I’ve seen him before, but I’m too young to remember
Song Qingcheng will firmly remember the four-year-old side because Lu Xishan bought her a gift that day. Grandma led her to call Uncle Lu Xishan. She ate lunch and ran out to play, only to see Song Guan and Lu Xishan pandering in the alley.
Song Guan’s face was so bad that he turned to go, but Liu Xishan stopped her from saying anything.
Song Qingcheng doesn’t remember what Lu Xishan said.
Not only is it a little far, but it has been ten years.
The only thing that is fresh in my mind is that the sentence of Song Guan’s anger and extreme anti-smile angered me. Do you think I dare?
Lu Xishan seems to be a little overwhelmed and seems to have some scruples. He just wanted to open his mouth and say something. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the distant child and immediately stopped. He picked up Song Qingcheng with a gentle face. "How did Sophia Kao come out?"
Remembering this scene, Song Qingcheng remembered that he changed his name when he was seven years old.
Before that, her surname was Lu and her name was An Qi.
All of a sudden, the whole city of Song became white. Song Guan insisted on giving her family name Lu, and Ge Wenjuan hated her so much. What can Bai Lu Xishan take care of her grandmother all the year round?
桑拿No. Where did these fruits come from?
What’s even more ridiculous is that Song Guan was once the sister-in-law of Lu Xishan.

wow! Liverpool went through Inter Milan’s goal with a fast break!

Alonso’s over 40 yards over the top accurately assisted Qin Xiong’s offside without stopping and headed the ball directly to Inter Milan’s goal!
Inter Milan paid the price for their forward formation so that Liverpool could fight back, which was the worst thing.
Barcelona and Real Madrid have been defeated by Liverpool’s counterattack this season. Will Inter Milan make the same mistake today?
Benitez’s face was not good on the sidelines, but Coleman looked calm.
In fact, if Inter Milan want to attack crazily, Coleman will love it.
Let Liverpool play positional warfare and counterattack. Obviously, the latter is less difficult, with both speed and organizational efficiency. Isn’t counterattack a hit?
Inter Milan don’t know what medicine they took today.
Perhaps losing the Champions League has become a nightmare for them. When they have the opportunity to cut Liverpool to pieces, they will naturally show no mercy.
Unfortunately, the reality is always to measure a strength.
Inter Milan are still on the offensive after the game is resumed.
In the 27th minute of the game, Eto ‘Oche found the African cheetah on the right side of the penalty area. Unfortunately, Eto ‘o’s shot angle was a little small, and Reina finally held the ball in his arms.
Four minutes later, the Liverpool played a fast break in the frontcourt. Qin Xiong attracted the defensive attention of Sadie, Mai Kong and Cambiaso in the individual attack, and then he transferred the ball to the middle and handed it to Gerrard.
Gerrard sent a wonderful kick, Raul turned offside and rushed through Lucio’s defense zone, which has formed a singlehandedly going to the meeting.
Raul actually hit the post when Cesar rushed out of the restricted area to defend, and then Chivo cleared it for Bigfoot!
Although Liverpool’s attack times are not as good as Inter Milan’s, every attack seems to kill Inter Milan!
In the 36th minute of the game, Milito created a longrange shot in front of the restricted area. Mascherano was dodged by the fake shot in the defense, and then the arc ball from the goal hit the post and popped up!
Mei Acha stands Inter Milan fans are going crazy.
I don’t know, I always feel that even God doesn’t care about the Nerazzurri in this game today.
Liverpool, on the other hand, have become more and more calm in attack, and they have completely entered the game state
In the 39 th minute of the game, when insua also boldly assisted, Inter Milan’s rightwing defense appeared flaw.
When Sadie went to force insua, Mai Kong was worried that Qin Xiong would insert himself into the defense zone and dare not leave the position easily, but Qin Xiong cut across the middle of the frontcourt. When insua short the ball to Qin Xiong’s foot, Cambiaso was sticking it to force it.
Qin Xiong’s foot easily dialed the ball to Steven Gerrard’s side and then turned around and rushed straight ahead of Cambiaso.
Gerrard quickly threw the ball out before Motta got close to him, and once again it reached Qin Xiong’s foot.
At this time, Qin Xiong Raul Kuyt has already forced himself to the front of Inter Milan’s back line.
In front of Samuel, Qin Xiong crosses the ball to Kuyt’s foot on the right in front of the penalty area.
After Kuyt stopped the ball, he observed Raul’s oblique insertion behind Lucio, and he decisively sent a direct plug.
Raul entered the right area of the penalty area and formed a singlehanded ball, but the chance of slanting to the goal was not particularly good.
Cesar rushed to the side near the post. Raul didn’t take the trouble to observe calmly, and then kicked the ball back to the antiskid shovel. Lucio failed in defense!
Raul then went to the far point in front of the door.
Samuel Cesar didn’t even touch the football.
When Mai Kong rushed to the rescue, someone shoveled the ball into the goal faster than him!
After the football rolled into the goal, the man got up, panting and smiling.
Qin Xiongmei twice! He helped Liverpool lead Inter Milan 20 away!
Inter Milan’s tactical setting today is absolutely wrong. Did the player play personally? When they gave Liverpool more forwards, Raul Qin Xiong was better than Liverpool. Every offensive player was able to play with his teammates and made Inter Milan’s defense appear huge flaws!
It is understandable that Benitez wants to beat Liverpool at home, but how to achieve it?
They are facing the defending champions of the Champions League!
Inter Milan’s generals look stubborn. They really want revenge on Liverpool with a cavity of anger, but now the reality is that Liverpool has come to their doorstep to show off!
Perhaps, as the fans in the stands think, Inter Milan has a vengeful heart, but it really has no revenge strength!
Red Army fans are naturally happier than they are. They don’t care about Inter Milan’s hatred. It is enough to make people happy to see the superstar shine in Mei Acha.
Coleman clapped his hands on the sidelines and felt quite relieved.
If Inter Milan could calm down, it might really put Liverpool in a difficult situation.
But Liverpool really have nothing to worry about if we play like Inter Milan’s halftime.
Opportunities can definitely be created, not whether they can be grasped.
Benitez was like being poured cold water from head to toe, and he suddenly woke up as a tactical master.
It can’t be said that Inter Milan’s halfcourt tactics are absolutely wrong. It can be said that Inter Milan misjudged the combat effectiveness of Liverpool in the near future.
The absence of a few generals and the expedition of the team are really not enough for Inter Milan to bombard without worrying about it.
Benitez needs to reformulate his tactics at halftime to face the game. To be continued.
桑拿会所[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. I am worried that he will be blasted]
Inter Milan Liverpool Champions League group match ends at halftime.
Inter Milan fans were greatly disappointed. In their expectation, Major General Liverpool was two goals ahead of them in Mei Acha.
Liverpool walked into the dressing room with confidence.

Wen Lao said that I was better than my position, and I really didn’t understand it.

He said softly and slowly, "After Wen Lao and the noodle people want me to sit in that position, you must also attend various occasions with me … Wen Lao thinks you are very good and you must be able to handle it."
I opened my eyes wide in the dark.
Is that what Wen Lao meant?
That’s that b compliment for me.
I was quite excited and was about to speak.
I don’t know. Ye Xiangyuan suddenly bent down and smiled at me in a low voice before I could speak. "Baby, I never go into politics. That’s all regret. Now we should have more babies when we are in a hurry …"
I was bitten by him and couldn’t say a word.
After that, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even have a root in consciousness. I couldn’t think-
Chapter 394 Young
Finally, I was so tired that I felt in a daze that Ye Xiangyuan wiped my body.
Then I fell asleep.
I woke up again with a gun.
As soon as I sat up,
It’s still dark outside. There’s a dim light in the night yard.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and kissed my face. Judo "You continue to sleep and I’ll go out and have a look."
Say that finish also touched my waist if there is.
I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
He was so energetic that I lost my mind. Later, he injured his arm and coaxed me to sit on him.
My waist still hurts.
Ye Xiangyuan kissed me again and went out of the bedroom.
The gun is sometimes big and sometimes small, and sometimes it doesn’t sound.
Section 343
I saw it at 2: 00 in the morning, which was the dead of night.
A group of people came during the day. This is the second group. It’s about to save Li jiaqi again.
Where can I sleep? I’m sitting on the bed waiting for Ye Xiangyuan to come back.
But he never went back to his room, but several female guards knocked at the door to protect me.
I thought about it and got up and went to the living room.
Besides Ye Wen, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun all went outside to see the situation.
These men are all out. I think things should be more serious, so I sent someone to take Xiaojin and Xu Xin to the building, which is also a care.
Ye Wen comforted, "Ding Jie must be fine outside. Go back to sleep on your sofa."
It may be that there are many things these days, and his face looks rather haggard.
I remember the first time I met him, he was radiant and smiling, which made people feel like spring breeze.
In the past two years, he has become more and more stable, and his smile has decreased a little.
Maybe it’s because the burden is getting heavier.
I nodded and said, "You go to work and leave us alone."
Ye Wen turned and went out.
Xu Xin and I didn’t look at each other and didn’t mean to go back to sleep. I coaxed Xiaojin to sleep and then sat with Xu Xin waiting for news.
The guns are intermittent and occasionally exploded. I think the battle is still fierce.
I was anxious mainly because Ye Xiangyuan never showed up.
He still has a shoulder injury, and I’m afraid he will rush to the front regardless.
In this way, after about two hours, the gun stopped completely at four o’clock in the morning.
I’m secretly relieved that it’s over.
But Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun still didn’t come back.
Xu heart face also appearing anxious got up and said, "I’ll go out and have a look."
I’m a little hesitant. Will running out at this time cause them trouble?
However, Xu Xin’s skill is better than mine and her marksmanship is good, so it shouldn’t matter.
I was thinking about Yuan Xi coming in in a hurry.
He said, "Sister-in-law asked me to talk to you. Go back to your room and rest early without waiting for them."
I can’t help asking, "Is it over?"
Yuan Xi hesitated to say "not yet …"
I hurriedly ask.
It turns out that the enemy has not been withdrawn, but both sides have tacitly adopted silencing guns.
Although the villa is in the suburbs, shots were fired all night, accompanied by blasting, and perhaps the surrounding people were aware of it
If you call the police, you will be in trouble.
I sighed that it was destined to be a sleepless night.
桑拿会所  title=Yuan Xi repeatedly advised us to go back to our room, but I still wanted to wait for Ye Xiangyuan to come back.
Xu Xin insisted on staying with me. I guess she should be worried about Gu Changning, too. Of course I can’t refuse.
Yuan Xi said it was hard to say much and went out again.
Good Xiao Jin slept fairly well and was not affected by the outside world.
Xu Xin looked out at the dark night and suddenly debuted. "It’s so thrilling to be with them."
I sighed, "It should be fine when this period passes."
Xu Xin turned to me and said, "I hope so."
I listened to her strange tone and secretly wondered what she meant by these four words.
Don’t wait until this thing is over, Ye Xiangyuan, what thrilling things will they encounter?
Xu Xin may have seen that I was worried. "They have always been so troublesome. They and I have known each other since childhood, but they are not a law-abiding person."
She told me that Lu Xun, Gu Changning’s most idiot, had always been steady and Ye Xiangyuan was mysterious.
Gu Changning is an idiot because he doesn’t really have any bad intentions, but he is always impulsive, especially when he was young.
Just like when he was in love with Xu Xin, when other boys chased Xu Xin, he took his bodyguard and beat people up simply and rudely.

Chang Huanyan leaned in. "Brother-in-law, do you think it’s better for me to wear this suit with a tie and leather shoes?"

"Orderly" often smiles and some nai warned 1.
Chang Jing gave her a look at once. "Who wears sneakers? Now that I have entered the law firm for an internship, I have to be a lawyer. I think about myself and the image of the law firm. "
In the face of his eloquence, I often find myself somewhat right.
Yu Yu smiled and said, "Let’s go and have a look on the first floor."
"Still a brother-in-law!" Often well immediately smile happily said 1
Looking at his capering figure, I can’t help but smile. "Don’t be so used to agreeing to everything. After that, he really takes you for a big head and comes to you for everything."
"No," Yu said in a soothing way.
"Why not? He is my brother, and I know him better than you do. He is a child who is not sensible … "Chang Huanyan also wants to persuade him.
Yu Yu suddenly squeezed her little hand. "Don’t worry, I am measured."
Chang Huan Yan was full of complaints and immediately stopped.
Is he a man in his thirties, or is he used to being a policeman and analyzing people’s psychology … How can he not see that little career in his heart?
I had a good harvest from head to toe, and I was satisfied. I didn’t ask to leave the mall again, so I said goodbye.
Chang Huan Yan lai also wanted to follow him to the room to see the results. He directly said, "Come on, sister, it’s past nine o’clock. Go back and take care of my little nephew and niece."
"Remember to listen to Chengyan when you get there, and behave well," said Yu Yu.
"I know that my brother-in-law will be obedient and work hard to stay there directly after graduation!" Always boasting and saying
"Just don’t make trouble for me." Chang Huanyan didn’t good the spirit.
Often, she was flat and pouted and ignored her. "Brother-in-law, I’ll go back first. Bye."
Say that finish turned and walked in the direction of the community.
Chang Huanyan looked at his back and sighed. When will this brother grow up?
Because I wrote Chapter 47 of Yu Laoda and Huanyan, well, well, well, that’s all for welfare today.
Welfare has arrived. Parents can help themselves.
☆, 53 jealous again
Chang Huanyan looked at his back and sighed. When will this brother grow up?
"What’s the matter?" Yu Yu Wen
Chang Huanyan shook his head and said, "What clothes do you think is suitable for me to wear to the commendation meeting on Wednesday?"
Yu Yu looked down at her and lit the street lamp. Her beautiful little face was white and delicate, just like an egg peeled and tender.
"Just wear whatever you want," he said.
"How can you wear casually? On such a serious occasion, you have to go to Taiwan and deliver your acceptance speech. The scene must be the leaders of your police force. My family must not casually dress up and lose your face. "Chang Huan Yan frowned and thought for a moment." Why don’t you … wear black? Joker is also more formal. "
夜生活  title=Yu Yu’s nodding tone is full of vertical "good"
Chang Huan Yan smiled sweetly, took his hand and turned to take a taxi, but he caught sight of the man right there.
She blinked, her face was surprised for a second, and then she quickly took Yu Yu to the side of the road and reached for the car.
There happened to be a taxi passing by and stopped.
Chang Huan-yan used to pull open the door, then she sat in and moved a position to let Yu Yu come.
"Master, go to the military compound."
After waiting for the bus to drive out, I often feel relieved. Suddenly, the voice sounded, "Did you know that man just now?"
Chang Huan yan one leng then some chagrin.
She was sure that she really looked at Yin Qian just now. He seemed to want to say something, but she immediately turned around.
I didn’t expect Yu Yu to see the clue in such a second or two. It’s really worthwhile to be a policeman. blazing with anger is observant
She pursed her lips, "hmm" and said lightly, "It was an old classmate from the former university who chased me, but I didn’t agree."
"…" Yu Yu looked at her and said nothing.
Chang Huanyan deliberately said, "Why are you jealous again?"
Yu Yu "…"
"After that, can you be jealous? Do you know that I am very popular in college? I don’t know how many men want to chase me. They all look up and see each other?" Chang Huanyan said with a smile.
"Really?" Yu Yu picked his eyebrows and said a joke, "Then I have to keep an eye on you."
This made Chang Huanyan very sweet in his heart, but he still snorted and said, "Do you have to be good to me?" One day, when I really run away, hum, you can’t find my beautiful wife even with lanterns. "
I don’t know if I was amused by her words and laughed in a low voice, then I reached out and held her little hand.
Yin Qian on the side of the road is still there, looking at the traffic that has already disappeared, and the taillights on his face are somewhat complicated and difficult to distinguish.
He attended a business party here this evening, and just after seeing off the guests, he saw Chang Jingji coming out of the shopping mall next to him. He was going to say hello, but Chang Huanyan also came out, accompanied by a tall and straight figure.
When something happened, he turned his back and didn’t want them to find out, and then he heard him often shouting "brother-in-law"
So that man is the husband who always smiles?
After Chang Jing left, he couldn’t help but look back carefully.

This is a good opportunity to arrest Han Qingshan.

But then I thought of Han Qingshan, since the door is also ready, which is so easy to be caught
I was just about to talk to Ye Xiangyuan when Li Mulin went upstairs again.
He came over and asked, "Second Brother, was that Han Qingshan just now?"
Ye Xiangyuan Enyi
He casually said, "Why did he come to the second brother to talk to him about things?"
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and didn’t explain much. Look at him and said, "You go with your hands now and I will start at once."
Li Mulin face a nasty way "what happened? Did Han Qingshan say something? "
Ye Xiangyuan sighed, "There’s no time to explain now. Go and rectify it. I’ll let the East break."
Li Mulin did not move.
I’m surprised that he is always very trusting. Ye Xiangyuan is almost obedient, but this time he is uncharacteristically. I see a little coldness in his eyes.
This makes me instantly alert.
Ye Xiangyuan is holding the baby like he didn’t find it, and I’m going back to the bedroom.
Li Mulin suddenly walked two steps to stop us in front.
Ye Xiangyuan eyebrows slightly looked at him.
Li Mulin’s eyes showed malicious strength. "Sorry, second brother, I can’t let you go."
Did he really have a moth
Section 323
I stared at him warily.
Ye Xiangyuan quietly squeezed my hand and looked at Li Mulin.
Li Mulin hooked the corners of his mouth and made a gesture instead of talking.
Immediately, many big burly bodyguards rushed in and surrounded me and Ye Xiangyuan.
I’m not sure what trick he’s going to play. I looked at Ye Xiangyuan with concern.
Ye Xiangyuan’s face is no different from that of just now, and you can’t see what mood it is.
Li Mulin said with a smile, "Second brother, I advise you not to struggle. I have surrounded this place and Pan Dong has been arrested. You can’t escape."
Ye Xiangyuan frowned. "What are you doing?"
Li Mulin said, "It’s very simple that I can’t let you go back to China."
It turned out to be to stop Ye Xiangyuan from going back.
Before I thought of it, he asked Ye Xiangyuan how to arrange it. I don’t know what else he wants to do.
Just when I was full of speculation, it was Gu Changyu’s building.
As soon as she saw this posture, she frowned and looked disapprovingly at Li Mulin. "How can you start work on Ayuan?" She paused and said softly, "There must be some misunderstanding. Please let these people retreat quickly …"
Li Mulin is very caring and caring, but Gu Changyu didn’t pay attention to her this time, but continued to look at Ye Xiang from afar. "Second brother will continue to stay here these days. You have a wife to accompany you and a lover to follow you around."
I can hear something.
Is he deliberately stimulating me or Gu Changyu?
But I don’t want Ye Xiangyuan to smile slightly. "You are so considerate for me, but I can be disrespectful, so stay."
I was taken aback.
What is he going to do?
It doesn’t even mean to resist. It’s not like him
Maybe ….. He had expected that Li Mulin was so calm after such a move?
What surprised me more than me was Li Mulin, who stared at Ye Xiangyuan in surprise and doubt. "Would you like to stay?"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and said slowly, "Isn’t it that you don’t let me go?"
Li Mulin’s expression became more and more weird. "You don’t even ask me why I did this?"
Ye Xiangyuan eyes swept his light way, "You’re Han Qingshan. He works normally and I can guess without asking."
Li Mulin stare big eyes "you know I …"
He suddenly stopped talking, but his mouth was wide open and his face showed horror and horror. It was obviously unbelievable that Ye Xiangyuan would find out that he was a traitor.
He remained so shocked that he didn’t speak for a long time.
His hands seemed too surprised to make a move.
Ye Xiangyuan simply took me to the sofa.
When Li Mulin was stunned, Gu Changyu exclaimed at him, "You are actually the Han Qingshan Line!"
Everyone looked at her.
With a full face of chagrin, she muttered, "No wonder you lied to me … why did I believe you in the first place!"
按摩I narrowed my eyes and it seems that there is something hidden in this.
Gu Changyu took a pale look at Ye Xiangyuan and then turned to Li Mulinyin, trembling. "If you hadn’t given me advice, how could I have gone climbing … you said it would attract the attention of Asun and Ayuan … but as a result, although they didn’t say anything on the surface, they all blamed me in their hearts … Asun even divorced me … it’s all your fault!"
I was dumbfounded.
Was this instigated by Li Mulin?
Ye Xiangyuan told me that Gu Changyu’s going rock climbing alone was instigated by Han Qingshan. So it was Li Mulin?
Gu Changyu wronged eyes are red. "If I hadn’t been coaxed by you, so many things wouldn’t have happened later … Asun or I won’t be far away …" She looked at Ye Xiangyuan with tears in her eyes and murmured "I won’t forget me …"

"People hurriedly send Miss Tang back to Linzhai! If you don’t send Miss Tang back, you won’t come back! " Lin Mochen was angry with the marching orders.

"Miss Tang please" in front of the servant
Tang Xiumei screwed up. "I didn’t talk nonsense. It’s all in the news. I also said that my sister-in-law cheated on me. Of course, I won’t believe what happened in the news because she married such a good husband as you. How could she cheat on others? My brother is the best man in the world in my heart!"
Lu sorrow is apricot eyes wide at first, and then when I heard that, I was already unable to sit still. She clutched her clothes with both hands and wanted to get up, but Su Man stretched out his hand and held her knees, and his eyes signaled her not to get angry.
Lu sorrow took a deep breath and suppressed his heart.
Lin Mo-chen’s face is a little ugly, and the ink eyes are slightly narrowed, which reveals the Yinzhi inside.
He clasped the arm of Tang poetry and angered him. His strength was so strong that Tang poetry tightened his eyebrows in pain.
"Brother Mo Chen hurts …" Tang poetry turned white with pain, and fine sweat floated on her white forehead, showing how strong he was.
"Go" Lin Mochen doesn’t have any passion. She will be taken away from here. She just moved two steps and saw Lin Moyang coming in.
"Eldest brother, I heard that your grandpa asked me to take her back here." Lin Mo Yang’s eyes fell on Lin Mo Chen and buckled the shoulder armor of Tang poetry. "Eldest brother’s poem was spoiled as a child, and it was grandpa’s palm bead. You were so inappropriate to her."
"It’s because she is too spoiled that she doesn’t know the weight that she is so confused. This is to teach her." Lin Mochen won’t change her attitude because of Lin Moyang’s words. "Now that you have come, it’s best to bring her back."
Lin Mo-chen let go of Tang poetry and gave her a nudge in the direction of Lin Mo-yang.
Lin Moyang quickly held the Tang poetry around him. First, he glanced at her earnestly. "Are you okay?"
"I’m fine" Tang poetry endured shoulder pain.
Lin Moyang righted her and then looked at Lin Mohen. He hesitated for two seconds or left the Tang poetry, but she pulled him "Don’t go."
She knew that Lin Moyang wanted to talk to Lin Mohen, but she didn’t want them to fight because of her.
"Don’t worry, I know the discretion." Lin Moyang patted the back of her hand twice and then pulled her hand.
Tang poetry can watch Lin Moyang go to Lin Mohen with such concern, and she holds the skirts nervously.
Lin Mo Yang Lin Mo Chen’s eyes are pale with femininity.
He lowered his voice until the two of them heard "Big Brother’s poem, she has lost her former memory. You are not too cruel to her!"
"But who knows when her memory will come back? I didn’t want her to have illusions!" Lin Mo-chen’s eyes are sharp. "Long pain never comes with short pain. If you are kind to her, don’t let her think of all the previous things. I think there is always a way for you to make her fall in love with you, and you don’t have to be so bitter."
"Emotional things have never been forced." Lin Moyang gritted his teeth. "I don’t want to lie to her!"
"That’s right, I don’t want to lie to her!" Lin Mo-chen’s thin lips slightly hook "You should never give her a glimmer of hope and look after him. This is not a place where she can come casually. If she is so careless again, I don’t think there is even a nominal brother and sister!"
Lin Moyang’s eyes were slightly open, but he could not say anything.
He clenched his teeth more and more, and his fingers dropped to his side and clenched them into fists.
He turned slightly, but then quickly punched Lin Mo-chen. But Lin Mo-chen’s skill was not bad, so Lin Mo-yang succeeded in this fist. He was also quickly grasped by Lin Mo-chen, and then he gave him a punch with his other hand.
Lin Moyang was punched in the face by this, and the whole person repeatedly retreated and sat down unsteadily.
This punch caught even Gu Nan’s concern for Su Man and Lu You off guard. I didn’t expect Lin Mo-chen to beat his brother in his own home without showing any respect.
Of course, they won’t stop them from knowing that Lin Mo naturally has other intentions in doing so, and they just need to wait and see.
Tang poetry rushed to help him when he saw that his face was swollen, his lips were broken and there was a trace of bright red blood flowing.
"Moyang, are you okay?" Tears welled up in the eyes of Tang poetry, reaching out lovingly to help his face.
Lin Moyang grabbed her hand. "Don’t touch me."
If she touches him like this, then he will hurt.
"I help you up." Tang poetry held his arm and helped her up with some difficulty.
Lin Moyang was lifted up, and he felt a burning pain in his face, even with the pain of his roots.
After Tang poetry helped him, she angrily went to Lin Mo-chen but was held by Lin Mo-yang. "Let’s go. This is not the place where you should stay."
Tang poetry struggled but couldn’t earn it. "You let me go and I want to talk to him!"
"You stop that now." Lin Moyang didn’t want her, but found Lin Mo Chen because Lin Mo Chen wouldn’t argue with her, and even if he did, he wouldn’t let her take a good result and invite humiliation.
He has long seen through Lin Mo-chen’s feelings for Tang poetry, and naturally he won’t give her a face.
spa会所Tang poetry can’t be earned, and that’s it. It’s just like this. "Mo Chen Ge Mo Yang did this to me. He loves me dearly. Do you have any dissatisfaction with me? Why do you want to hit him? You and I are not blood brothers and sisters, but he is your real brother. How can you be so rude! "
Tang poetry even rebuked the tears flowing from the corner of his eyes, and the sadness between the eyebrows was as cherished as a weeping lily.
"Now that you know that he is distressed, you should listen carefully to his heart. Don’t be so selfish. You want him to block everything for you and do the Tang poetry for you. Have you never thought about what he wants to do?" Lin Mo Chen’s thin lips slightly hook "or have you never thought about it? Because of him, your heart is also very important. "
Tang poetry bit his lip. "In my heart, he is my brother like you. Although he is not related by blood, this family relationship that grew up has been deeply rooted in my heart."
"It seems that you still don’t want to face up to this problem." Lin Mochen chuckled. "Since you don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to talk about it. I hope you can think about it yourself when no one is around!"
"Let’s go home and grandpa is still waiting." Lin Moyang didn’t want his heart to be caught in front of so many people. He took Tang poetry and left.
Lin Mo-chen turned his eyes and swept the crowd. "Miss Hou Tang came and said we can’t let her in."
Why didn’t he know that his mother had told Tang poetry about the password? It has to be changed
☆, 22 How can such words be so straightforward?
After the Tang poetry left, Lu You asked the question in his heart, "Is the Tang poetry true? I made news with Chu night? "
"She said that everything has been solved. You and Chu night have already held a press conference to clarify the unnecessary worries about this matter." Lin Mo Chen did not hide that she had already said the Tang poetry, and that things have been solved and there is no need to hide it.
Lu sorrow light swallow a throat "chu night clarify face to face? He’s so badly injured that he still needs him. What am I doing? I owe him enough. Why should I owe him again? "
She thought of Chu’s night injuries and injuries, and she felt heartless and unjust when she went to the press conference under pressure.
"It’s the best way to solve the small worries for Chu Night. After all, it is his fans who are interested in it that will cause this situation." Su Man explained.

The subtext should also have a mobile phone of your own, right?

Jingmuchen picked an eyebrow and said "can"
"…" So readily let the sisters immediately surprised the zheng big eyes.
"Dad is true or false?" Jing’ an JIU Zheng big eyes surprised to ask
"is dad that kind of person who break his word?" Jingmuchen frowned.
Jing Anjiu really wants to answer this word.
After all, I don’t know how many times I stopped her from playing with Xiaobai!
But since dad promised to buy her a mobile phone, things can be forgotten.
Jing Anjiu immediately said with a smile, "Thank you, Dad"
"All right, wash your hands and get ready for dinner. I’ll take you to buy a mobile phone in the afternoon." Jing Muchen said very generously
"Wow, long live Dad!" JingAnyue immediately raised his hands happily.
"Thank you, Dad!" Jing’ an Jiu also said happily
Toy room Jing Yanxi "sou" ran out "what what? Buy a mobile phone? Dad, I want it, too! "
"Good man keeps his word" Jing Muchen smiled like an old fox.
After breakfast the next morning, Jing Muchen really kept his word and drove four children to the mall to buy a favorite mobile phone for everyone.
Jing’ an Jiu was not happy. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Gao Xiaobai’s number as soon as he got home. Who knows …
"Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
Jing Anjiu sent a short message to tell him that this is his new mobile phone number, and then added Gao Xiaobai WeChat.
It was a few days after I received the text message, but no one replied to WeChat, and no one added it, let alone called.
Jing Anjiu didn’t feel right.
She promised Gao Xiaobai that she would give him his thirteenth birthday, and when he went to the United States, she would have to see him off, but it was getting closer and closer every day, and it was almost the month.
Jing Anjiu couldn’t help it any longer. One day, she directly asked Su Re for Gao Xiaoxiao’s mobile phone number.
Su Re nature is immediately to the late.
Jing Anjiu immediately spoke in the past and then heard Gao Xiaoxiao say, "jiujiu, don’t you know? Xiao Bai, he has gone to America. Didn’t he tell you? "
"…" JingAnJiu all eyes open for half a day after shook his head and said "no".
"Well," Gao Xiaoxiao said, "I’ll send it to you later if I don’t have his dormitory here."
"Thank you, Auntie"
"You’re welcome"
After hanging up, Jing Anjiu was angry and sad, and tears came.
When Gao Xiaoxiao sent the phone number, Jing Anjiu watched … but suddenly he didn’t want to call.
That’s too much. Why did you leave in such a hurry?
Jing’ an Jiu took a sip of his mouth and got up and came to the room. The first thing to do was to unload the "Fairy Tales" game.
At the dinner table, Jing Saixixi and Jing Anyue chattered, and Jing Yicheng was as silent and quiet as ever. The only thing wrong was that Jing Anjiu buried himself in a bowl and didn’t clip any food.
Section 763
Jingmuchen glanced at his eldest daughter and frowned slightly.
"Why doesn’t jiujiu eat food?" Su Re noticed it later and immediately put a chopstick dish in Jing ‘an Jiu bowl.
Xiaobai left without saying goodbye ~
Uncle Jing suddenly bought a mobile phone ~
There’s a reason ~
☆ You should be able to have a boyfriend at the age of 30.
Jing Anjiu didn’t speak, but silently ate all the food in the bowl quickly and then got up and said, "I’m full and went back to my house first."
Su Re late "…"
Jingmuchen eyebrows also blink tighter.
After Jing Anjiu got up and left, Su Ruo looked at Jing Muchen at night and asked, "What happened to her husband jiujiu?"
"…" Jing Muchen gave her a salty look. "Who do you ask me?"
Su Re late "…"
After dinner, Su Re didn’t trust the building to ring the door of Jing ‘an Jiu’s bedroom.
Nobody answered.
So she tried to turn the turnstile, pushed the door and went in.
Since Jing Anyue and Jing Yicheng were three years old, the four children of Jingjia began to sleep in separate rooms on the second floor, one person and one room next to each other.
Jing ‘an Nine Rooms are naturally decorated according to her favorite style. The pink room has a lace big bed, a crystal chandelier, and a white dresser with a big coat and hat.
Of course, the biggest thing is the cabinet. Because Jing Anjiu likes to look at the cabinet since she was a child, almost the whole side of it is placed on the wall. It has been so many years since Jing Muchen bought a book for her daughter.
There is also a rattan hammock on the balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling window. Jing Anjiu’s favorite thing is to lie down and watch a nap.
Or sit on the corner floor and watch or draw.
夜生活Is now Su Re night after entering the room only to find that JingAn nine head toward the big bed did not move, even she pushed the door and came in no response.
It’s really weird.
Su Ruo frowned at night and asked softly, "Is jiujiu asleep?"
Jing ‘an Jiu moved, then turned around and sat up "Mommy".
"What’s the matter? Are you unwell? " Su Re went to the bedside late and sat down, putting his hand on his daughter’s forehead.
Not hot.

However, when this statement came out, it was ridiculed by others.

What are you laughing at? Is it shameful to be a witch? By the way, how many people in Shilixing have never played bad guys? Isn’t that Fang Zhen also famous for playing mistress? Later, all the small three roles were arranged by her, and she was a typical fox representative! Why don’t you despise it?
Hu guide nodded "good! Since you have participated in a drama troupe, you should have some acting skills. "
Tao Zhiling was excited and uneasy. "Director, what do you want me to play?"
"Bring me your phone."
"ah? Do you want me to play like a mobile phone? " Tao Zhiling looked at him in astonishment. What’s the point? Unless you ask me to play how to hit your head with a mobile phone, it will be a bit difficult.
Director Hu fumed at her mouth, "I told you to bring me your mobile phone."
Tao Zhi Ling breathed a sigh of relief and then honestly took out his mobile phone and handed it to him with both hands.
"Shi Huaan’s advertisement is the theme choice of the office. The office romance tells that a small company employee fell in love with her boss! But her boss never knew that she liked herself. Then one day, the little clerk finally couldn’t help talking to him and confessing, and then you played the little clerk. "
When I heard this, Tao Zhi felt the hair stand on her head. "What did she say?"
"It depends on your play! No matter what you say, it is necessary to impress each other in this sentence! "
Tao Zhi Ling secretly rejoiced. Although I have never been in love, I have read a lot of love stories. Anyway, it shouldn’t be difficult to speak colloquially and not be responsible for this.
☆ Chapter 4 The machine won’t miscarry if it is late.
However, I didn’t expect Hu Dao to pick it up, but said, "Well, can you call your boss now?"
"What?" All her nerves shrank so fiercely that the whole person was dumbfounded. "The director is just acting. Don’t really fight!"
"How do I know if your boss will be moved by you? If you can move him, I strongly recommend that you shoot this advertisement!"
"Director" not only screamed this time, but also several artists were nervous. They also performed well. Why should she be able to easily take this advertisement if she performed well?
夜生活Tao Zhi ling swallowed nervously. "Can you find someone else, director? For example, colleagues in the company or my college classmates? "
Hu Dao said without thinking, "But you won’t compete for this advertisement!"
"good! I will fight! " Tao zhi ling gritted his teeth and dialed the words of Shao Feng without hesitation.
Just kidding! That’s a six-figure remuneration. Although the chances of knowing it are slim, if you don’t give up until you reach the Yellow River, maybe you can really step on shit and get lucky. After all, who can tell about luck? You can’t stop it when it comes.
The bell rang, and the heart beat faster and faster with the music. However, it rang for a long time and no one answered. She was just about to tell Director Hu that the boss didn’t answer the meeting, and the words were actually connected at this time.
"Hello" came Xiang Shaofeng, who was full of magnetism but came from the underworld. Tao Zhi Ling was so scared that she almost threw her mobile phone to the ground.
"Old boss!" She replied with trepidation, and quickly looked up at Director Hu and found that he was leaning against the wide swivel chair and looked at himself proudly.
"What can I do for you?" The thriller in the words rang again as if urging him to confess to him.
Everyone in the room stared at each other and held their breath. Especially, the four artists were so nervous that their chests kept shaking and they didn’t know if the frog glue inside would break.
"That’s what I am. Well," Tao Zhi Ling was so anxious that she couldn’t say anything clearly. Now, she is pressing but still confessing to the president’s adult in full view. If she is rejected, where will this old face go?
Section 21
It’s too vicious for me to ask such a question.
After waiting for a long time, I didn’t see what she said. It seemed that there was a flight boarding broadcast. Xiang Shaofeng said, "I’m going to board the plane. If it’s okay, I’ll hang up first."
"Hey, wait a minute!" Tao Zhi ling was so anxious that his head began to sweat. "Actually, I called you to talk to you."
"Say what?" Words there to sound although still lukewarm Tao Zhi ling felt like falling into a big stove was baking sweat swish straight.
Ok! Throwing caution to the wind, she took a deep breath and said, "I want to tell you that I like you."
There was a sudden silence in the words. Shao Feng obviously didn’t expect that she would suddenly say such a thing.
Presumably, he must have despised himself in his heart now! I don’t care if he despises it! If you can get the money, even if you move your eyes to the top of the donkey to see me.
Tao Zhi ling again cruel to split li beep tunnel "I like you, I love you, I miss you so much! I want to confess to you! I don’t know whether you like me or not, but you must answer that I love you, too. If you answer that I don’t like you, you say that you are guilty. If you answer that I don’t love you, you say that you run away from your feelings. If you answer that I have no feelings for you, it means that you really love me. "
Say that in one breath, he should have no fourth way to choose!
I have never seen such a overbearing confession. Shao Feng almost had to laugh.
Words are still a dead silence, even though there is a long distance, but the atmosphere is stifling. Tao Zhi Ling’s heartbeat is accelerating again. Everyone stares and ears quietly waiting for Shao Feng’s answer.
Tick tock! Tick tock! The seconds passed by.
Tao Zhi Ling held the mobile phone hand and involuntarily exuded a trace of sweat. Hurry up and say you like me, too! Say you love me and you won’t get pregnant!
After a moment of silence, Xiang Shaofeng said, "What if I don’t answer?"
Mud horse! What a drill! Why didn’t you think there was such a trick? Tao Zhi Ling’s brain turned fast. "You can’t live without me if you don’t answer."
There finally came a burst of laughter in this remark.
The boss actually smiled? Has his facial paralysis been cured? If he can appear in front of himself, he must have a charming and brilliant smile, but now is not the time to study! Please tell me you like me.
Then Xiang Shaofeng said, "Do you want to know if I like you?"
Nonsense! Your answer determines whether I’m fat or flat. Do you want to know? But after seeing the four eyeing eyes next to one, Tao Zhi Ling finally didn’t speak her mind in a wretched way.

It’s about the so-called life is worse than death.

But it seems to me that human life is the most important thing, otherwise, how can there be an old saying that it is better to die than to live?
There is hope if you want to live.
For Ye Li, living may bring trouble to Ye Xiangyuan.
But I didn’t say what I thought. I didn’t want Ye Xiangyuan to think that I was looking forward to Ye Li’s death.
What does it matter to me whether Ye Li is alive or dead? I just love Ye Xiangyuan dearly.
Thought of here, I stopped to face Ye Xiangyuan and held his hand tightly. "Ah Yuan, don’t feel bad. My child and I will accompany you."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and touched my face. "Well, I don’t feel bad, so don’t feel bad for me."
I gently, uh-huh.
He glanced at me and said, "I’m going to leave tomorrow."
I was amazed. "So soon …"
Section 14
Then my attention turned to his behavior and left Ye Li behind.
Ye Xiangyuan left the next day.
The rainy weather that had been going on for several days finally cleared up today. Unfortunately, Ye Xiangyuan is leaving for a dangerous place.
Sister-in-law is probably clear that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t let Xiaojin go to kindergarten, but took him to send Ye Xiangyuan together.
It’s too late to whisper to him, so I didn’t say much. It’s a light way to "be careful"
He smiled and kissed me and left by car.
I looked at the car and left. Somehow I felt uneasy for no reason.
Just then, the child seemed to feel that my mood suddenly kicked me, and I couldn’t help frowning.
Sister-in-law came to hold me and said, "Don’t worry."
I nodded and said nothing after all.
The next day is not calm.
As Ye Xiangyuan expected, Li Qingqing found the door.
It was the third day after Ye Xiangyuan left that Li Qingqing drove directly into the hospital.
Sister-in-law blocked her at the gate and didn’t let her in
Li Qingqing stood behind a row of bodyguards, staring at her sister-in-law with a bad face. "This is my home, and you dare to stop me."
Sister-in-law looked at her coldly without moving.
Li Qingqing sneered, "Shu Lin and I haven’t divorced yet. I’m still a daughter-in-law of Ye Family. I have everything here. If you don’t let me in, I’ll go to court to sue you."
Sister-in-law said, "Then find a lawyer to file the lawsuit first."
Li Qingqing narrowed his eyes. "I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. Where’s your grandpa? I want to see him. "
Sister-in-law said lightly, "Grandpa doesn’t want to see you."
Li Qingqing seems to be angry from embarrassment. "That’s Ye Xiangyuan coming out. I’d like to ask him what happened when he called a dead husband and woman out for dinner, and I’m not afraid of losing Ye’s face!"
Chapter 19 Li Qingqing orders
I watched the eldest sister-in-law block Li Qingqing from the balcony on the second floor.
A few months ago, when Ye Xiangyuan was just released by the Li family, Li Qingqing stopped us in this way when we returned to Qinyuan.
The tables have turned, and now the blocked party has become Li Qingqing.
She must be cursing secretly now.
I didn’t intend to go out, and my sister-in-law asked me to stay in the house for fear that Li Qingqing would be bad for the children.
I can hear her satirizing Sister-in-law. I can’t help running upstairs and stopping Sister-in-law behind me. I calmly said to Li Qingqing, "Shut up!"
Of course, the charge of’ killing my husband’ is unwarranted, but it’s hard for my sister-in-law to miss her brother all the time and now she’s being slandered like this.
Sister-in-law probably didn’t expect me to go upstairs and hold me quickly and said, "I don’t mind if it’s okay."
I looked at her lovingly.
约茶She smiled at me.
Li Qingqing saw my expression full of disdain. "You are not qualified to talk to me. Tell Ye Xiangyuan to come out!"
Sister-in-law motioned me to the back and whispered, "I’ll watch the children."
I know she is on the alert Li Qingqing hesitated or behind the bodyguard.

He took this ring to Yang Xun and choked out a word that exclaimed everyone, "Will you marry me?"

"Luo Yi, don’t go too far. You fucking told my woman at my wedding that she wanted him to marry you. Don’t I really dare to do anything to you?"
Gu Zhengfan grabbed Yuan You’s shoulder and dragged him over directly. He glared at him maliciously. Yuan You said to him with a face of anger, "Gu Zhengfan has the courage to try."
桑拿会所  title="This is what you said you fucking roll for me." The words sound just fell and Gu Zhengfan was furious and hit Yuan Yougen. Yuan Yougen didn’t hesitate to kick him. This kick directly made Gu Zhengfan kick to the ground. At this time, security guards finally rushed towards the stage.
I hurriedly walked to block these security guards from letting them pass. When Liu Baiyan saw this, he immediately came forward to help me block these security guards. I shouted at Yuan You, "Yuan You should do what you have to do and leave us alone."
Yuan You finally said to Yang Xun, "Will you marry me? Now that Luo Yi is gone, let me pursue you in this new identity? Can I see everything clearly? I also understand that you have been hurt in recent years, and I feel it’s my fault. I’m not a good man, even if you cried and begged me not to leave, I still gave up on you and left now. I don’t want to worry about so much, and I don’t want to choose to escape because all this makes me feel hesitant. Let me pursue you again, just this time, my love?"
Yang Xun’s expression is complicated, but her head has been slowly sinking. His eyes have been looking at this tortured and hurt man kneeling in front of him. He is really not a good man because every man who makes his woman cry is not a good man.
Yang Xun shed tears. Little by little, tears fell from her eyes, and her face was full of tears. She finally said something, which made the injured man get up from the ground and reach out and immediately hold her in his body, never wanting to let go.
"I promise you"
It doesn’t need too many words or explanations. The simple word "I promise you" makes this man who has been hurt finally not confused. All the injuries and sufferings in these years have vanished after these four words are answered.
Yuan you finally picked up the ring and took it with Yang Xun, who was closest to the heart. At this moment, Yang Xun was no longer alone, and he and she finally belonged.
Come with me, get out of here, get out of this sad place, and I will accompany you wherever you want to go from now on. Even if you want to go to the farthest north, I will carry you on my back and take you to pick the most beautiful ice flowers. This time, I will never let go, never let go.
"Well, that’s what you said, never let go."
The two men grabbed each other’s hands and Yang Xun directly took off his head scarf and lost it. Then he looked at the place and someone Yang Xun smiled at her and said, "Run?"
Two people ran directly to the door and fell to the ground. Gu Zhengfan immediately grabbed Yang Xun’s leg and prepared to let her immediately kick Yang Xun at Gu Zhengfan and scold "Get out of the way, asshole"
Yang Xun’s face is full of happy smiles, and he is going to chase after the two security guards, but Liu Boyan and I are holding back. Liu Boyan picked up the guitar and growled at these people, "Who the fuck dares to go over and ask you to dare to go over and kill him? I mean it."
I also picked up a wine bottle and pointed it at these security guards. I said without worrying, "Let’s fight one after another, and let’s fight one after another. Nobody moves."
When the situation was deadlocked, Yuan You and Yang Xun suddenly ran back. They came up to me and thanked me very much and said, "Thank you, Leihao."
"Thank you, Brother Lei Haoge. Thank you. We do everything."
I said nervously, "Don’t make polite remarks. If you want to run, run. If these people really move, we may not be able to stop them."
"Well," Yuan You took out a bunch of keys from the body and threw them into my clothes. Finally, he said, "I gave you the sweet shop. When I met the happiness information, my department put it there. I believe you can fix everything and we will leave."
After leaving, Yuan You and Yang Xun finally left us again. I don’t know how long it will take to meet each other, but I sincerely wish them "go and find your happy paradise"
"Get out of my way," Yang Hui walked out of these security guards. He came to us and said to me in a very serious tone, "You really give me a headache."
"I’m sorry Yang Dong made it difficult for you, but I think this is what I should do. I don’t care how you want to deal with me."
Yang Hui shook his head and finally sighed "Come with me"
Behind Yang Hui, I looked back at the crowd. Liu Baiyan came to Yan Jiaxin to tell it, while Tang Tianhe and Jixuan looked at me in a strange way, while Gu Zhengfan was sitting on the ground with a face of surprise and speechless.
It used to be a perfect wedding, but Yuan You and I suddenly appeared and were broken.
Looking at the sky in front of the hotel, I once again sighed "happy paradise"
Chapter 23 is happiness
Yang Hui of Zixuan Building opened a place with a good view and took me here. We changed the tea and filled it, then left.
After looking at the scenery outside the window, Yang Hui finally said to me, "If I want to keep them, there are many ways, but I didn’t do that."
"I’m Bai Yangdong. Do you really want them to leave?"
Yang Hui sighed, "Since this girl chose this way, I won’t force her to do anything anymore. At that time, I did the last thing and let me bear all the problems."
I was puzzled to see the words of Xiangyang Huihui, which made me puzzled. He took a sip of tea and drank a mouthful of it, and his mood eased a little. I also said to him a moment later, "Yang Dong, do you know if things were still alive?"
Yang Hui let go of the teacup and nodded and answered, "Well, I know that I deliberately kept it from her, not that I wanted them to be together, but that the form forced me not to abandon the family situation of Luo Yi, because I was a poor family child like him in those days, but that’s how I fell in love with Kaori’s mother. My master not only didn’t object, but chose to support me and Kaori’s mother when they got married. My master always took me to study everywhere like a son, and even the origin was willing to be entrusted to my management."
Yang Hui paused and I asked him doubtfully, "But what does this have to do with Yang Xun?"
"Because Yang Xun was once the master personally recognized Xin Er, at that time, the master was forced to let Xin Er recognize this position. His heart was extremely reluctant to accept Xin Er for this responsibility. Xin Er was his last hope, and he hoped that she could live a good life and not bear so much, but he really couldn’t say the only four words now. Everything I did was the origin."
"Do these Yan Jiaxin know?"
Yang Hui shook his head and answered, "She doesn’t know that she knows to keep the origin, but she doesn’t know everything. Do you know what I want to tell you so much?"
I thought for a long time and didn’t have a clue before I answered "I don’t know" to him.
"Because you are very similar to me, but I am very similar to my master. I think Xin Er would like you. A man like you must have a dependence on grandpa in his heart."

Where can I care about anything else with him?

I don’t know how long I talked, but I felt sleepy before I knew it. He was about to fall asleep in his arms.
In a second, Ye Xiangyuan picked me up and put me to bed.
I yawned and tried to open my eyes and look at him.
Counting carefully, I haven’t seen him for more than two months, and I really miss what he wants to sleep and look at him longer.
Ye Xiangyuan seemed to know my mind. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "Sleep well, I promise I’ll pay you back when you get up."
I was slightly embarrassed by his puncture, but I still didn’t want to sleep.
Ye Xiangyuan corners of the mouth slightly to raise.
He suddenly lifted the quilt and took me into his arms with a low smile. "That’s all."
I woke up as soon as my face was burning.
We used to sleep in separate rooms, but tonight … seems to break our agreement …
I can feel the warmth of his body, smell the fragrance of his bath and be familiar with the fragrance of ebony, so I don’t want him to leave.
I bit my lip angle and didn’t say much.
And he coaxed me in a low voice, and I slowly fell asleep.
When I woke up the next day, he really returned to me.
I looked at him quietly.
His long eyelashes cover his bottomless eyes, but this does not affect his handsome color and luxurious temperament.
If I look at it again, I think I will not only be tempted to kiss him, but also lose control of my feelings, forgive him for bringing me hesitation and sadness, and walk with him regardless.
I looked away silently.
Last night, the curtain was not pulled, and the scene outside was revealed.
The snow has piled up a thick layer, and all the scenery seems to be white overnight.
I sighed quietly in my heart.
I don’t know if Ye Xiangyuan and I can walk to the white head.
There is still fine snow in the sky, and I don’t know when it will stop
The new year is really coming.
Think of Mrs. Li’s words again, think of Chu’s lawsuit, think of Ye’s present situation, think of Gu Changyu …
I’m depressed again.
Last night seemed to be as warm and beautiful as in a Mengmeng. Today, it is depressing and depressing to wake up and return to reality …
When I was in the middle, Ye Xiangyuan had opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile.
When he saw me looking at him, he leaned over and gave me a good morning kiss "good morning, baby"
I had to say "early …"
Then I opened my eyes wide, and I could feel the heat there because I was close to him.
I didn’t notice it just now, but now that I found out …
桑拿论坛  title=I moved aside without moving.
Although I share a bed with him, I don’t want to be closer to him. I hope we can keep our distance until things between him and Gu Changyu are settled.
Besides, I am pregnant …
He seemed to feel that I resisted taking me back and kissing my ears "Baby, don’t move".
How dare I touch him?
He gave me a low smile and kissed my face, but he didn’t tease me again.
In order to distract each other, I asked him, "Is everything settled?"
I was so happy yesterday that I forgot to get down to business.
At this moment, of course, I remember that he and Lu Xun went to find an arms dealer.
And now, although he has come back safely, I still have the fear that he may be in danger.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and smiled. "You’ll know when the trial starts."
I’m relieved to hear him say that. It seems that the result is good.
I didn’t ask him any more about his personality. That’s it. If he is willing to tell me, he won’t hide me, but if he is unwilling, he won’t say a word even if I try my best.
After a pause, I told him what happened during this period.
He listened quietly to the judo in which I was held by the quilt. "I will explain these things to you slowly. You are right. Chu Feipeng didn’t kill himself. The murderer has found the same group as Changning who attacked you last time."
Chapter 261 We and OK?
I’m not surprised.
But I didn’t expect Ye Xiangyuan to tell me these things.
He reached into my arms and kissed me on the top. "I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you when you were attacked. Are you scared?"
Because of worrying about the baby, he held me in vain, but I could still feel the warmth in his arms.
I shook my head and said, "It’s okay. It’s over."
He touched my hair and continued, "It’s not too big to find the killer. The main thing is to find the mastermind behind it, but this matter can’t be urgent."
I, uh, didn’t interrupt him
He said, "The traitor in the thorns has been arrested by Changning, and the traitor is still a little bit with my grandfather."
Actually with ye Li and
Maybe Ye Li thought about revenge Ye Xiangyuan by suppressing Grandpa Chu.
I can’t help but hold Ye Xiangyuan with my backhand and give him comfort.
Other people’s grandfathers are looking forward to having a full house of children and grandchildren, but he killed two children with a mistress and killed his grandson with a mistress.
In his eyes, Ye Xiangyuan is not his relative, but the murderer who killed his beloved woman.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me more tightly and whispered, "Don’t worry about grandpa being controlled by me … I’ll settle the accounts together then."
I nodded and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
He can still keep Ye Li. I think he is kind enough.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled. "The last thing I’m going to do is shoot at the Li family after the New Year."
I looked up at him.

Ok, some girls will come to greet me soon.

This surprised me.
Even though I was deliberately targeted by Teng Jun, they were willing to befriend me.
I didn’t know that they were close to the family and Gu Changyu were friends. No wonder they came to make friends with me.
Several girls are very kind. They told me that the guests invited by Ye Jia today are all Li family cronies.
I think about it a little and it’s white.
This must be Li Guhe Teng Jun’s advice together, and Ye Li has also been informed.
If Ye Xiangyuan admits that Li Yuyan is his fiancee because of the pressure, it is best if he refuses, he will not lose Li Yuyan’s face too much.
It is no wonder that Teng Jun was not furious after being robbed by Ye Xiangyuan.
My heart is clear.
Then he became wary.
If they are all Li family cronies, will Li Yuyan secretly make any move … Am I more dangerous …
I understand that the parents of these girls, Ye Li, will be invited here. In fact, their parents all support Ye Xiangyuan.
A girl affectionately took my arm and said with a smile, "Sister-in-law is not polite to us."
I smiled gratefully at her.
She seemed to see that I was nervous and asked for a glass of juice from the waiter and handed it to me
I took it and took a sip when she was cautious.
I didn’t expect my head to start to faint.
It happened that this girl still tugged at my arm tightly and dragged me to the corner, and several other girls gave her cover.
I bit my lip corner hard to keep myself awake and wanted to shout, but my voice seemed to be hoarse and I couldn’t make a sound.
Through the crowd, I saw Li Yuyan shaking the goblet and smiling at me.
Gorgeous lip color is like a poppy that has been quenched with poison.
What am I not white at this moment?
These girls must be Li Yuyan looking for me.
I’m still underestimating my enemy.
I hope Ye Xiangyuan can find out something is wrong with me soon.
Before I passed out, I secretly prayed and hoped
When I woke up, I found a lot of people around the room.
I was puzzled, propped up my head and found myself lying on the sofa with a man.
I don’t know this man.
My heart thumped at the thought of Li Yuyan’s poisoned smile before coma.
Don’t …
桑拿会所I quickly tilted my head and listened to the man’s malicious smile. "Girl, can you move your leg? I’m very uncomfortable when you press me."
Chapter 114 Arrest warrant
I was too ambiguous with him.
Then I found that I was in the lounge on the first floor and the door was full of people.
At the front is Ye Xiangyuan. He doesn’t look too good.
After that, Ye Li and Teng Jun Ye Li looked angry, while Teng Jun held his chest in his hands and gloated.
His guests were shocked when they were surrounded by corridors, and some people looked like they were watching a movie.