"But we can do this."

Yan Jiaxin was silent. I didn’t want to discuss this topic with her, but expressed my condolences to her. "Are you okay there?"
"not bad"
"Where is the light rain?"
"I’m taking her with me now. Since many things have been made clear, I don’t think it’s necessary to be timid."
I "well" put out a cigarette and threw it away, and found myself a little hungry. It seems that I have eaten something early today.
"Have you eaten?"
Yan Jiaxin and I asked each other in unison and laughed at the same time. I smiled and said, "Guess what I’m doing now."
"You must be alone in the car, smoking a cigarette and looking at the sky sadly. It seems that your emotional appeal is very sufficient." Yan Jiaxin teased me. "Why don’t you talk? It seems that I was right."
I laughed and didn’t expect her to guess so accurately. When I just wanted to reply to her, I heard a word "Dad" coming over there.
I immediately took back what I wanted to say and replied to Xiaoyu, "Xiaoyu is not happy over there."
"Happy sister Zhang will accompany me to play games and bring me delicious food. Come here, Dad. Have you had a good time? Have you eaten, brushed your teeth and washed your face on time?"
"Yes, of course," I replied to the light rain. It seemed that after hearing this sound, my troubles were gone all day.
"Dad, stop talking. I’m going to have dinner with mom and them. Mom says you haven’t eaten yet. Go and eat."
Hang up, I’m also going to drive away from the moat. I left the moat. I just found a restaurant and sat down for one night. After the package clerk recorded it, I took the bill and walked towards the front desk.
I glanced around the restaurant. It’s not a big store, but it’s very popular. If there is such a popular small shop in Shenzhen, it must be possible to live.
After waiting for a while, my set meal was delivered by the waiter. "Sir, please take your time with the set meal at night."
桑拿会所I nodded, picked up the chopsticks and tried to taste good, with a strong spicy taste, with the spicy feeling that Hunan people like.
As soon as I wiped my mouth with a piece of paper after eating this meal, the waiter came to me with a piece of paper and a pen and said, "Sir, could you please write some suggestions for our restaurant on this piece of paper? After eating it, I feel that it will be of great help to the future development of our restaurant."
I took the pen from her hand and answered "yes"
She smiled at me with a smile, and soon I wrote my own suggestion on paper and signed my name before I exchanged this paper for her.
She said "thank you" to me.
I picked up my clothes and walked outside. I heard a "Sir, walk slowly" behind me.
Out of the tea restaurant, I consciously looked up and saw a "come again". The name of this tea restaurant really has the idea of making people try again.
At this moment, I have an idea that I can do an investigation just like this "come back" tea restaurant. This theory is of great help to the post-development of the restaurant, the post-Nansheng group newcomer platform and the release of new albums. This idea must be driven by someone, but it is definitely not possible for me alone.
I was driving to my apartment when my words suddenly rang. I just wanted to answer the phone and got off the plane.
"I’ll go." I suddenly had an impulse to force the dog to take the bus and drive to the residence at once
It rained cats and dogs today. When I returned to my residence, there was no floor in my window. The floor was wet because of the rain outside. I immediately picked up the mop and got the floor water to the toilet.
After I finished it, I remembered that the mobile phone had to be charged, only to find that the company didn’t bring it back when the charger was put in. In case it was an emergency, I didn’t think about it again, but I found that the brain network didn’t display an exclamation point.
Without the internet, I find that everything is falling for me now. Since I can’t sit down now, I can go to sleep early and wait for the day to go to the company.
When I got up the next day, it was still raining outside. I simply ate something and went to the company. Today, I’m going to Beijing to see Lin Shengwen. As soon as I came to the company and opened the office door, Liu Boyan came behind me and stopped me and said, "Let’s talk."
He wants to talk to me about everything he says now. I didn’t open the door again and looked at my watch, so I replied "good"
I followed Liu Boyan and walked towards the lounge. As soon as I went in and sat down, Liu Boyan said to me, "Don’t tell me that there is no room for solving things. I don’t believe it."
Chapter sixty-four People’s hearts
I asked Liu Boyan, "I have said everything I can. Believe it or not, I have no way to find things. It is not up to me to decide."
"It’s true that you can’t decide this alone, but you have a lot of directors over there who will definitely not care about such things. Their old guys are almost interested in making decisions. If you and Nanmu unilaterally disagree, they won’t make such decisions. You definitely have some words on this matter. I want you to tell me the truth."
I gave the words "handle it impartially" to Liu Baiyan.
Liu Bai said with a light smile, "Deal with Lei Hao impartially. I find that the more you live, the less human you are. What is it? We brought him out by ourselves, and you gave up someone so important to yourself. It’s hard for me to imagine what you can’t give up. Is it unnecessary to wait until one day? All of us have been kicked out by you for making a mistake, and then what will you do to face the whole Nansheng regiment?"
"I’m not like you. You don’t need to think about it, but I do," I replied flatly.
"But I really don’t need to consider these. You are the director in Nansheng Group. The director wants you to drive the company in different directions with an idea. Now I really doubt your vision. Now are you really suitable for the position of director?"
With that, Liu Baiyan walked out of the lounge with indignation. As soon as he left, my eyes were locked in the chair and I lay up.
After a while, the door of the lounge was opened from the outside. Secret Wang came in with a mobile phone and said to me, "Director Lei Xu Mojie wants you to answer the phone."
I opened my eyes, got up from my chair, walked over to her and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"You and Liu Boyan are in trouble."
"No, there are some disputes between workers," I said quietly.
"It’s nothing to lie to me, and I know LeiHao. I just want to ask you, you really got Yan Xun out of the company."
"Yes," I replied very positively to Xu Mo.
Xu Mo was suddenly silent for a moment and then said, "I can’t comment more on this matter, but Liu Boyan just took the wrong medicine and asked me to initiate it. I’m also a little upset, but he has a saying that it’s better to think twice about what you decide after Lei Hao’s decision. After all, the company’s talents are still in short supply."
"Xu Mo, I know these things, and I will take care of them. I’m going to Beijing."
"Then pay attention to Lu Boyan. I will work with him here. I can also think of what you must think when you make such a decision, instead of thinking about things from a single side."
Hang up the phone, I gave it to Xiao Wang, took it out of his office and charged it. Then I walked towards the building. When I came back from the outside, I happened to meet the agent with him. Yan Yan looked at me with complicated eyes and asked, "Brother Lei Haoge, can we say a few words?"
Yan Yin made a color to her agent and followed me upstairs to the sofa and sat up. Only then did she ask me, "Brother Lei Haoge, as soon as I came back, I heard that my brother had cancelled the contract with the company. What was this all about?"
"Your brother did cancel the contract with the company and I handled this matter."
"What?" Yan Yin asked me.
I replied, "You should all know exactly what happened."
"LeiHaoGe but"
I put my body forward and put my hands on the table in front of Yan Yin and replied, "Do you believe me?"
"I believe that LeiHaoGe has always been worthy of my trust, but LeiHaoGe my brother he really can’t come back?"
I took a deep breath and couldn’t bear to hurt such a girl in the past. After half a meeting, I finally replied to her, "I can’t give you the answer. If you believe Brother Lei Haoge, don’t ask anything again, can you? Now all you have to do is give yourself to take care of yourself?"
After that, I got up on the sofa, took two steps and said, "Remember that Brother Leihao won’t hurt you when I talk to you."