Inform the planning department that I will attend Gu Si said a sentence lightly and walked towards the ladder.

Several highlevel officials looked at each other, wondering what kind of bidding meeting would be like this. Is it important that the president will personally participate in this case?
See the president left, and several senior executives immediately followed.
spa会所  title=Lounge side began to talk about the reform seats, a new face of frustration came back and sat down in a chair.
Just now, she tried to befriend General Manager Gu, but he didn’t buy it.
Lu Xiaomin said to Liu Zhuanghe with a low face of anthomaniac, Zhuang Jiegu is so handsome. He is even more handsome today than when we met him.
Liuzhuang lotus funny shook his head and turned his eyes deliberately said, that semen man is also very handsome. Why didn’t you make a fool of him?
Lu Xiaomin, a man with semen, made a vomit. Please don’t be him, Sister Zhuang.
Liu Zhuanghe chuckled at Lu Xiaomin’s words. I didn’t expect Lu Xiaomin to be infatuated with handsome guys sometimes.
Rowling sat aside and didn’t join them in the conversation. Since she just found out that Manager Gu definitely had a fling with Liu Zhuanghe just now, she could see clearly, but Liu Zhuanghe dodged.
If not guilty, why would she hide?
However, this is a good thing for her. She will double her bonus this year if she takes the Guggenheim case.
It’s really strange. Although this case has a hundred million yuan, it is an ordinary case for Gu. Gu always attaches so much importance to attending in person that it is good for the planning minister to take it.
People who came to bid for the creative company talked to their peers.
Yeah, it’s weird.
After listening to their words, Liu Zhuanghe also felt very strange. Supposedly, he should be very busy. How could he have such leisure time to attend the bidding meeting?
Is it because of her?
Liu Zhuanghe patted some hot faces. What does she think?
Don’t be Lu Xiaomin dyed into a anthomaniac?
At ten o’clock, the bidding meeting will be officially held, and the representatives of the three companies will sit in turn.
Creative companies are in the front row, while Chenyang is the last one.
According to the sorting, Liu Zhuanghe and Rowling Lu Xiaomin also sat at the end of the conference room.
Xiaomin Lu was dissatisfied and muttered, It’s unfair. It’s not significantly creative.
Rowling patted Lu Xiaomin and told her that the creativity of the advertising industry is indeed stronger than our company, but we can be shortlisted this time. If we get the case this time, the industry may not be sure.
With that, Rowling took one look at Liu Zhuang and He Chenyang, and it was thanks to her that she had this opportunity this time.
Liuzhuang Lotus looked down at the information and didn’t speak. She understood Lu Xiaomin’s dissatisfaction, but shopping malls are so cruel. Everything depends on performance. Even if Chenyang is better than creativity in some aspects, it is an indisputable fact that other companies have good performance.
Although it may be seen from the ranking of the company that Party A attaches great importance to the bidding this time, Liu Zhuanghe believes that the morning sun is not bad, and it does not necessarily mean that there is no chance at the end. Otherwise, why do you want them to come and play with them?
Creative advertising industry is very hopeful that he will get the bid directly from Guggenheim, unlike the morning sun scheme, which will have a chance only if it is affirmed by Guggenheim.
The plan of Liuzhuang Lotus is very grateful to Gu Si Post. If he hadn’t shown herself how she had the opportunity to sit here.
The meeting room was quiet, and all three companies were nervously preparing their ideas, especially their ideas. They were the first people to explain it. Although they came to bid directly, it was not certain which one was finally settled.
The meeting room door was pushed open from the outside.
Gu Boshang walked into the conference room. Nianbo followed several planning people.
Everyone got up in succession, and raised his hand to signal everyone to sit down, and he sat down first.
Liu Zhuanghe didn’t dare to look at him. He always felt that his intentional eyes fell on his head, which made her more nervous.
Let’s go gu boss knocked on the desktop said.
The person in charge of the planning department nodded to signal Party B to start explaining the scheme.
The creative design director got up and turned on the projector. She went to the front and started the bidding.
The purpose of this Gu’s case is environmental protection, especially in the automobile industry. Nowadays, cars are almost modern people’s means of transportation. If you have the economic ability, you will buy it, then its performance is particularly important, and environmental protection is the most important thing.
The creative design director’s voice is crisp and neat, and she is not sloppy at all. She always smiles, which makes Liu Zhuanghe see God from elegance.
If only she could practice like this when.
The creative design director gradually introduced the creative Gu’s brand packaging and publicity plan.
Liu Zhuanghe began to pay attention to the creative director, and their plan was very good. Gu’s position was to consider the problem.
But listen, listen, she’s a little distracted
Conscious eyes look at sitting in the middle of the first place. From this angle, we can see that his perfect face is wide, his forehead is heavy and his nose is straight, and his sexy lips are tightly sipped.
During the whole process, he listened carefully and never looked away. His whole face didn’t look too serious. Maybe this is him at work.
It seems that it is not so serious for the former Liuzhuang Lotus to see Gu Si Post.
The more serious he was, the more disappointed he became, but she couldn’t tell clearly what he was disappointed at the moment.
One minute passed, and Liuzhuang Lotus felt a little hungry and frowned. Today, it was early for Guggenheim to bid. She went to the company early in the morning to check all the plans, and she was afraid that there was something wrong with breakfast.
This will make her hungry. She feels a little uncomfortable. Maybe she is more hungry because of pregnancy.
In the quiet meeting room, I heard the creative design director explain the scheme. Suddenly, Goo Goo sounded in the office, which seemed a bit abrupt.
Liuzhuang lotus can’t wait to get under the table. Come on, do you want to be so shameful?
Close to her, the reformers naturally heard the sound and looked at it in succession. Just now, the new woman named Xi smiled while covering her mouth.
It’s intentional, but it makes sense
If bidding will embarrass Chenyang, then they have a better chance of winning.
Xiaomin Lu heard some gnashing of teeth. What does this person mean? Are you sick? I haven’t heard others hungry.
Liuzhuang lotus didn’t speak is consciousness to the first gu si post.
Gu boss didn’t look at her as if she didn’t find the commotion in the meeting room.
I raised my wrist and looked at the drill face. I made a pause gesture. Let’s take a break for twenty minutes.
Say that finish before they answer got up and started walking towards the outside.
Just halfway through the explanation, the creative design director opened his mouth wide. What is this situation?
In a short time, Nianbo came in and said, Miss Liu Gu always asked you to go to his office.
Everyone in the meeting room looked at her in unison.
Liuzhuang lotus is a little embarrassed. What on earth is this Gu Si post doing looking for her in front of so many people?
In bo didn’t mean others eyes made a gesture, please.
Liuzhuang Lotus got up and walked with him towards Gu Si’s office.