Ok, some girls will come to greet me soon.

This surprised me.
Even though I was deliberately targeted by Teng Jun, they were willing to befriend me.
I didn’t know that they were close to the family and Gu Changyu were friends. No wonder they came to make friends with me.
Several girls are very kind. They told me that the guests invited by Ye Jia today are all Li family cronies.
I think about it a little and it’s white.
This must be Li Guhe Teng Jun’s advice together, and Ye Li has also been informed.
If Ye Xiangyuan admits that Li Yuyan is his fiancee because of the pressure, it is best if he refuses, he will not lose Li Yuyan’s face too much.
It is no wonder that Teng Jun was not furious after being robbed by Ye Xiangyuan.
My heart is clear.
Then he became wary.
If they are all Li family cronies, will Li Yuyan secretly make any move … Am I more dangerous …
I understand that the parents of these girls, Ye Li, will be invited here. In fact, their parents all support Ye Xiangyuan.
A girl affectionately took my arm and said with a smile, "Sister-in-law is not polite to us."
I smiled gratefully at her.
She seemed to see that I was nervous and asked for a glass of juice from the waiter and handed it to me
I took it and took a sip when she was cautious.
I didn’t expect my head to start to faint.
It happened that this girl still tugged at my arm tightly and dragged me to the corner, and several other girls gave her cover.
I bit my lip corner hard to keep myself awake and wanted to shout, but my voice seemed to be hoarse and I couldn’t make a sound.
Through the crowd, I saw Li Yuyan shaking the goblet and smiling at me.
Gorgeous lip color is like a poppy that has been quenched with poison.
What am I not white at this moment?
These girls must be Li Yuyan looking for me.
I’m still underestimating my enemy.
I hope Ye Xiangyuan can find out something is wrong with me soon.
Before I passed out, I secretly prayed and hoped
When I woke up, I found a lot of people around the room.
I was puzzled, propped up my head and found myself lying on the sofa with a man.
I don’t know this man.
My heart thumped at the thought of Li Yuyan’s poisoned smile before coma.
Don’t …
桑拿会所I quickly tilted my head and listened to the man’s malicious smile. "Girl, can you move your leg? I’m very uncomfortable when you press me."
Chapter 114 Arrest warrant
I was too ambiguous with him.
Then I found that I was in the lounge on the first floor and the door was full of people.
At the front is Ye Xiangyuan. He doesn’t look too good.
After that, Ye Li and Teng Jun Ye Li looked angry, while Teng Jun held his chest in his hands and gloated.
His guests were shocked when they were surrounded by corridors, and some people looked like they were watching a movie.