Mindset is a kind of hypnosis that is hard to break.

In this game, Mallorca players didn’t expect Hertha players to throw more than 30 meters … When Senna ball appeared, they even thought it was Senna’s fault …
Before, they all played the ball in the range of 15 meters, 20 meters and 10 meters, and sometimes it was as far as 5 meters.
So when Senna goes forward, all the Mallorca players pay attention to luis garcia and mista Popovich, and their football will eventually be returned.
I didn’t think Senna’s kick was more powerful than them!
Straight through the Mallorca line!
One foot is 30 meters long!
The goal is to be behind Mallorca’s defensive rib!
When Mallorca defenders focused on Hertha’s attack on the trident, they were unprepared to watch the football roll past them.
Then look back at a blue figure one by one. They appear behind them and catch the ball!
balzaretti! !”
The commentator shouted.
No one thought that fullback balzaretti would appear in that deadly position and catch the ball!
It turns out that Senna didn’t give the ball to three strikers, and it’s not too bad …
He ran there from the beginning, and so did balzaretti, otherwise they couldn’t have run together!
Balzaretti’s catch made many people feel nervous.
桑拿网Mallorca fans in the stands even shouted offside! This is offside!
Nobody paid attention to them. Mallorca’s own players didn’t believe it was offside. They panicked and rushed back to defend some people against balzaretti and some people returned to the door.
But it was too late …
They were doomed to fail when the ball from the Seine slipped past them …
Balzaretti, the second assistant of the Hertha team this season, didn’t give the football to anyone, but just swung his left foot and slammed the door!
Less than ten meters away from the goal, the football he shot roared and rushed to the goal like a shell.
Goalkeeper Leo Francot blocked the angle, but he could choose whether to block the low ball or the high ball. He chose to lower his center of gravity and gave up his head.
And balzaretti this foot ball is just from his head in the past!
Hit the beam hard, made a crunchy sound, and flew into the goal …
The ball flies into Mallorca’s gate for the third time!
Leo Francot crouched in front of the goal, knees bent, body slightly leaned back, hands raised as if surrendering, and turned to look at the bouncing football in the goal.
He can’t believe that his goal will be scored three times in this game!
Crouching down and hitting the grass in front of him with his fist to express his excitement.
Three goals, two goals, steady lead!
And now, with 15 minutes left before the end of the game,
With two goals ahead, he can finally carry out the second plan.
Just as no one has stipulated that a team playing ikiaka should not exceed 20 meters in length, who has stipulated that he can make a set of tactics finish a game?
Manuel Garcia rushed to hug Changsheng to celebrate the goal, but he saw Changsheng pointing to a jubilant bench and shouting at him, Come on, Manuel, tell the Greeks to warm up!
Coach Hertha froze for a moment, then reacted and turned around and rushed into the cheering substitute players.
Tall Charles stood out. Manuel Garcia found him easily.
I often ask you to warm up, he said to the Greeks.
Charles Andreas paused for a moment and then reactedhe had a chance to play!
He pushed away and wanted to hug his teammates and shouted, I’m sorry, Hernando, but the head coach needs me more!
Then he rushed to the warmup area.
He is very excitedthe coach hasn’t forgotten himself!
Beautiful goal! Balzaretti! Hertha led Mallorca by two goals in the final! I can’t believe it! Unbelievable! Hertha can lead Mallorca by two goals in this game! There are two teams in the first division of the season who can beat Mallorca by two goals. Valencia beat Mallorca at home 4 in the second round and Balado Lide League won Mallorca at home 2 in the tenth round … Apart from these two games, Mallorca never lost two goals in the game again! But Hertha did it!
Hertha tactics make Mallorca a headache, and the experienced Mallorca’s defense line is completely confused by Hertha’s constant change! This is really something for Hertha!
The commentary was deafening cheers from Hertha fans.
Fifteen thousand Hertha fans turned the entire Pisjuan Stadium into their home stadium!
They cheered with all their strength, even though their voices were hoarse.
This is the most glorious moment in the history of Hertha Club. In the final of the King’s Cup, they led the firstclass team Mallorca by two goals!
They have a great chance to win the King’s Cup!
This season is really crazy …
A season ago, they were still relegated and struggled until the last two rounds of the league.