He took this ring to Yang Xun and choked out a word that exclaimed everyone, "Will you marry me?"

"Luo Yi, don’t go too far. You fucking told my woman at my wedding that she wanted him to marry you. Don’t I really dare to do anything to you?"
Gu Zhengfan grabbed Yuan You’s shoulder and dragged him over directly. He glared at him maliciously. Yuan You said to him with a face of anger, "Gu Zhengfan has the courage to try."
桑拿会所  title="This is what you said you fucking roll for me." The words sound just fell and Gu Zhengfan was furious and hit Yuan Yougen. Yuan Yougen didn’t hesitate to kick him. This kick directly made Gu Zhengfan kick to the ground. At this time, security guards finally rushed towards the stage.
I hurriedly walked to block these security guards from letting them pass. When Liu Baiyan saw this, he immediately came forward to help me block these security guards. I shouted at Yuan You, "Yuan You should do what you have to do and leave us alone."
Yuan You finally said to Yang Xun, "Will you marry me? Now that Luo Yi is gone, let me pursue you in this new identity? Can I see everything clearly? I also understand that you have been hurt in recent years, and I feel it’s my fault. I’m not a good man, even if you cried and begged me not to leave, I still gave up on you and left now. I don’t want to worry about so much, and I don’t want to choose to escape because all this makes me feel hesitant. Let me pursue you again, just this time, my love?"
Yang Xun’s expression is complicated, but her head has been slowly sinking. His eyes have been looking at this tortured and hurt man kneeling in front of him. He is really not a good man because every man who makes his woman cry is not a good man.
Yang Xun shed tears. Little by little, tears fell from her eyes, and her face was full of tears. She finally said something, which made the injured man get up from the ground and reach out and immediately hold her in his body, never wanting to let go.
"I promise you"
It doesn’t need too many words or explanations. The simple word "I promise you" makes this man who has been hurt finally not confused. All the injuries and sufferings in these years have vanished after these four words are answered.
Yuan you finally picked up the ring and took it with Yang Xun, who was closest to the heart. At this moment, Yang Xun was no longer alone, and he and she finally belonged.
Come with me, get out of here, get out of this sad place, and I will accompany you wherever you want to go from now on. Even if you want to go to the farthest north, I will carry you on my back and take you to pick the most beautiful ice flowers. This time, I will never let go, never let go.
"Well, that’s what you said, never let go."
The two men grabbed each other’s hands and Yang Xun directly took off his head scarf and lost it. Then he looked at the place and someone Yang Xun smiled at her and said, "Run?"
Two people ran directly to the door and fell to the ground. Gu Zhengfan immediately grabbed Yang Xun’s leg and prepared to let her immediately kick Yang Xun at Gu Zhengfan and scold "Get out of the way, asshole"
Yang Xun’s face is full of happy smiles, and he is going to chase after the two security guards, but Liu Boyan and I are holding back. Liu Boyan picked up the guitar and growled at these people, "Who the fuck dares to go over and ask you to dare to go over and kill him? I mean it."
I also picked up a wine bottle and pointed it at these security guards. I said without worrying, "Let’s fight one after another, and let’s fight one after another. Nobody moves."
When the situation was deadlocked, Yuan You and Yang Xun suddenly ran back. They came up to me and thanked me very much and said, "Thank you, Leihao."
"Thank you, Brother Lei Haoge. Thank you. We do everything."
I said nervously, "Don’t make polite remarks. If you want to run, run. If these people really move, we may not be able to stop them."
"Well," Yuan You took out a bunch of keys from the body and threw them into my clothes. Finally, he said, "I gave you the sweet shop. When I met the happiness information, my department put it there. I believe you can fix everything and we will leave."
After leaving, Yuan You and Yang Xun finally left us again. I don’t know how long it will take to meet each other, but I sincerely wish them "go and find your happy paradise"
"Get out of my way," Yang Hui walked out of these security guards. He came to us and said to me in a very serious tone, "You really give me a headache."
"I’m sorry Yang Dong made it difficult for you, but I think this is what I should do. I don’t care how you want to deal with me."
Yang Hui shook his head and finally sighed "Come with me"
Behind Yang Hui, I looked back at the crowd. Liu Baiyan came to Yan Jiaxin to tell it, while Tang Tianhe and Jixuan looked at me in a strange way, while Gu Zhengfan was sitting on the ground with a face of surprise and speechless.
It used to be a perfect wedding, but Yuan You and I suddenly appeared and were broken.
Looking at the sky in front of the hotel, I once again sighed "happy paradise"
Chapter 23 is happiness
Yang Hui of Zixuan Building opened a place with a good view and took me here. We changed the tea and filled it, then left.
After looking at the scenery outside the window, Yang Hui finally said to me, "If I want to keep them, there are many ways, but I didn’t do that."
"I’m Bai Yangdong. Do you really want them to leave?"
Yang Hui sighed, "Since this girl chose this way, I won’t force her to do anything anymore. At that time, I did the last thing and let me bear all the problems."
I was puzzled to see the words of Xiangyang Huihui, which made me puzzled. He took a sip of tea and drank a mouthful of it, and his mood eased a little. I also said to him a moment later, "Yang Dong, do you know if things were still alive?"
Yang Hui let go of the teacup and nodded and answered, "Well, I know that I deliberately kept it from her, not that I wanted them to be together, but that the form forced me not to abandon the family situation of Luo Yi, because I was a poor family child like him in those days, but that’s how I fell in love with Kaori’s mother. My master not only didn’t object, but chose to support me and Kaori’s mother when they got married. My master always took me to study everywhere like a son, and even the origin was willing to be entrusted to my management."
Yang Hui paused and I asked him doubtfully, "But what does this have to do with Yang Xun?"
"Because Yang Xun was once the master personally recognized Xin Er, at that time, the master was forced to let Xin Er recognize this position. His heart was extremely reluctant to accept Xin Er for this responsibility. Xin Er was his last hope, and he hoped that she could live a good life and not bear so much, but he really couldn’t say the only four words now. Everything I did was the origin."
"Do these Yan Jiaxin know?"
Yang Hui shook his head and answered, "She doesn’t know that she knows to keep the origin, but she doesn’t know everything. Do you know what I want to tell you so much?"
I thought for a long time and didn’t have a clue before I answered "I don’t know" to him.
"Because you are very similar to me, but I am very similar to my master. I think Xin Er would like you. A man like you must have a dependence on grandpa in his heart."