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Goalkeeper Degea

Defender Malindi Nande Evans Evra
Midfielder Ashley Young Phil Jones Park Jisung Fletcher Giggs
Striker Rooney
Obviously, Ferguson has learned a lesson from Liverpool’s fiasco in the past few times.
In the middle of midfield, Phil Jones, Park Jisung, Fletcher, a threeman defensive combination, weakened the attack, and they even gave up the dual striker configuration.
Rooney has to shoulder more in attack today, which is a severe test for him
All right, race horse, let’s accompany the referee to blow the whistle to enjoy the English derby!
Liverpool took the lead at Anfield Stadium and Suarez kicked the ball to Kuyt, who returned it directly.
The football rolled to Qin Xiong’s foot.
Qin Xiong stepped on the ball and didn’t move immediately. He looked at the Red Devils at halftime.
Every Red Army soldier knows that the shortcut to shorten the gap at the top of the standings is actually such a 6point campaign!
Winning the game is the key.
One is to shorten the gap between competitors’ points, and the other is to kill two birds with one stone if you give your teammates a defeat.
In the past two years, Liverpool have been playing a little scared, and the Red Devils Manchester United has finally lost its nerve!
Dare not put up a double striker midfield at Anfield is almost an engineering combination to limit Liverpool’s offensive.
Maybe it should be real.
Manchester United, on the other hand, are United to suppress Liverpool’s defending ambitions at Anfield.
At least Manchester United didn’t fall behind in the game this season. Now they are five points ahead of Liverpool in the standings, which makes them more emboldened.
Rooney rushed to force Qin Xiong to knock the heel of the ball back behind him before he got close.
After hitting the ball, Qin Xiong ran forward and Alonso obliquely handed the ball to Baines in the back.
Baines dribbled the ball forward two steps before Qin Xiong hit the wall two one.
He crossed Ashley Yang’s side, and Qin Xiong quickly crossed Park Jisung’s defense after the ball was thrown.
Park Jisung quickly chased after Qin Xiong.
Baines tilted the ball back when he came to the Smalin defense zone with the football.
Alonso stopped the ball 40 yards from the goal.
Park Jisung must then turn around and rob Alonso.
Just because Manchester United focus on defense doesn’t mean they will retreat to the restricted area.
Liverpool can’t be allowed to control the ball back and forth outside Manchester United’s restricted area without scruple.
In that case, Qin Xiong, Gerard Alonso and the three longrange shooters will bombard Manchester United’s goal exhibition.
Park Jisung just moved to Alonso, who immediately tilted the ball in front of Steven Gerrard.
Gerrard led the ball forward and strode across the ball two steps.
Fletcher had to move in front of Gerrard.
Gerrard gave the ball to the middle, and Qin Xiong followed the ball forward.
It is possible that Qin Xiong will complete a wallhitting cooperation!
Gerrard’s forward insertion direction is just to the right of the penalty area.
Evra gets into the penalty area and keeps an eye on Steven Gerrard
桑拿会所Phil Jones rashly rushed to control the ball. Qin Xiong, a new Manchester United summer signing, didn’t take it seriously. He certainly played against Phil Jones before, when Phil Jones represented his old club in the Liverpool game.
Qin Xiong has the ball.
He handed the ball straight to the left in front of the penalty area. Suarez’s football was off the foot and Qin Xiong quickly started running forward.
Gerrard Kuyt pinned down Manchester United’s back line in front of the penalty area, and many players, Evra Evans, retreated to Fletcher and so on.

She let go of Miss Mujia’s pride and has been with him. Zimmer has been very kind to her, but she has never been in her heart.

She directly stretched out her hand and shook off Zimmer’s hand and said, I don’t believe it.
She said and raised her steps and left directly.
Took two steps to look at Zimmer and swallowed his emotions. Don’t follow me. I don’t want to see you now.
At the sight of this Zimmer body suddenly froze.
He raised his steps to follow the past. At this time, he saw Li Fu standing at the door of the ward with a casual glance.
His face was slightly sluggish.
I don’t know how long Li Fu has been there. Zimmer’s face was unnatural for a moment and he didn’t say much. He just raised his steps and left.
Li came back and Lu Jin was about to lie down and have a rest when her cell phone rang.
It’s a text message from a strange number
There is a word bitch, but Lu Jin took one look and knew who sent it.
Think about such childish behavior and know that it should be JiShanshan.
When she was about to edit the short message reply with her mobile phone, her mobile phone was suddenly taken away by someone. When she looked up, she saw Li Fu coming over and staring at her mobile phone with eyebrows beside her.
Who is this? Li Fu eyebrows moved.
It’s naive not to know. She shook her head
Li Fu’s thin lips took a sip of his hand and pressed a few keys, then he returned the phone to Lu Jin.
Lu Jin glanced at the corner of her mouth. It was really Li Fu’s style to roll directly.
Poof, this is really like uncle Li’s style
She thought about it and edited a short message. I’m sorry, that was Li’s relapse. Never mind.
I was laughing when I finished my hair, but I felt a sense of loss of sight. When I looked up, I saw Li Fu looking at myself.
She couldn’t help asking, What’s the matter?
Li Fu’s face was pale and he poured a glass of water and said casually, Muke is pregnant.
who? She didn’t hear clearly in one leng.
Muke Li Fu squints word for word
Chapter 233 Buy off
Oh … She nodded after the white turned out to be pregnant. She didn’t even notice it just now.
Seeing this, Li Fu raised an eyebrow at her and said, Is Zimmer sorry for your exboyfriend?
Li Fu looked at her with some Gherardini when he said this.
Smell speech Liu Jin lifted her eyelids and glanced at him without answering. Instead, she said, Just put the old lady away by you, and JiShanshan also cried. You have a good marriage. It may be so yellow. I didn’t know you were sorry.
Section 465
Say that finish, she saw the eyes Li Fu that Zhang Jun face secretly agitated.
What does a big man do when he looks so good? It’s a good thing that a lot of rotten peaches can’t be cut clean!
She didn’t good the spirit white at the thought of this Li Fu turned around and didn’t want to talk to him.
Seeing this, Li Fu sat beside her and stared at her for a long time and sighed, I asked you why you are still angry?
no! She rolled her eyes.
My eyes are about to pop out and I say no, forget it. I won’t ask, okay? Li Fu’s mouth is hooked. When are you going to say something?
Lu Jin suddenly turned around and stared at him. Why don’t you ask what you are avoiding?
… escape? Li Fu looked at her and frowned.
You don’t escape. Why don’t you suddenly ask? Are you really sorry? People around you advise you and that miss terms … Her words haven’t finished yet.
Li Fu suddenly looked at her with a face of deep meaning. You are … obsessed.
I don’t care. Leave me alone. She turned and left her pie mouth.
angry? Li Fu’s thin lips took a sip. How can angry words be saved? A foie gras?
The little wife still turned her back on him and ignored him.
Li Fu’s face remained unchanged and he continued, Baked tofu with foie gras in Nanjiawan?
Ms Lu still didn’t move, but her eyebrows moved slightly.
Li Fu’s eyes continued deeply to New Zealand cowboy bone?
Lu Jin moved, Li Fu raised his eyebrows and said a few more things. Finally, he asked, Is this ok?
Ms. Lu turned and glanced at him. There’s a cabinet of macaroni! Macaroni! Macaroni! And I want to be spicy, super spicy, abnormal, spicy, devil spicy!
Li Fu’s face turned black at the smell of words.
Lu Jin ! ! !”
You are not afraid of spicy death! Li Fu Ning Mei
“! ! !”
The two men looked at each other for a long time. Li Fu turned to one side and Zhou Lang said, Do you remember everything?
It’s …
Li Fu eyebrows a long time, macaroni … slightly spicy.
品茶论坛  title=“! ! ! No way! ! !”


"Add another tablespoon of salt and seasoning. Just one tablespoon. Don’t put too much, Dad!"
"… well"
"It should be cooked in one minute!"
Han Shu put the fried diced chicken with green pepper into a dish, immediately took a piece of chicken with chopsticks and blew it into the mouth of Gao Xiaobai, the commander at the next table. "Xiaobai, try it this time. It should be just right."
Gao Xiaobai puffed his mouth and chewed a few "mm-hmm". He kept nodding his little head and gave a thumbs-up sign. "Dad succeeded this time. Delicious!"
Han Shu immediately relieved.
This dish has been tried three times, but the amount of seasoning is not well mastered. Fortunately, everything comes to him who waits, and finally it is successful.
Gao Xiaobai is in charge of reading the raiders, and Han Shan is in charge of cooking. It seems that the two of them are not bad together.
Gao Xiaoxiao listened for a while and didn’t go in. He turned and went to the living room directly.
I turned on the LCD video-on-demand and watched the funniest variety show Gao Xiaoxiao’s soft sofa while waiting for dinner. It felt so comfortable.
Yes, I only watched it for a few minutes when my cell phone rang. Gao Xiaoxiao brought it here and took a look at Han Zhai’s call.
"Rainy son is my grandmother," the old lady asked with a smile. "Did you go back to Xiangsunseeker Garden and have dinner tonight? Does Aunt Yang live there? "
Gao Xiaoxiao honestly replied, "Ah Shu and Xiao Bai are cooking dinner. Aunt Yang is not here."
"….." There was no sound in the words for a long time before the old lady Han was surprised and said, "Oh, what kind of meal can this grandmother cook? Xiaobai is still a child. No, do you want me to let Aunt Lian go over and cook dinner for you and come back?"
"No, grandma, it’s too late." Gao Xiaoxiao was busy with a black line to stop her from being afraid that the old lady would stick to it. "Besides, it’s delicious that he cooks …"
Since Xiaobai said it was delicious, it should be really delicious, right?
Korea’s old lady repeatedly sighed, "men and vegetables who have never entered the kitchen before don’t know how many things can be cooked!" If you can’t go back like this, you can order takeout food. I’d better find a nanny to go there. Don’t starve my great-grandson day by day. "
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
At the same time, the dining table of the Yujia family in the military compound has long been full of laughter and laughter.
Han Minxia looks like a prospective bride sitting next to Yu Chengyan. Although it is a fake transaction marriage, it is the first time for her to come to Yu’s home as an adult. It is still false to say that she is not nervous with Yu Chengyan.
It’s not …
Yu old lady just spoke "Xia Xia ….."
"… huh?" Han Minxia shook "thud" a chopstick and dropped the table directly from his hand and bounced to the ground.
Yu Chengyan’s eyes smiled and shouted, "Wu Sao will bring another pair of chopsticks."
The old lady Yu didn’t talk. She looked at Wu Sister-in-law and quickly came in with a pair of chopsticks. Then Yu Chengyan took it and put it in Han Minxia’s small hand. She also held hands to help her hold a good note and spoil it and said, "Xia Xia, don’t drop it this time."
Han Minxia blushed and took a pair of chopsticks. Why did he take the opportunity to touch her hand when he was so close? Eat her tofu!
Opposite Yu Yuting, she gnashed her teeth with anger, and her heart kept on showing her love for os. She died quickly! Xiu En ‘ai died quickly! Xiu En ‘ai died quickly …
For others, they are smiling and enjoying themselves.
Old lady Yu continued, "Xia Xia, your grandmother and I discussed the wedding this afternoon and decided that November 1 is a good day for marriage. Are you all right?"
May be see Han Minxia some surprise, she immediately added, "although it is a bit hasty, you don’t care about anything. Just let Dongchen and his wife go. Just follow Cheng Yan to choose wedding dresses and jewelry."
Han Minxia glanced at Yu Chengyan and couldn’t help but express her opinion. "Grandma Yu, I still think … is a little too soon?"
It’s even today. Doesn’t that mean that she will be a married woman in one day? Although it was agreed that it was a fake marriage, I didn’t even have a buffer when I was so fast.
Old lady Yu walked over, "Don’t catch up, don’t catch up. Do you know that your sister Guangpu and her boyfriend are also getting engaged? Let’s arrange your wedding with Chengyan first and then do her things …"
Sun’s wedding is much more important than her granddaughter’s wedding.
Time Pu is getting engaged to Gu Bei? Han Minxia felt a burst of melancholy in her heart, and didn’t wait for her to think more …
"Bang!" Yu Yuting suddenly put the glass back on the table and sneered, "Grandma’s big brother and sister-in-law are not going to have a wedding, are they?"
Yudongchen’s face changed, and he took his daughter-in-law back to the private villa in the afternoon. Otherwise, they were biased against these children when they heard this.
Mrs. Han didn’t good the spirit looked at him. "It’s not because you’re a stinky little boy who is not at home. Your eldest brother said last night that he wouldn’t hold a wedding because his job is more dangerous. Anyway, they both got the certificate and are already husband and wife. What are you doing as a younger brother?"
On hearing this, Yu Yuting got up from his seat and moved too fast. The chair ground grinded out a harsh sound.
"Small three, what are you doing?" Yang Xi caressed his heart and looked at the child with some terror.
"I’m full and go out for a walk!" Yu Yuting glared at Yu Chengyan and Han Minxia with a Zhang Jun face, and this just lifted her feet and walked towards the outside of the dining room.
Han Minxia "…"
When she was embarrassed, her shoulders felt warm and tactile. At the same time, she was half-hugged by Yu Chengyan’s intimacy. The warm magnetic baritone almost leaned against her ear and said, "Thank you, grandma, thank you, mom and dad. Xia Xia and I have no problem. Let’s hold the wedding on the 1 ST as scheduled."
Section 12
The three old people nodded and smiled with satisfaction.
约茶After a brief greeting after dinner, Han Minxia secretly took Yu Chengyan to the balcony.
The three elders of the Yu family all look at the bedroom in the living room, and the words are too obvious and ambiguous. The balcony is very suitable for conversation.
"We agreed to get married first, but I want to make three chapters with you!" Han Minxia a serious said
He has been tampering with the dinner table just now to protect his own interests. She has to make this plan.
"Well, you say it, I promise," said Yu Chengyan.
May be didn’t expect him to be so frank Han Minxia leng once said, "there are three points. First of all, don’t be too close to me after marriage. Don’t touch it casually; The second point is that although we are husband and wife, we are still independent individuals. Don’t restrict and ask me about my whereabouts every day. The third point is best to sleep in separate beds … "
"Stop!" Yu Chengyan stretched out his hand and stopped her "the third point is no good"
"What?" Han Minxia immediately took a step back with a jerk. "Don’t you …"
Lie to her? Still thinking about her?
"I hate to let you sleep on the sofa. The sofa in my room is very small." Yu Chengyan said calmly.

Chapter 264 Promotion to UEFA Cup Final Monthly Ticket 16 plus more

Dickenson, the commentator who saw Lu Wenbin’s world wave flying into the goal, got up from the commentary seat and shouted OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR.
Yelled for more than ten seconds before Dickenson stopped for a breath and continued to explain.
In the 33rd minute, Lu successfully scored a world wave long-range goal from outside the forbidden area. Hoffenheim equalized the score and turned the total score into 52. Hoffenheim continued to lead by three goals and drew an away goal from Hamburg. It was already difficult for Hamburg to turn the table.
It is true that Lu Wenbin’s goal made Hamburg people feel desperate.
Then even if Hamburg equalizes the total score, it will go into overtime, and it will not allow Hoffenheim to score again
If Hoffenheim scores again, it will be a top two away goals, and Hamburg is even more hopeless
But the 25-behind total score made Hamburg have no choice.
They can continue to increase their offensive strength, and even Germany sometimes leaves Lu Wenbin to go to the center and frontcourt to assist.
In the 36th minute, Olic in Hamburg had a close shot at the line of the small forbidden area, but the ball hit the corner of Ozcan and bounced off the baseline, which made Olic feel annoyed.
In the fourth minute, Hamburg also got a single-handed chance, and as a result, they rushed into the forbidden area with the ball, and the horse was about to start shooting Guerrero, but Nihlsson shoveled the ball from a sliding shovel next to them and brought it down.
Hamburg players around the referee asked for a penalty, but the referee shook his head firmly, saying that Nihlsson’s tackle was clean and there was no foul.
Hamburg players can be indignant and continue to play and attack.
However, after Nihlsson’s return to Hoffenheim, the defense was very stable, and he didn’t make any low-level mistakes. In addition, goalkeeper Ozcan played well and Hamburg didn’t score another goal until the half-time.
The two sides entered the halftime with 11 points. Hoffenheim looked relaxed while Hamburg looked heavy.
At the intermission, all the TV commentators, reporters and fans agreed that Hamburg could not make a comeback
It is almost impossible for Hoffenheim to score three goals by himself without letting Hoffenheim score goals in the face of a stadium nuclear weapon like Lu Wenbin.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
Hamburg still want to keep scoring to equalize the score, even if it’s overtime.
However, the score of falling behind by three goals forced them to increase their offensive strength, and at the same time, the defense line also exposed more files and loopholes
Hamburg attacked for more than ten minutes without scoring, but Hoffenheim scored again.
In the 5th minute, Hoffenheim attacked, but Lu Wenbin didn’t take part. Instead, he took midfielder De and central defender boateng out of the forbidden area, leaving Eduardo in the middle.
Parjic, the front of Eduardo’s forbidden area, made a one-on-one match and then went into the forbidden area. He also made a false shot and really shook the remaining defenders and goalkeepers, and then the ball reached the corner of the small forbidden area.
Back-row insertion and eye-catching full-back Baker rushed into the penalty area. The corner of the penalty area met the ball and shot angrily, and kicked the ball into the goal at one stroke.
The goalkeeper Roster, who was swayed by Eduardo, couldn’t watch the ball go into the net in despair.
Then the referee blew the effective whistle of scoring in the middle circle of his finger
This is definitely a suspense goal to kill the game.
Therefore, when Baker kicked the ball into the goal, he suddenly turned ecstatic and rushed to the sidelines to celebrate with a fierce sliding knee.
However, his posture was not well mastered, he slipped halfway, lost his balance and fell to the ground, and was later chased by Lu Wenbin and others to celebrate.
In the commentary box, all the TV commentators announced that Hamburg’s death penalty had advanced to the final, and it must be Hoffenheim.
After Hoffenheim scored the second away goal and Hamburg scored an away goal, the semi-final will not be overtime and penalty shootout, and it will definitely be decided in 9 minutes.
Even if it is overtime, there will be 3 minutes before the end of the game.
The total score is 62. Hoffenheim leads Hamburg by four goals, and Hoffenheim has two away goals and Hamburg has one.
Therefore, if Hamburg wants to eliminate Hoffenheim, they must score five goals in three minutes to do it.
Hamburg may be able to play an amateur team, but it is definitely impossible to play Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.
Looking at this score and the remaining time, not only reporters and commentators but also Hamburg’s own players and fans gave up.
The players gawked at the celebration of Hoffenheim, and the players didn’t come out to protest that Hoffenheim celebrated for too long.
The home fans of the stands Hamburg team were also silent, without booing or cheering. Thousands of visiting fans came with the team, jumping and jumping in the corner like a festival.
Finally, the referee couldn’t stand it. Before waking up, Hoffenheim’s players should end the celebration and restart the game. Lu Wenbin and others returned to their own half to let Hamburg kick off again.
Baker’s goal completely broke the Hamburg team, and everyone hoped that everyone would become listless after the game resumed.
Even if you take the ball to the frontcourt, it’s a long-range shot to end the attack in a hurry. You don’t want to organize the attack well and equalize the score.
Seeing this, Ralph changed Lu Wenbin and Salihovic to prepare for a league championship.
喝茶约茶Hamburg coach Joel also knows that even if he is dying to score two goals, it is nothing like staying in the league.
Therefore, Joel also began to change people and changed two main players in succession to compete for the qualification to stay in Europe in the league.
After a few minutes, the Hamburg team was eager to fight. Hoping that Hoffenheim didn’t want to push people too hard, they tacitly dragged the time to the end of 9 minutes.
Then the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game without giving a minute of stoppage time.
Hoffenheim beat Hamburg, the same country’s rival, with a total score of 62 in 21 rounds away from home, and advanced to the final of the last UEFA Cup.
Hoffenheim and Donetsk miners will compete for the glory of the last UEFA Cup on May 2nd at Salagioglu Stadium in Istanbul, home of Bache, the Turkish Super League.
Chapter 265 attract worldwide attention for double monthly ticket
Lu Wenbin scored a goal in Hamburg’s UEFA Cup away game, and the team won 40,000, with a total of 120,000 experience rewards, and the experience rose by 16 levels to 7.472 million.
After the game ended and Hoffenheim advanced to the final, the German and European sports media set off a big discussion on Hoffenheim’s final results in the season.

"Help! Help! " Ping Li called farther and farther, but everyone tried their best to catch up and watched Duan Tiande hijack Ping Li and escape from Hokkeji.

Chapter 3 Who will find Guo Jing?
"It’s important to save people!" Ling Feiyang knew that Han Baoju was not injured in the crowd, so she found a mop in the corner of the hall without pain and pried the Han Baoju copper cylinder.
Han Baoju saw that the righteous brothers were seriously injured and the golden dragon whip was about to be shot down on Qiu Chuji’s head, but was stopped by blond hair. Ke Zhene took out the antidote from his body and gave it to Qiu Chuji and Han Xiaoying, and told Han Baoju the whole story at the same time.
"I really have eyes wrong letter Duan Tiande this beast! Thanks to this little brother who saved me! " Master Jiaomu struggled to go to Ling Feiyang and folded his hands to salute him.
"hey! Isn’t the plot right? This monk is not dead? " Ling Feiyang remembered that he saved the master of Jiaomu.
"I finally changed the plot!" Ling Feiyang caught a glimpse of Han Xiaoying with a pair of beautiful eyes staring at himself and walked past involuntarily! Han Xiaoying quickly struggled to gather gifts and said, "Thank you for saving this hero!"
"Han girl, don’t move, be careful of the poisonous gas surge!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly stretched out his hand and held Han Xiaoying with his arms to help her sit, but Han Xiaoying suddenly fell down with a soft body.
Ling Feiyang felt a tender body in his arms, and a pair of tender twin peaks clung to Ling Feiyang’s chest. Ling Feiyang’s mind swung and his body also had some kind of reaction. Han Xiaoying immediately felt like a goose egg, and his cheeks immediately flushed bright red.
"Seven sisters!" At this time, the butcher Zhang Asheng suddenly woke up and saw the scene immediately called to get up. Han Xiaoying hurriedly pushed Ling Feiyang aside shyly.
Ling Feiyang’s physiological reaction did not disappear. When he was embarrassed, he was relieved by Qiu Chuji.
"Brother Ke, what do you say?" Qiu Chuji asked.
"High long battle sword across the day where others look in the eye? Will we ask our brothers about this again? " Ke Zhene tilted his head and sneered, "Now everyone is injured and it is difficult to decide whether to win or lose. Today, this contest ends here. Please ask the Taoist priest to meet again at Zuixian Building!"
Qiu Chuji didn’t want the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River to fight again, so he said, "When it comes to fighting, we don’t have to go back to the source with swords and fists. That’s why I have a big game after Zhongliang!"
"Although master Jiao Mu didn’t die, it seems that the main plot hasn’t changed …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about Qiu Chuji, but he continued, "Guo Yang’s two wives are pregnant. Let’s save them first and give birth to their children. Then I’ll teach Guo Hai and you seven teach Yang Hai …"
"What? Did I hear you right? Qiu Chuji, is he going to teach Guo Jing? " Ling Feiyang almost fainted.
"Because I saved JiaoMu Qiu Chuji words changed? Is this the butterfly effect? " Ling Feiyang thought
"If Qiu Chuji went to Mongolia to teach Guo Jing and the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River went to Yang Kang, the plot development would be confused and what would happen behind it would be beyond my wildest guess! Then my prophetic advantage will swing! " Ling Feiyang wanted to shout "No!"
They found that they had just ignored Ling Feiyang’s Qiu Chuji way. "By the way, I just want to ask how this Song Bing brother came to Hokkeji?"
"I heard that Qiu Daochang wanted people here to fight and stop it at once, but it was still too late!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"I’m really sorry that I misunderstood you before!" Qiu Chuji said, "If we hadn’t arrived when we were little brothers, I’m afraid we’d all be the Duan Tiande Knife Ghost now!"
"Actually, I have an ungrateful invitation to come here, that is, I want to be a Taoist priest in Barachiel!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said while the iron is hot
"Do you want to learn martial arts?" Qiu Chuji asked.
"yes! Although I am a soldier, I am dedicated to serving the country and want to do something earth-shattering like Qiu Daochang! " Ling Feiyang finally said this sentence in front of Qiu Chuji.
"good!" It seems that this sentence just reached the heart of Qiu Chuji. Qiu Chuji slapped the table and endured the pain. Avenue "I don’t want to collect more brothers in Qiu Chuji, but I will make an exception today! Being original in martial arts is not too high, but at least we must cultivate a great warrior! "
"Qiu Chuji is really a straightforward person who promised to be so happy!" Ling Feiyang couldn’t help but kneel down and kowtow to Qiu Chuji, crying, "Master, please be worshipped by my disciples!"
"It’s a great honor for you to worship the’ Changchun’ Qiu Zhenshi!" Master Jiaomu said
"Congratulations to this little brother!" Zhu Cong, a wonderful hand, said that although all the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River were injured, they all clapped their hands. Han Xiaoying cheerfully looked at Ling Feiyang’s face and flushed.
"I would like to follow Master to find Yang, a descendant of my family!" Ling Feiyang also deliberately put the word "Yang" very seriously.
"So good!" Qiu Chuji said, "We’ll find the descendants of the Yang family, so the descendants of the Guo family will be found by the seven heroes! By the way, did I hear you just say’ no’? "
"It seems that Qiu Chuji was bypassed by me as soon as I interrupted …" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said, "It is necessary to teach adults after Zhongliang!"
"But I heard you say’ no’!" Han Xiaoying smiled slightly and said, "Just now, I heard clearly that Qiu Daochang said that we should teach Yang children!"
"I seem to say so …" Qiu Chuji also finally remembered.
"Beauty, what are you talking about? It’s complicated again …" Ling Feiyang glanced at Naidi in his mind and suddenly said, "Master, do you remember when a Song Bing was in Niujiacun, you cut a sword and then rolled into the grass?"
"There seems to be such a thing …" Qiu Chuji couldn’t help but recall the killing scene at that time.
"That man is not dead!" Ling Feiyang said, "Yang Tiexin’s wife, Bao Xiruo, was kind-hearted and saved this person. I didn’t expect to get into trouble!"
"Is there such a thing?" Qiu Chuji said, "Is it that he tipped off the Guo Yang family’s massacre?"
"yes! This person not only informed the government that he had framed the Guo Yang family, but also robbed Bao Xiruo! " Lingfeiyang avenue
"It turns out that this person is the culprit but more hateful than that Duan Tiande!" Qiu Chuji thought for a moment and suddenly asked, "But how did you learn about it?"
"Last night, after I woke up, I met Zhang Shiwu, two neighbors of Guo Yang. He told me that Bao Xiruo had dragged a man into the house before I thought of this!" Ling Feiyang, of course, can’t tell everyone that he knows the story like the back of his hand, so he talks nonsense
"So that’s it. So Mrs. Yang is now in this person’s hands?" Qiu Chuji asked.
"Exactly!" Ling Feiyang said, "And I also know that this person is Yan Hong Honglie, the sixth prince of the State of Jin!"
When this statement came out, everyone in the hall was shocked.
"This Yan Hong Honglie came to Lin ‘an to recover the old tribute, but he met the master who assassinated Wang Dao. He didn’t know that the master was skilled in martial arts and took several Jin Bing and Song Bing to chase after the master. He didn’t expect that he was almost killed!" Ling Feiyang said, "I know this because of my army!"
"In that case, I’m going to kill this Yan Hong Honglie and save Mrs. Yang!" Qiu Chuji suddenly pulled out his sword and walked outside the temple, but he felt dizzy in his head and almost fell down and stopped.
"It’s a top priority to kill the king of Jin, but this iron diamond poison is very overbearing. Please don’t use martial arts for three days!" "Wonderful" Zhu Cong hurriedly told Qiu Chuji.
桑拿网"Since you are all seriously injured, please cultivate in this temple for three days and then plan!" Jiao mu da Shi Dao
"I hope that Yan Hong Honglie can’t escape from my palm!" Qiu Chuji said bitterly.
"It seems that Qiu Chuji is definitely going to find Bao Xiruo, and the plot has finally come back!" Ling Feiyang was relieved in my heart.
Chapter 4 suspension spring counterattacked Han Xiaoying
The next day, Ling Feiyang was lying alone in the spread out bed, but he was unhappy.
"How to say it is that I saved their lives. Now I am injured, but no one has come to my heart …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about it but heard a gentle knock at the door.
Ling Feiyang hurriedly put on clothes and opened the door only to see Han Xiaoying pretty at the door with two packs of herbs in his hand.
"I’m sorry I’m late …" Han Xiaoying said and came in and closed the door with a backhand.
"Is Miss Han finished poisoning?" Ling Feiyang, of course, can’t forget to have a beautiful heart first.
"Thank you for your heart," Han Xiaoying said. "I’m here to give you medicine …"
"I also you forget me …" Ling Feiyang said.
"How come?" Han Xiaoying smiled. "They are more injured than you. I have to give them medicine first …"
"That’s your brothers were all wounded by my master and I was kicked by Duan Tiande who can’t fight martial arts …" Ling Feiyang can wry smile way.
"they all think that you are incurable, but I think that you are an ordinary person who can’t do martial arts! Even if Duan Tiande doesn’t know martial arts, this foot must be enough for you! Master Kuang Jiaomu also topped you! " Han Xiaoying Road
"Ahem, I just want to learn from a teacher. It’s better to improve my anti-strike ability …" Ling Feiyang said.
"Hee hee, you talk funny!" Han Xiaoying couldn’t help but laugh "Snow". Ling Feiyang saw Han Xiaoying’s smile like a flower and was a little emotional.
"This is this is external application!" Han Xiaoying said, "You sit by the bed and I’ll apply medicine to you!"
There is a favorite beauty who gives herself medicine. Ling Feiyang is naturally eager to sit on the bed. Han Xiaoying is a typical Jianghu chivalrous woman who doesn’t pay attention to "men and women don’t kiss each other". Then she quickly took off Ling Feiyang’s clothes and saw a big red seal on his chest, so she dipped her finger in herbal medicine and smeared it.

Finally, I cried until I burped and smiled and wiped my tears. "It’s good for us to be teachers together after being good."

I rubbed her palm and smiled at her.
I feel much better after venting my negative emotions.
Immediately think of what I can’t help but worry about the safety of South-South. "You shouldn’t come here … I’ll tell Lu Xun to send you back immediately … I’m already satisfied that you can come to see me. Don’t get involved …"
South-South smiled. "Although my family can’t compete with this family, not everyone can bully."
Her father is the president of the Imperial City University, and studying in the university is the best school in China. Her father is also full of peaches and plums, and there are indeed a few high-weight students …
But I still don’t trust "no …"
She interrupted me, "I want to stay with you too."
I looked at her silently for a while and finally compromised, holding her hand movingly.
Nan-nan smiled and fell into bed with me, still holding hands with me firmly and smiling and asking, "Were you afraid just now?"
I was embarrassed to admit that I was afraid to tell her about the layout here and said, "I feel a little scary."
She smiled softly, "Don’t be afraid of me later."
With such a simple sentence, I feel particularly peaceful at heart.
Section 141
桑拿论坛I remember when I was in college, we used to sleep in the same bed and talk all night.
Looking back now, I can’t remember what we talked about in those days. It’s wonderful to remember that time.
Of course, it is also very good now.
At least at this moment, my heart is very quiet and happy.
South-South Road "Ma will start school, and I will officially transfer to a lecturer."
The practical education office is much more leisure, but this is what she wants, and of course I will support it.
I said with a smile, "Students must like you very much … It’s a pity that I can’t attend your class …"
Her tone is still very gentle. "I definitely want to be a colleague with you when I have a chance."
I can’t help but grab her fingertips and solemnly say, "Well, there will be a chance."
Before you know it, it’s late at night. We haven’t met for a long time and talked about many things.
But I don’t talk about those secrets with Ye Gu.
After all, the more you know, the more dangerous it is. I’m also afraid that South-South will get involved in this fight. I’m too mired in mud to involve her again.
South-South whispered, "I was surprised when Lu Xun found me … I heard that you were awakened by him, and I was so angry that I wanted to hit him … Later, he explained that I realized that it was a show … but I was wrong. He is a real gentleman …"
I heard a touch in her voice. Maybe she still has different feelings for Lu Xun.
Just about to say something, she smiled and continued, "He came to see me with his wife … It is because he is so open that I think he is more worthy of trust … But you are just sighing if you don’t worry about me … I won’t do anything."
I held her hand tightly. "Now that you have decided to let it go, don’t think about it."
She gently said, "Don’t worry, I didn’t expect him to come to me on his own initiative."
I’m a little surprised, too.
But think about it carefully. Although Lu Xun looks serious, his heart is very thin
He, like Ye Xiangyuan, has an exquisite heart and is also a trustworthy and modest gentleman.
It’s a pity that no matter how good Lu Xun is, it belongs to Gu Changyu.
Ye Xiangyuan is not me, no matter how good he is.
South-South may also have thought of this layer instead of talking about Lu Xun, but turned to the topic and said, "Have you thought about what to do after that?"
I was dazed.
She asked a little
For a long time, I struggled to say, "If I were separated from Ye Xiangyuan, I would settle abroad like my parents … Ye Xiangyuan gave me enough money to live for half a generation … I might go to a foreign university to teach … Of course, if I want to stay in China and continue to be colleagues with you …"
Nannan suddenly propped up his elbow and supported his head and looked at me gently. "I found that you like being a teacher very much."
I nodded with a smile. "Yes … I’m mainly used to it … I can’t think of anything else to do except being a teacher."
Nannan pouted and pretended to be angry. "Nonsense, you are so clever that you can do everything well."
I laughed.
She’s the only one who thinks I’m good at everything
South-South suddenly gathered his smile and stared at me. "What are you going to do if … if Ye Xiangyuan finally won’t let you go?"
I am dazed.
I really haven’t thought about this problem carefully.
I feel that once my profit value is exhausted, Ye Xiangyuan will definitely want me to leave.

The subtext should also have a mobile phone of your own, right?

Jingmuchen picked an eyebrow and said "can"
"…" So readily let the sisters immediately surprised the zheng big eyes.
"Dad is true or false?" Jing’ an JIU Zheng big eyes surprised to ask
"is dad that kind of person who break his word?" Jingmuchen frowned.
Jing Anjiu really wants to answer this word.
After all, I don’t know how many times I stopped her from playing with Xiaobai!
But since dad promised to buy her a mobile phone, things can be forgotten.
Jing Anjiu immediately said with a smile, "Thank you, Dad"
"All right, wash your hands and get ready for dinner. I’ll take you to buy a mobile phone in the afternoon." Jing Muchen said very generously
"Wow, long live Dad!" JingAnyue immediately raised his hands happily.
"Thank you, Dad!" Jing’ an Jiu also said happily
Toy room Jing Yanxi "sou" ran out "what what? Buy a mobile phone? Dad, I want it, too! "
"Good man keeps his word" Jing Muchen smiled like an old fox.
After breakfast the next morning, Jing Muchen really kept his word and drove four children to the mall to buy a favorite mobile phone for everyone.
Jing’ an Jiu was not happy. He took out his mobile phone and dialed Gao Xiaobai’s number as soon as he got home. Who knows …
"Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
Jing Anjiu sent a short message to tell him that this is his new mobile phone number, and then added Gao Xiaobai WeChat.
It was a few days after I received the text message, but no one replied to WeChat, and no one added it, let alone called.
Jing Anjiu didn’t feel right.
She promised Gao Xiaobai that she would give him his thirteenth birthday, and when he went to the United States, she would have to see him off, but it was getting closer and closer every day, and it was almost the month.
Jing Anjiu couldn’t help it any longer. One day, she directly asked Su Re for Gao Xiaoxiao’s mobile phone number.
Su Re nature is immediately to the late.
Jing Anjiu immediately spoke in the past and then heard Gao Xiaoxiao say, "jiujiu, don’t you know? Xiao Bai, he has gone to America. Didn’t he tell you? "
"…" JingAnJiu all eyes open for half a day after shook his head and said "no".
"Well," Gao Xiaoxiao said, "I’ll send it to you later if I don’t have his dormitory here."
"Thank you, Auntie"
"You’re welcome"
After hanging up, Jing Anjiu was angry and sad, and tears came.
When Gao Xiaoxiao sent the phone number, Jing Anjiu watched … but suddenly he didn’t want to call.
That’s too much. Why did you leave in such a hurry?
Jing’ an Jiu took a sip of his mouth and got up and came to the room. The first thing to do was to unload the "Fairy Tales" game.
At the dinner table, Jing Saixixi and Jing Anyue chattered, and Jing Yicheng was as silent and quiet as ever. The only thing wrong was that Jing Anjiu buried himself in a bowl and didn’t clip any food.
Section 763
Jingmuchen glanced at his eldest daughter and frowned slightly.
"Why doesn’t jiujiu eat food?" Su Re noticed it later and immediately put a chopstick dish in Jing ‘an Jiu bowl.
Xiaobai left without saying goodbye ~
Uncle Jing suddenly bought a mobile phone ~
There’s a reason ~
☆ You should be able to have a boyfriend at the age of 30.
Jing Anjiu didn’t speak, but silently ate all the food in the bowl quickly and then got up and said, "I’m full and went back to my house first."
Su Re late "…"
Jingmuchen eyebrows also blink tighter.
After Jing Anjiu got up and left, Su Ruo looked at Jing Muchen at night and asked, "What happened to her husband jiujiu?"
"…" Jing Muchen gave her a salty look. "Who do you ask me?"
Su Re late "…"
After dinner, Su Re didn’t trust the building to ring the door of Jing ‘an Jiu’s bedroom.
Nobody answered.
So she tried to turn the turnstile, pushed the door and went in.
Since Jing Anyue and Jing Yicheng were three years old, the four children of Jingjia began to sleep in separate rooms on the second floor, one person and one room next to each other.
Jing ‘an Nine Rooms are naturally decorated according to her favorite style. The pink room has a lace big bed, a crystal chandelier, and a white dresser with a big coat and hat.
Of course, the biggest thing is the cabinet. Because Jing Anjiu likes to look at the cabinet since she was a child, almost the whole side of it is placed on the wall. It has been so many years since Jing Muchen bought a book for her daughter.
There is also a rattan hammock on the balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling window. Jing Anjiu’s favorite thing is to lie down and watch a nap.
Or sit on the corner floor and watch or draw.
夜生活Is now Su Re night after entering the room only to find that JingAn nine head toward the big bed did not move, even she pushed the door and came in no response.
It’s really weird.
Su Ruo frowned at night and asked softly, "Is jiujiu asleep?"
Jing ‘an Jiu moved, then turned around and sat up "Mommy".
"What’s the matter? Are you unwell? " Su Re went to the bedside late and sat down, putting his hand on his daughter’s forehead.
Not hot.

"thud" a loud noise Han Zhengming stretched out his hand and overturned the front of the tea sea blushing neck coarse cursed "inverse! What are you talking about? "

Zhong Yuhong, afraid of any accident, went to help Han Zhengming "Zhengming be careful with blood pressure. Don’t be angry."
Han Shu sneer at a directly turned and walked towards the xuan.
Korea’s old lady was too anxious to call out "Ah Shu …"
"Let him roll! Just pretend I don’t have this! Get out! " Han Zheng Ming and complete yelling.
Han Han strode out without looking back and changing shoes.
☆ Your sister-in-law will be afraid at home alone.
Han Shan walked to the garage like a gust of wind, but just met Gu Bei and Han Minxia who came out from the inside.
Both of them are dressed in more formal clothes, and the handsome men and beautiful women look very different.
"Hey, big brother, do you want to go back so late?" Han Minxia surprised and asked
Han Yu’s cold expression suddenly became soft after seeing Gu going north. He smiled at the corners of his mouth and said, "You will be afraid of not going back at home alone."
Gu north "…"
Han Minxia chuckled over her mouth. "Eldest brother, you are disgusting. You are an old married couple and you are still so shuffle when couples spend …"
Han Shu put his hands into his trouser pocket and stood up and smiled implicitly and gently. "She likes to stick to me if she can’t help it."
Han Minxia stole a glance at the quiet after Han Shan’s spring breeze drove away. She pointed to the north and said, "I envy the feelings of my eldest brother and sister-in-law. I really look forward to this marriage, two of a kind …"
"It’s getting late in Xia Xia. I’ll go back first." Gu suddenly interrupted her at the north exit.
Compared with her enthusiasm, his expression is cold and a little alienated.
Han Minxia Xiumei whispered softly to persuade him, "Since you are here, will you go in and see grandma?"? She especially wants to see you … "
"No, it’s too late." Then Gu turned to the north and opened the door and sat in.
Han Minxia watched Range Rover drive away grievances and pursed her mouth.
Han Minxia returned to the house with a lonely mood and found the atmosphere at home strange.
Zhong Yuhong sat on the sofa and secretly wiped her tears, while the old lady Han sighed that Aunt Lian was bending over to sweep something …
When I walked over, I found that Han Zhengming loved the teapot tea set and looked at the table again … Han Minxia exclaimed, "Who broke Dad’s tea set?"
Zhong Yuhong dried her tears and said, "Xia Xia, you are back."
"Mom" Han Minxia looked at her. "Did Dad scold you?"
"No" Zhong Yuhong sighed "is your eldest brother he …"
"What’s wrong with big brother?" Han Minxia asked
"Don’t be that rebellious … just think that the Korean family doesn’t have him!" Han Zhengming sullenly came out of the room.
"Dad?" Han Minxia was frightened. "What’s going on?"
Hongding bar
Explosive dynamic music, flashing lights, young men and women swaying on the dance floor
Section 24
In the corner of the bar, I sat there alone with my glass in my hand. I looked up and drank the wine department. I wanted to drown my sorrows, but my heart was getting deeper and deeper.
"Handsome boy? Can you buy me a drink? " A beautiful woman in a red dress with suspenders couldn’t help putting her hand on his shoulder.
Gu north frowned coldly spit out a word "roll".
"Why are you so angry? I’ll help you out if you’re unhappy?" The woman is unwilling to bend over and plump and rub against Gu Bei’s arm. A fragrance seems to sweep his ear.
Gu north put the glass back to look at her.
The woman looked at this handsome but indifferent face, and a stunning look came out of her eyes. She thought her back was good, but she didn’t expect her face to be so beautiful.
"You are too ugly for me!" Gu north thin sarcastically said
"You …" The woman suddenly turned hostile and watched him get up and leave.
Walking out of the bar is cool and refreshing, which makes people awake.
Gu stopped a taxi without driving to the north and reported his family address.
On the way, his cell phone rang. He picked up a look at "Han Minxia" … and smiled and threw it aside.
The bell rang for a while and then stopped, and then a message came.
It’s from Han Minxia. "I just learned that my eldest brother and sister-in-law have recently divorced."
Looking at the word "divorce", Gu moved his eyes to the north and immediately dialed back.
桑拿会所  title="Are you busy just now? Why didn’t I answer when I called you? " Words that Han Minxia JiaoChen complained.
"I didn’t hear it just now," Gu said casually to the north. "By the way, what did you want to see me about?"
"I was envious of their feelings before the big brother and little sister-in-law. After all, you know that my big brother is uncertain and little sister-in-law will let him settle down. I didn’t expect to get divorced now. Sure enough, little sister-in-law still can’t stand big brother’s playboy, right?" Han Minxia lying on the sofa thought of just hearing those words and said with emotion.
"Oh?" Gu narrowed his eyes to the north. It seems that some people don’t believe it. "No? Just see your eldest brother … "
"Yeah, but dad told me that the divorce agreement was signed by the younger sister-in-law, and it was the eldest brother who went back on his word. Because of a dad quarrel at home this night, the purple sand tea set was broken." Han Minxia said it all.
Hang up the phone and look north out of the window at the vast night, fists clenched gradually.
The original has put those obsessions suddenly like a dead tree growing up again at the bottom of my heart
It was already eleven o’clock at night when I returned to the family mansion.
In the living room, an old servant smelled Gu Bei’s alcohol and greeted him with a straight face. "Does the second young master need hangover tea?"
Gu waved to the north to change shoes and knocked on the door of a bedroom.
"… coming" took a long time to reply.
Gu to the north is not in a hurry. He stretched out his hand and took out a cigarette and a lighter, leaning against the wall and smoking slowly.
Gao Zhenning opened the door in a coat and saw Gu’s gentle face flash across the north. "What’s the matter with your brother-in-law?"
Gu went straight to the north and said, "What’s Ye Xiao’s mobile phone number?"
"…" Gao Zhenning face a slight change and then frowned and said, "brother-in-law is raining. Her parents don’t want you to have a joint office …"
"She has a good life?" Gu sneered at the north and interrupted her. "Do you have the face to say such unconscionable words? !”
Marrying a dude like Han Yu should also be accompanied by her mother, right?