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Inform the planning department that I will attend Gu Si said a sentence lightly and walked towards the ladder.

Several highlevel officials looked at each other, wondering what kind of bidding meeting would be like this. Is it important that the president will personally participate in this case?
See the president left, and several senior executives immediately followed.
spa会所  title=Lounge side began to talk about the reform seats, a new face of frustration came back and sat down in a chair.
Just now, she tried to befriend General Manager Gu, but he didn’t buy it.
Lu Xiaomin said to Liu Zhuanghe with a low face of anthomaniac, Zhuang Jiegu is so handsome. He is even more handsome today than when we met him.
Liuzhuang lotus funny shook his head and turned his eyes deliberately said, that semen man is also very handsome. Why didn’t you make a fool of him?
Lu Xiaomin, a man with semen, made a vomit. Please don’t be him, Sister Zhuang.
Liu Zhuanghe chuckled at Lu Xiaomin’s words. I didn’t expect Lu Xiaomin to be infatuated with handsome guys sometimes.
Rowling sat aside and didn’t join them in the conversation. Since she just found out that Manager Gu definitely had a fling with Liu Zhuanghe just now, she could see clearly, but Liu Zhuanghe dodged.
If not guilty, why would she hide?
However, this is a good thing for her. She will double her bonus this year if she takes the Guggenheim case.
It’s really strange. Although this case has a hundred million yuan, it is an ordinary case for Gu. Gu always attaches so much importance to attending in person that it is good for the planning minister to take it.
People who came to bid for the creative company talked to their peers.
Yeah, it’s weird.
After listening to their words, Liu Zhuanghe also felt very strange. Supposedly, he should be very busy. How could he have such leisure time to attend the bidding meeting?
Is it because of her?
Liu Zhuanghe patted some hot faces. What does she think?
Don’t be Lu Xiaomin dyed into a anthomaniac?
At ten o’clock, the bidding meeting will be officially held, and the representatives of the three companies will sit in turn.
Creative companies are in the front row, while Chenyang is the last one.
According to the sorting, Liu Zhuanghe and Rowling Lu Xiaomin also sat at the end of the conference room.
Xiaomin Lu was dissatisfied and muttered, It’s unfair. It’s not significantly creative.
Rowling patted Lu Xiaomin and told her that the creativity of the advertising industry is indeed stronger than our company, but we can be shortlisted this time. If we get the case this time, the industry may not be sure.
With that, Rowling took one look at Liu Zhuang and He Chenyang, and it was thanks to her that she had this opportunity this time.
Liuzhuang Lotus looked down at the information and didn’t speak. She understood Lu Xiaomin’s dissatisfaction, but shopping malls are so cruel. Everything depends on performance. Even if Chenyang is better than creativity in some aspects, it is an indisputable fact that other companies have good performance.
Although it may be seen from the ranking of the company that Party A attaches great importance to the bidding this time, Liu Zhuanghe believes that the morning sun is not bad, and it does not necessarily mean that there is no chance at the end. Otherwise, why do you want them to come and play with them?
Creative advertising industry is very hopeful that he will get the bid directly from Guggenheim, unlike the morning sun scheme, which will have a chance only if it is affirmed by Guggenheim.
The plan of Liuzhuang Lotus is very grateful to Gu Si Post. If he hadn’t shown herself how she had the opportunity to sit here.
The meeting room was quiet, and all three companies were nervously preparing their ideas, especially their ideas. They were the first people to explain it. Although they came to bid directly, it was not certain which one was finally settled.
The meeting room door was pushed open from the outside.
Gu Boshang walked into the conference room. Nianbo followed several planning people.
Everyone got up in succession, and raised his hand to signal everyone to sit down, and he sat down first.
Liu Zhuanghe didn’t dare to look at him. He always felt that his intentional eyes fell on his head, which made her more nervous.
Let’s go gu boss knocked on the desktop said.
The person in charge of the planning department nodded to signal Party B to start explaining the scheme.
The creative design director got up and turned on the projector. She went to the front and started the bidding.
The purpose of this Gu’s case is environmental protection, especially in the automobile industry. Nowadays, cars are almost modern people’s means of transportation. If you have the economic ability, you will buy it, then its performance is particularly important, and environmental protection is the most important thing.
The creative design director’s voice is crisp and neat, and she is not sloppy at all. She always smiles, which makes Liu Zhuanghe see God from elegance.
If only she could practice like this when.
The creative design director gradually introduced the creative Gu’s brand packaging and publicity plan.
Liu Zhuanghe began to pay attention to the creative director, and their plan was very good. Gu’s position was to consider the problem.
But listen, listen, she’s a little distracted
Conscious eyes look at sitting in the middle of the first place. From this angle, we can see that his perfect face is wide, his forehead is heavy and his nose is straight, and his sexy lips are tightly sipped.
During the whole process, he listened carefully and never looked away. His whole face didn’t look too serious. Maybe this is him at work.
It seems that it is not so serious for the former Liuzhuang Lotus to see Gu Si Post.
The more serious he was, the more disappointed he became, but she couldn’t tell clearly what he was disappointed at the moment.
One minute passed, and Liuzhuang Lotus felt a little hungry and frowned. Today, it was early for Guggenheim to bid. She went to the company early in the morning to check all the plans, and she was afraid that there was something wrong with breakfast.
This will make her hungry. She feels a little uncomfortable. Maybe she is more hungry because of pregnancy.
In the quiet meeting room, I heard the creative design director explain the scheme. Suddenly, Goo Goo sounded in the office, which seemed a bit abrupt.
Liuzhuang lotus can’t wait to get under the table. Come on, do you want to be so shameful?
Close to her, the reformers naturally heard the sound and looked at it in succession. Just now, the new woman named Xi smiled while covering her mouth.
It’s intentional, but it makes sense
If bidding will embarrass Chenyang, then they have a better chance of winning.
Xiaomin Lu heard some gnashing of teeth. What does this person mean? Are you sick? I haven’t heard others hungry.
Liuzhuang lotus didn’t speak is consciousness to the first gu si post.
Gu boss didn’t look at her as if she didn’t find the commotion in the meeting room.
I raised my wrist and looked at the drill face. I made a pause gesture. Let’s take a break for twenty minutes.
Say that finish before they answer got up and started walking towards the outside.
Just halfway through the explanation, the creative design director opened his mouth wide. What is this situation?
In a short time, Nianbo came in and said, Miss Liu Gu always asked you to go to his office.
Everyone in the meeting room looked at her in unison.
Liuzhuang lotus is a little embarrassed. What on earth is this Gu Si post doing looking for her in front of so many people?
In bo didn’t mean others eyes made a gesture, please.
Liuzhuang Lotus got up and walked with him towards Gu Si’s office.

I decided to wait for him and open the living room to watch and brush my mobile phone.

Mainly … I spent the night here on my first day, and Ye Xiangyuan didn’t arrange a room for me. I don’t know where to sleep.
I looked at the movement of the network because Xiaoyan forwarded it to me, and the netizens in Weibo really had another uproar.
Later, the direction of the topic became very strange. Everyone guessed which young master of Ye’s family was cheating and persecuting artists.
At first, I was worried that Ye Xiangyuan’s identity would be exposed, and I didn’t see the substance for a long time before I could rest assured.
The big wooden wall clock on the wall points to eleven o’clock at midnight, and Ye Xiangyuan still disappears.
In the dead of night, I turned down my video tone, and I slowly fell asleep in the fighting of martial arts dramas.
In a daze, I felt as if someone had picked me up and awakened from my sleep in an instant.
It’s Ye Xiangyuan
He put his hands firmly through my armpit and leg socket, which is the standard princess hug posture.
I gently grabbed his chest clothes "you’re back"
He bowed his head and kissed me on the forehead "to sleep in the room"
桑拿网I’m still awake and humming.
Seems to hear him laugh.
It cleared me up a little, and then I thought he wouldn’t take me to his bedroom …
Section 6
Chapter 65 [Who are you]
Okay, it’s the guest room
When I was put to bed, my brain finally woke up.
I noticed that he was no longer in that uniform, but even casual clothes looked just as good.
Remembering that it was that time, I was in the same room with him again, and I couldn’t help but grasp the sheets nervously.
Instead of leaving, he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me quietly.
I think my palms are sweating …
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly gently held my hand.
My body was stiff and I didn’t dare to earn it. He held it stiffly.
He didn’t speak for a moment.
There is no light in the room, but there is light outside the courtyard. You can vaguely see his elegance and facial features, but you can’t see his face expression clearly.
This silence makes me more cautious and alarmed.
When I was about to breathe, he spoke in a low voice, "Would you like to get along well with us later?"
I looked at him in the dim light, and his eyes became more and more bottomless. I translated his words in my mind and slowly understood his meaning.
He means … after that, we try to get along like a real couple?
Maybe it’s because I’ve been silent about his judo. "Today, I saw you sitting there looking at a loss and taking measures … I just thought I couldn’t let you get hurt again … let me take care of you, okay?"
It turned out to be this reason.
I smiled slightly.
Actually, I was so handsome by his uniform …
But it’s better not to let him know about this beautiful misunderstanding.
He gently stroked my hair. "Uncle and aunt will be fine. Don’t worry."
I bit my lip tightly.

Sorry, I have to go back first \

Lu Qing hesitated or told the organizer that he wanted to leave first, that is, to sell the other side, and it was almost time to disperse. He took the initiative to greet and prepare to leave.
The law of speech is also correct.
Although he saw Lu Qing, he didn’t have time to talk to him, but he just said hello in a hurry and left his heart. He was troubled by one thing and wouldn’t have thought of it if he wasn’t alone, so he had some different ideas in his heart.
A woman is the one who bothers my family and inspects posts every day.
Really? I don’t know what a woman’s mind is. If she’s late, she’ll ask questions and smell your perfume everywhere.
He felt particularly embarrassed when he stared at the two men in front of him, complaining bitterly. Musha had never checked the post and wouldn’t lie prone to smell perfume. He suddenly envied them, and their wives were still very concerned about them.
I can’t say panic at the thought that Musha has been refusing to tell the truth and tell the truth when she was pregnant, because he doesn’t know what this child means to her in Musha’s eyes.
If Musha and I grew up together, or if we got married because of love, everything would be easy to say, but we are the most stereotyped marriages, and there is nothing sadder than the words of parents and matchmakers.
It is said that he is worried that she will always resist this marriage, and he does not approve of it. However, when he got along with her later, he also realized that Musha was good at seeing her advantages and her lovely disadvantages, which still surprised him.
Musha received a message from her best friend when she got home. She stared at the message and was distracted. She wanted to reply, but she didn’t know what to say, so she sighed slightly and went into the house.
In my mind, I thought about talking to my best friend face to face.
I don’t want to give up my job. It’s the most critical time.
Are you really going to give up this child?
At that time, the girl friend’s rhetorical question didn’t make Musha think too much. She hesitated at last and nodded her head. Now it’s confirmed that her mind is more complicated, so the more she thinks about it, the more troublesome things become. After careful consideration, she found that things are different, so she sat on the sofa and began to lose her mind.
The phone made a harsh sound. Musha looked at it and answered the words consciously. Hey, Dr. Zhang, it’s very convenient for you to talk now.
It’s obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Zhang asked her if she had made up her mind. If she decided to have surgery as soon as possible, it would be too painful to save the children from having surgery.
喝茶约茶Musha doesn’t feel pregnant in vain, but now she has a strange feeling in her heart, and she can feel that the little life in her stomach will want to talk to herself very much. Even so, she didn’t give up her idea, but told the doctor that she would decide to go to the hospital for surgery as soon as possible.
Hurriedly hung up, Mu Sha’s heart began to get lost in thought. She knew very well that taking off this child would mean killing a little life, but her present situation was really not suitable for the arrival of this child. She was not ready for the promotion, and she could give up if she was prepared to be a mother.
Chapter 196 Lose patience
Don’t blame me for not coming at the right time. I don’t want you to be uneasy and I don’t want you to grow up in an environment without love.
Musha held her belly and began to talk. She didn’t know if this little life could feel her struggle and nai. She knew very well that the preface to marriage was to have a girlfriend, and they had a good relationship. Maybe it was just an accident to forget her, not a crystallization of love.
I made up my mind, and the rest was easy to handle. When Musha made an appointment with Dr. Zhang for surgery, she turned and walked towards the bedroom. She felt very tired and wanted to sleep to make up for her lack of sleep.
Why do you want me to accompany you to obstetrics and gynecology?
Lin Xiaoxiao glared at Xu Jiaojiao unhappily. Two women with hats and short-sighted glasses appeared in the queue of obstetrics and gynecology, and they vomited at each other from time to time. They were completely out of control.
Just think I’m paranoid and suddenly want to check my health. Are you still my friend? We can’t recognize what you’re worried about dressed like this.
Xu Jiaojiao doesn’t know that the pressure brought by Lin Xiaoxiao is simply whether passers-by are good or not. Who comes to the hospital is not to see a doctor? When can I look at people? It’s not to buy things in a department store.
You said yes, but it doesn’t mean that each of us pays attention to the girl in front of you staring at you for a long time. I guess she will recognize you soon.
Hear Lin Xiaoxiao, Xu Jiaojiao, or else.
Now that you have no idea, I’m not afraid of being recognized. It’s not a big deal. Lin Xiaoxiao took Xu Jiaojiao to sit down in anger
Xu Jiaojiao stared at Lin Xiaoxiao and was puzzled. It’s strange that you are more angry than me. Did someone bully you? Tell me I’ll help you get out.
No one bullied me, even if I did, I would take it out on my own. Lin Xiaoxiao said, her eyes suddenly turned to Xu Jiaojiao. She held Xu Jiaojiao’s hand and said, I know you are tough and strong, but I don’t want to see you pretend to be tough in front of everyone every day. If you don’t say anything, I know you don’t pretend to be tough in front of me.
You know I wouldn’t pretend to be strong without you.
Xu Jiaojiao didn’t dare to go to see Lin Xiaoxiao. She knew that her fake face was seen through and that she had overdone her acting. It was impossible to cheat someone, so she grabbed her knees and bit her lips to control her emotions.
It’s raining hard. I’ve reached the limit. I’m really going to stretch.
Jin Jing’s patience with Meng Chengjun is getting more and more impatient because of her mother’s interference. Nothing in her heart is comfortable, even if there is a scene of mother-in-law in front of her.
In the first three months, I must pay attention to the great reaction when I was pregnant with Jin Jing, which may torture me to death. Jin’s mother said with her eyes, and the two of them looked at each other and felt that the atmosphere was not quite right, and at the same time they became thoughtful.
I don’t really feel very big. I always want to throw up.
Vomiting is normal, but you can’t hold your breath and eat whatever you want. If you don’t think for yourself, you should also think for your child. If she wants to eat any food, you should be diligent;
Chapter 197 Find out what?
Okay, mom.
Jin Jing glanced at Meng Chengjun in a hurry, thinking about so many things carefully, and gradually found that some things were more complicated than expected, so he narrowed his eyes and said, I really don’t have time. Go on, I’ll go first.
Suddenly Jin stopped and saw her impatience. Why didn’t he know the reason in his heart? He looked at each other seriously and thought of something seriously. He accidentally found that something was wrong. He didn’t even look at Meng Chengjun. It was estimated that he was in trouble with Xu Jiaojiao.
Meng Chengjun was very white in his heart. When he saw Jin Jing’s indifferent reaction, he knew that it must be because Xu Jiaojiao said something that involved himself. He carefully thought about it. Something seems to be wrong. Xu Jiaojiao didn’t appear and Jin Jing didn’t call the false name in front of him. It seems that the two people have not handed it in.
What is so wrong?
I feel uncomfortable in my heart. Now I actually see the picture of my mother and Meng Chengjun getting along well together, which makes Jin Jing hard to accept. I think more and more that things can’t be so logical. He has to see Xu Jiaojiao, but he has to find Yan Law before.
I’ve arrived. I’ll go straight to your office.
Yan Lu didn’t expect Jin Jing to be in such a hurry. Although he asked someone to investigate, there was no new progress so far, but Jin Jing couldn’t wait, so he acquiesced in Jin Jing’s visit and informed the front desk to let people in.
I can’t wait for a week. I haven’t heard the news yet. Meng Chengjun is an ordinary woman. Isn’t it convenient for you to tell me what you found?
Are you, are you going to check it yourself?
The rhetorical question made Jin Jingnai follow Meng Chengjun, but he didn’t find anything wrong in the end, so he still had a lot of unhappiness in his heart when he faced the rhetorical question.
I want to know what you have found.
I just called. Don’t worry about waiting for his email.
Jin Jing was a little uncertain because she didn’t know if she had found these, so she waited for the email to finally arrive.
Come and look at the photos that have just come.
Jin Jing took Nai’s eyes to the brain and curiously locked his eyes on the brain screen to see the photos. He froze and looked at the photos in his brain in amazement and found that Meng Chengjun looked very close to a man and often went in and out of a very shabby room.
Go and prove for yourself that I can help you get here, my friend.
Jin Jing stared at him with a lot of doubts and puzzles in his eyes. He was going to investigate clearly, so he copied the photos directly to his mobile phone and stared at the man in it. He drove to a dilapidated old community outside the Fourth Ring Road.
Isn’t Meng Chengjun a neat freak and willing to come to this shabby place?
Talking to himself, Jin Jing looked around curiously, staring at the photos inside the mobile phone, staring at the door of the community for a long time, almost falling asleep, and he finally saw the target.

Section 53

Even though she is … bragging.
Five rounds hit the 45 th ring, so that’s the level of an army sniper, right?
Three fat "…"
Gao Xiaobai looked up at a face of "satisfaction" and then at a face of "loneliness". three fat shook his little head and turned to look at his uncle.
Woman! It’s so childish …
"1 ring, 9 ring, 1 ring, 9 ring, 9 ring, captain Yu’s total score is 47 rings"
A hand suddenly rang warmly.
"Wow, uncle, you are so powerful!" Gao Xiaobai thumbs up and spares no effort to praise the way
Yu Yu had to pull his lips and walked beside Chang Huanyan. "It’s getting late. It’s nothing for the police in the afternoon. I’ll send you home first."
Chang Huan Yan nodded and had no opinion.
"Xiao Bai, have you had enough fun?" She bowed their heads and asked Gao Xiaobai.
"Enough is enough." Gao Xiaobai smiled very cute.
Today, I not only saw the root number three, but also saw my uncle performing shooting and my aunt being jealous … That’s enough.
After completing the first wish, Han Zhengming and Zhong Yuhong will take Gao Xiaobai to a place in D city every day for a few days.
After all, it is not convenient for Gao Xiaoxiao to be pregnant, and she is somewhat sorry for this.
So when the school started on September 1, she got up early and went to the children’s room to call her son to get up.
Who knows, after pushing the door, the bed and bedding in the concierge are also neatly folded. The little guy estimates that he has already finished washing and went upstairs.
Sure enough, when the couple finished packing and arrived at the building, Gao Xiaobai sat on the sofa with his new bag on his back and dressed in neat new clothes, waiting to leave.
"Mom and Dad, hurry up." When I looked at it, I also urged it.
Gao Xiaoxiao was busy with shame and Han Shu went into the restaurant to have breakfast.
At nine o’clock, the three elders were caring and attentive, and the family of three finally set off.
They also wanted to follow, but they were stopped by Han Han, saying that the primary school reporting process was simple and there was no need to be so excited.
After the car, Gao Xiaoxiao’s belly is big, so it’s spacious and comfortable to sit in the back seat with Gao Xiaobai.
D is not far from Ruiyuan, and it takes less than 3 minutes to drive there.
On the way, Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered one thing: "Which school did my husband Yanyan and jiujiu go to?"
Han Yan picked his eyebrows and some didn’t have the heart to tell the truth.
Gao Xiaobai glanced at his father and said, "Mommy jiujiu told me that she would go to D University and be my classmate."
"Really?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his son happily and reached out and touched his head. "That’s great. Then you should get along well and continue to be good friends."
"Well," Gao Xiaobai nodded and thought that he would see jiujiu later. His little face could not help but hang up and smile happily.
As expected, the primary school reporting process is almost the same as that of kindergarten. After finishing school, you can divide the classes, go to the classroom and get the class, then you can go home and rest, and the formal class will be held the next day.
Because the headmaster and Han Shu know each other and have communicated with each other for a long time, by the time a family arrives at the divided classroom to take lessons, it is already full of parents and children, as if the lessons have all been delivered, and the young class leader is talking on the table.
When the Gao Xiaobai family of three entered the classroom, it was instantly quiet inside, including the squad leader, and everyone looked at it with curious eyes.
Han Shu nodded to the class leader and walked in with Gao Xiaoxiao and Gao Xiaobai. "Can I still take the class?"
"Coco" doesn’t know if it’s because Han Shan is too handsome, and the squad leader’s smiling face is still suspicious red.
Have a suspicious blush
桑拿论坛So Han Yan took over all the classes there.
A straight white shirt, black trousers, slender, tall and elegant, with a faint and elegant smile on his face, rolled up his cuffs to reveal a strong forearm.
Gao Xiaoxiao took a look at it and found that many young mothers were staring at the man on the podium.
It’s really a disaster for the country and the people. You can get a lot of rotten peaches everywhere! She frowned and was muttering in her heart when she suddenly heard a burst of WeChat audio.
I took a sniff at my son and looked at it from his pocket with a small mobile phone.
It was Jing Anjiu who sent WeChat with a photo.
In the photo, there is a red and white western-style teaching building with the words Class 1, Grade 1 written on it.
Soon a message with Chinese characters and pinyin came, "What should I do if Xiaobai’s father and mother sent me and Yanyan’s brother Sean Chen University to report today?"
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"What’s the matter, Xiaobai?" Gao Xiaoxiao saw his little face suddenly changed from vigorous to painfully unhappy and asked
Gao Xiaobai licked his mouth and looked up. "Can Dad transfer?"
Han Dong "…"
Equally surprised is the smiling squad leader.
I’ve just finished my class and I’m going to transfer. Is it so sexual?
Gao Xiaoxiao was also a little embarrassed and asked, "What happened to Xiaobai and why did he want to transfer?"
"…" Gao Xiaobai sighed and his little shoulders drooped to stop talking.
Han Shu stretched out his hand and touched his head in an educational tone. "Since Xiaobai promised his grandmother a man, he must do what he said. Do you hear me?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Gao Xiaobai twisted his small eyebrows for a long time before nodding "All right."
The squad leader also instantly breathed a sigh of relief. "Mr. and Mrs. Han, please find a seat."
Han Han nodded and took the girls to the surface. Naturally, all the way is also attracting attention.
Just halfway through, someone said hello, "Sit here. There’s no one here."
Gao Xiaoxiao looked around and saw a beautiful young mother sitting with her, a beautiful little girl, and they looked quite alike.
"Thank you," Han Shu said politely. "But my wife is pregnant and it will be better to sit in the back."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
My son’s mood suddenly fell, and the couple didn’t stay any longer after the class leader finished, so they took Gao Xiaobai home by car.

Chang Huanyan leaned in. "Brother-in-law, do you think it’s better for me to wear this suit with a tie and leather shoes?"

"Orderly" often smiles and some nai warned 1.
Chang Jing gave her a look at once. "Who wears sneakers? Now that I have entered the law firm for an internship, I have to be a lawyer. I think about myself and the image of the law firm. "
In the face of his eloquence, I often find myself somewhat right.
Yu Yu smiled and said, "Let’s go and have a look on the first floor."
"Still a brother-in-law!" Often well immediately smile happily said 1
Looking at his capering figure, I can’t help but smile. "Don’t be so used to agreeing to everything. After that, he really takes you for a big head and comes to you for everything."
"No," Yu said in a soothing way.
"Why not? He is my brother, and I know him better than you do. He is a child who is not sensible … "Chang Huanyan also wants to persuade him.
Yu Yu suddenly squeezed her little hand. "Don’t worry, I am measured."
Chang Huan Yan was full of complaints and immediately stopped.
Is he a man in his thirties, or is he used to being a policeman and analyzing people’s psychology … How can he not see that little career in his heart?
I had a good harvest from head to toe, and I was satisfied. I didn’t ask to leave the mall again, so I said goodbye.
Chang Huan Yan lai also wanted to follow him to the room to see the results. He directly said, "Come on, sister, it’s past nine o’clock. Go back and take care of my little nephew and niece."
"Remember to listen to Chengyan when you get there, and behave well," said Yu Yu.
"I know that my brother-in-law will be obedient and work hard to stay there directly after graduation!" Always boasting and saying
"Just don’t make trouble for me." Chang Huanyan didn’t good the spirit.
Often, she was flat and pouted and ignored her. "Brother-in-law, I’ll go back first. Bye."
Say that finish turned and walked in the direction of the community.
Chang Huanyan looked at his back and sighed. When will this brother grow up?
Because I wrote Chapter 47 of Yu Laoda and Huanyan, well, well, well, that’s all for welfare today.
Welfare has arrived. Parents can help themselves.
☆, 53 jealous again
Chang Huanyan looked at his back and sighed. When will this brother grow up?
"What’s the matter?" Yu Yu Wen
Chang Huanyan shook his head and said, "What clothes do you think is suitable for me to wear to the commendation meeting on Wednesday?"
Yu Yu looked down at her and lit the street lamp. Her beautiful little face was white and delicate, just like an egg peeled and tender.
"Just wear whatever you want," he said.
"How can you wear casually? On such a serious occasion, you have to go to Taiwan and deliver your acceptance speech. The scene must be the leaders of your police force. My family must not casually dress up and lose your face. "Chang Huan Yan frowned and thought for a moment." Why don’t you … wear black? Joker is also more formal. "
夜生活  title=Yu Yu’s nodding tone is full of vertical "good"
Chang Huan Yan smiled sweetly, took his hand and turned to take a taxi, but he caught sight of the man right there.
She blinked, her face was surprised for a second, and then she quickly took Yu Yu to the side of the road and reached for the car.
There happened to be a taxi passing by and stopped.
Chang Huan-yan used to pull open the door, then she sat in and moved a position to let Yu Yu come.
"Master, go to the military compound."
After waiting for the bus to drive out, I often feel relieved. Suddenly, the voice sounded, "Did you know that man just now?"
Chang Huan yan one leng then some chagrin.
She was sure that she really looked at Yin Qian just now. He seemed to want to say something, but she immediately turned around.
I didn’t expect Yu Yu to see the clue in such a second or two. It’s really worthwhile to be a policeman. blazing with anger is observant
She pursed her lips, "hmm" and said lightly, "It was an old classmate from the former university who chased me, but I didn’t agree."
"…" Yu Yu looked at her and said nothing.
Chang Huanyan deliberately said, "Why are you jealous again?"
Yu Yu "…"
"After that, can you be jealous? Do you know that I am very popular in college? I don’t know how many men want to chase me. They all look up and see each other?" Chang Huanyan said with a smile.
"Really?" Yu Yu picked his eyebrows and said a joke, "Then I have to keep an eye on you."
This made Chang Huanyan very sweet in his heart, but he still snorted and said, "Do you have to be good to me?" One day, when I really run away, hum, you can’t find my beautiful wife even with lanterns. "
I don’t know if I was amused by her words and laughed in a low voice, then I reached out and held her little hand.
Yin Qian on the side of the road is still there, looking at the traffic that has already disappeared, and the taillights on his face are somewhat complicated and difficult to distinguish.
He attended a business party here this evening, and just after seeing off the guests, he saw Chang Jingji coming out of the shopping mall next to him. He was going to say hello, but Chang Huanyan also came out, accompanied by a tall and straight figure.
When something happened, he turned his back and didn’t want them to find out, and then he heard him often shouting "brother-in-law"
So that man is the husband who always smiles?
After Chang Jing left, he couldn’t help but look back carefully.

Fu Qianfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan in disbelief. What is this?

"It’s still early. Since you didn’t fall asleep so soon after you woke up, let’s do something else." Gao Zhiyuan finished and worked hard.
Fu Qianfan doesn’t even have the strength to resist now. Can Gao Zhiyuan? She really regrets waking up just now. She is really sleepy and can fall asleep immediately.
But it is estimated that she would have been asleep by the time contour Zhiyuan stopped.
Fu Qianfan’s body hurts several times when he wakes up for the second time. The reason is that he can think of any toes.
"Are you hungry when you wake up?" When you hear Gao Zhiyuan’s notes, thousands of people subconsciously avoid her. I don’t want to do it again. The second time is really uncomfortable. It’s so painful to be stimulated by Gao Zhiyuan and really sleep in the past, but Gao Zhiyuan has to persist for so long that she will faint.
Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan funnily, knowing that he was scared by Fu Qianfan, and it was really too hard on the first day to make Fu Qianfan tired.
"Is it necessary for you to guard against me like this? I didn’t want to do anything else." Gao Zhiyuan explained in a good temper, but Fu Qianfan remained unmoved. Gao Zhiyuan’s words are really not trusting men’s beds, so there is no letter at all.
Since the explanation doesn’t work, Gao Zhiyuan changed another method, "I’m sorry, I was wrong, so please forgive me this time, okay? I promise I won’t do it again."
Gao Zhiyuan thinks that the first thing now is to coax Fu Qianfan into doing what he should do, and then he will slowly think of some way to do it.
Gao Zhiyuan promised that Fu Qianfan was still a little shaken after listening to it. Gao Zhiyuan is usually a very trustworthy person. Although there is no reference for discussing this letter with them now, Gao Zhiyuan has said so. What else can she do? She can’t really hide from Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qianfan tried to sit up and found that it was a very painful thing for her to sit up now, and Gao Zhiyuan, the first figurine, still looked at her and smiled. Did Gao Zhiyuan really want to apologize?
Gao Zhiyuan stopped laughing. "Don’t move. I’ll give you some hot water to soak in." Then Gao Zhiyuan got up, but he didn’t want to block a meaning at all, so he exposed the front with a big smile.
Fu Qianfan didn’t think that Gao Zhiyuan would be like this, and he certainly didn’t move as fast as Gao Zhiyuan. Even if Fu Qianfan was blocked by his face in the end, she saw whether she should see it or not.
Although they were so close last night, it’s too scary for her to see it for the first time, and it’s so big that everyone thinks she’s afraid to look again.
Gao Zhiyuan went into the bathroom and came out for a while. Fu Qianfan heard the sound of the horse and covered her face. She didn’t have the integrity as Gao Zhiyuan did.
品茶论坛Gao Zhiyuan didn’t laugh when he saw it. He walked over and picked up Fu Qianfan directly.
"Why?" Fu Qianfan said in a low voice, "Keren has been picked up by Gao Zhiyuan. Gao Zhiyuan is a light, and she has also been dropped.
"Bathing" Gao Zhiyuan answered that her eyes were also staring at Fu Qianfan’s eyes, but Fu Qianfan felt that she was in front of Gao Zhiyuan now, even if Gao Zhiyuan didn’t look at her, she was ashamed to death.
Fu Qianfan also wanted to say that she walked by herself, but when she moved her leg, she knew it was impossible, so she stopped insisting. Anyway, Gao Zhiyuan saw it more than once last night.
Gao Zhiyuan carried Fu Qianfan into the bathroom and put it in the bathtub. The bathtub has put away the water. Fu Qianfan was scalded by hot water, and the whole person was awake. Many bones were relieved.
Is Gao Zhiyuan still in the bathroom or straight in front of her, worried that she can’t see clearly?
"You go out and I’ll wash it myself." Fu Qianfan bowed his head and said that he didn’t even dare to glance at his eyes and worried that the painting was too shocking
Gao Zhiyuan originally wanted to serve here, but Fu Qianfan was not used to it, so he gave up "OK, call me if necessary"
Fu Qianfan clicked on Gao Zhiyuan and walked out of the bathroom door. It didn’t, but it also covered most of it. If Gao Zhiyuan wasn’t in front of her, Fu Qianfan wouldn’t feel so stressed and in the mood to take a bath.
Fu Qian-fan Gao Zhiyuan didn’t idle to Fu Qian-fan’s room and simply took a shower before leaving. By the way, he brought Fu Qian-fan’s clothes, all of which were taken out from the closet for several sets.
When I went back to his room, I found that Fu Qianfan was still in the bathroom, and Gao Zhiyuan had the intention to move Fu Qianfan from the east to the west to his room. After Fu Qianfan slept here, he returned to that room. How inconvenient it is!
Fu Qianfan didn’t bring many things to Gao Zhiyuan for two or three times, and even the bottles of skin care that Fu Qianfan brought to Gao Zhiyuan were turned out. Fu Qianfan was familiar with everything.
After taking a bath, although my thigh still hurts a little, I can at least walk. There are Gao Zhiyuan’s robe and bath towel in the bathroom. Fu Qianfan first chooses Gao Zhiyuan’s robe and a dress. If you can wear a bath towel, where can a piece of cloth cover you?
When looking in the mirror, Fu Qianfan also saw that the red printed neck on her neck and chest was still very dark, even if she wore a nightgown, she couldn’t cover it. Today, she had to choose a high collar to dress.
I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Gao Zhiyuan had put on her clothes. Fu Qianfan realized that her clothes were not here. It seems that she can secretly run back and change them.
"Is it ready? Is there any relief?" Gao Zhiyuan reached out to Fu Qianfan who didn’t answer her eyes and told Gao Zhiyuan that she was still angry, but she went to Gao Zhiyuan’s side.
"Well, don’t be angry again. Didn’t I apologize to you?" Gao Zhiyuan held Fu Qianfan in his arms. Fu Qianfan had a thin layer of cloth on his body, and he could feel the skin temperature when he touched it.
Gao Zhiyuan felt too good and rubbed it back and forth restlessly for a few times until Fu Qianfan warned Gao Zhiyuan not to move again.
"If we are hungry, we will go to eat breakfast." Gao Zhiyuan just woke up Fu Qianfan.
"What time is it?" Fu Qianfan asked.
"It’s almost nine o’clock. If you’re not hungry, go to sleep again." Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan is still sleepy.
Fu Qianfan is still sleepy and tired, but she is worried that this is not the problem. Usually, the old lady Gao finished her breakfast before 8 o’clock, and now it is long past this time. The old lady Gao and all of them are up, with her and Gao Zhiyuan.
"Why didn’t you tell me so late?" Fu Qianfan shouted at Gao Zhiyuan, and his eyes glanced at the ceiling. When he woke up, it was already very late. He was so excited that he slept late at four o’clock last night. It is normal to wake up again. He is not an iron man.
"If it’s not too late, it’s too late. You can have breakfast whenever you want. This is home, not anywhere else," Gao Zhiyuan comforted.
Fu Qianfan didn’t feel much better. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t. She will feel embarrassed here alone. This is your Gao Zhiyuan’s house, not hers.
"I’m going back to change." Although it’s late, try not to be too late. It’s better to go now than later.
Fu Qianfan patted Gao Zhiyuan’s hand to let him go, but Gao Zhiyuan didn’t let go. "Your clothes are wrapped here."
Fu Qianfan doesn’t believe Gao Zhiyuan’s words. How did she get here in her room?
"Look," Gao Zhiyuan pointed to the wardrobe. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t pull the wardrobe door and hung up the clothes.
Fu Qianfan saw clearly whether she brought those sets of new clothes, even those of the wardrobe, and Gao Zhiyuan put a big space in his wardrobe to let her go.
I slept well.
Look at this. Fu Qianfan successfully saw the trace of her suitcase. It seems that it is all due to Gao Zhiyuan. Gao Zhiyuan just made up his mind to let her sleep here.
"I put your pajamas in the drawer" Gao Zhiyuan did not forget to add a worry that Fu Qianfan would find it.
But Fu Qianfan didn’t appreciate it much. Who would Gao Zhiyuan tidy her pajamas?
Fu Qianfan chose a turtle neck to take pajamas and went into the bathroom. She also conveniently locked the door. She didn’t want to change clothes in front of Gao Zhiyuan. She still can’t do it.
In front of the building, Fu Qianfan once again confirmed that Bo Hongyin was covered, but he was still worried about understanding it.
"Don’t worry about being out of sight." Gao Zhiyuan said with a big mouth that there is no need to be so nervous because of reality. He can guarantee that several people in his family wish him to let Fu Qianfan do this every day.

If you want to win the Golden Globe or the Champions League, the influence of gold content in the UEFA Cup media and fans is far from enough.

After the award ceremony, the most eye-catching draw ceremony for the Champions League group stage in the new season will be held.
First of all, it is determined that it is a team group Bayern Munni.
Segmented reading 14
Although Hei entered the main race through the play-offs, it is still a shame to be a team with Bayern’s historical record in the Champions League.
The final grouping situation is respectively; Group A Bayern Munich, Group B Manchester United, Group A Milan, Group D Chelsea, Group E Liverpool, Group F Barcelona, Group G Seville and Group H Arsenal.
There is no doubt that the least dominant team is Seville in Group G.
Then there is the most striking second-level team grouping.
There are super giants such as Juventus, Real Madrid and Inter Milan in the second-class team. Even the first-class team must not want to meet these three teams.
The final result was that Juventus were assigned to Group A, Real Madrid to Group A and Inter Milan to Group F.
The coaches of Bayern Munich, A Milan and Barcelona all frowned at once. Of course, the coaches of Juventus, Real Madrid and Inter Milan were not easy.
In fact, everyone wanted to be assigned to Seville, but in the end, they got their wish from Su Chao Glasgow Wanderers.
桑拿会所Next, Hoffenheim fans are most interested in the third-grade team grouping.
Whether Ralph, Rotherhouse or Lu Wenbin and Salihovic watched the live broadcast in the hotel, Hoffenheim fans were all nervous.
Although there was a season of European points, Hoffenheim won the UEFA Cup with all the way through the season. With only one season of European points, it became the third-class team with Bordeaux, Marseille, Atletico Madrid and Florence.
There is no doubt that these teams are the strongest in the third gear and have the European golden boots in the middle of the season. Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim has drawn out the first two teams and no one wants to meet them.
For Hoffenheim, they don’t want to be assigned to those strong teams either.
Although it is certain that it will not be drawn to Group A of Bayern Munich due to the principle of avoiding the same league, there are still Group A Milan and Real Madrid, Group F Barcelona and Inter Milan waiting.
All Hoffenheim coaches, players and fans prayed not to draw in these two groups, but to draw in Seville and Glasgow Wanderers Group G.
If you draw in Group G, it would be best to sign Hoffenheim’s team, which has a much greater chance of qualifying than other teams.
Everyone watched calmly, and the third team in each group was gradually drawn out.
With a team pulling out Hoffenheim, everyone’s heart is beating more and more because Hoffenheim has never been pulled out.
Hoffenheim’s heart was about to jump out until Group F was drawn out of Dynamo Kiev.
Because then all the third team wanted to draw Group G most, but now there are only two teams left in the third team: Hoffenheim and Olympiacos.
Hoffenheim has a 12-chance to be drawn to Group G of Seville and Glasgow Wanderers’ Home.
Chapter 297 Tearing drama
Hoffenheim and Olympiakos are waiting nervously, and the G group draw begins.
Before starting the lottery, the host first reiterated that the current draw is the third team in Group G.
Then the lottery guests put their hands into the lottery box and paused for a moment before taking out a piece of paper and slowly spreading it out, and then announced "Hoffenheim" with a smile.
After the announcement, the guests turned the note with hoffenheim’s name on it to the audience and reporters, and the face was clearly printed with "Hoffenhei"
For a moment, Ralph, Rotherhouse, Lu Wenbin and Salihovic fans in front of the digital camera in the hotel all screamed with ecstasy.
For Hoffenheim, this is definitely the best draw in all groups. I didn’t expect it to be really touched by Hoffenheim
Although the weak teams in the Champions League can’t say that Hoffenheim will definitely qualify in this group, Seville and Glasgow Wanderers are obviously much weaker than their opponents in other groups, and Hoffenheim’s chances of qualifying are also much greater.
Then Olympiacos was naturally assigned to the last H group of Arsenal.
After the third-grade team drew, the draw for the last fourth file was calm, except that Wolfsburg was assigned to Group B, which made CSKA Moscow and coach Besiktas look bad. He drew lots.
A dominant Manchester United in Group B is not only Wolfsburg, but also CSKA Moscow and Besiktas.
The only possible disturbance to Manchester United may be the weather in Moscow, but it will not affect the overall situation.
Anyway, in the fourth-grade team, except Wolfsburg, the runner-up in the Bundesliga last season, all his teams are playing soy sauce.
However, Hoffenheim’s fourth-grade team was lucky when drawing lots. Because of the avoidance principle, it goes without saying that Wolfsburg was slightly stronger than Zurich, Greek Athletic, Kazan Ruby, Standard Liege and so on, and he was not drawn to Group G.
The team drawn to the fourth place in Group G is Romanian first-division champion Uniria, who only ranked fifth in Luojia in the first five rounds of the season, which has proved the nature of Uniria’s fish.
Hoffenheim was lucky to be assigned to the weakest group G in the first Champions League group stage in history.
Seville is the least dominant team in all the first-class teams, Glasgow Rangers is the second-class team, Unirea is the minor-league team.
Hoffenheim’s qualifying prospect is the best among the three Bundesliga teams.
In a group with Juventus, Bordeaux, Bayern Munich and Manchester United, CSKA Moscow and Besiktas, a group of Wolfsburg, please help yourself.
After the lottery ceremony, the coaches and star players of each team will naturally be interviewed by reporters.
There are too many topics in the group draw, and no one believes that UEFA didn’t deliberately draw so as to ensure the ratings.
Xi Chao duo and Milan duo are suspected of encountering hidden rules. Real Madrid Kaka just moved to Real Madrid in the summer and played against the old owners A Milan Inter Milan Eto ‘o and Barcelona Ibrahimovic, both of whom just turned their faces in the summer and played against their old clubs, as well as Inter Milan coach Mourinho and Barcelona marshal Guardiola.
Gazzetta dello Sport predicted that Real Madrid would definitely win A Milan before the draw, which made people helpless without conspiracy theory.
Not too many gimmicks for Inter Milan and Barcelona.
Not only Eto ‘o and Ibrahimovic’s old club tore up the drama, but also Mourinho’s Chelsea era, when Barcelona played an old grudge.
Now that the madman meets Barcelona again, it will be another two-round war like Mars hitting the earth.
In an interview, Kaka said that he would not take a penalty against Milan A.
Eto ‘o and Ibrahimovic both said they would make their old clubs regret that Mourinho said he wanted to crush the so-called Dream Three Dynasties.
His group also has their own grievances and topics. Anyway, UEFA has always been short of conspiracy theory speculation for its fair draw.
Of the three Bundesliga teams, Hoffenheim is a recruit, but the miracle of Huocun, the third champion of last season, has long been famous all over the world.
There are also European Golden Boots and Lu Wenbin, who set a goal record in Europe. He is not a pawn in the team, and there are also many Ralph reporters interviewed.
Although I think I have drawn a lot in my heart, I naturally can’t say that in an interview.
Ralph said that no team in the Champions League is a fish.
Besides, Hoffenheim is a recruit in the Champions League. Without the slightest experience in the Champions League, you must not take it lightly.
Hoffenheim must try his best to break through the group stage and advance to the knockout stage.
Then asked about the next day’s European Super Cup, Ralph looked a little pale.
Barcelona, the first treble team in the history of winning the Champions League and La Liga, did not look down on Hoffenheim, the triple crown champion.
Although Lu Wenbin’s personal strength is good, the whole team is not enough compared with Barcelona.
Therefore, Guardiola has already announced the starting list of Barcelona to the media before the lottery ceremony, regardless of whether Hoffenheim will make targeted arrangements and preparations.
Hoffenheim 433 has been considered as a strong attack formation, and Guardiola announced that the formation is even more extreme, that is, there are three people at the 343 or 3133 back line.
No.1 Valdez, the goalkeeper, has no full-back. The back line is three central defenders: Abidar, Puyol, Pique, Yaya Toure, midfielder Alves, Keita, Harvey striker Ibrahimovic, Henry and Messi.
This is not offensive football, it should be called crazy attack football.
According to media analysis, Barcelona root is not prepared to guard Lu Wenbin like the Bundesliga team, but to let Ibrahimovic, Henry and Messi compare the goals with Lu Wenbin.
It is estimated that Barcelona people are confident that with their famous ikiaka ball control tactics, three world-class strikers can score more goals than Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin can’t do any better.