"People hurriedly send Miss Tang back to Linzhai! If you don’t send Miss Tang back, you won’t come back! " Lin Mochen was angry with the marching orders.

"Miss Tang please" in front of the servant
Tang Xiumei screwed up. "I didn’t talk nonsense. It’s all in the news. I also said that my sister-in-law cheated on me. Of course, I won’t believe what happened in the news because she married such a good husband as you. How could she cheat on others? My brother is the best man in the world in my heart!"
Lu sorrow is apricot eyes wide at first, and then when I heard that, I was already unable to sit still. She clutched her clothes with both hands and wanted to get up, but Su Man stretched out his hand and held her knees, and his eyes signaled her not to get angry.
Lu sorrow took a deep breath and suppressed his heart.
Lin Mo-chen’s face is a little ugly, and the ink eyes are slightly narrowed, which reveals the Yinzhi inside.
He clasped the arm of Tang poetry and angered him. His strength was so strong that Tang poetry tightened his eyebrows in pain.
"Brother Mo Chen hurts …" Tang poetry turned white with pain, and fine sweat floated on her white forehead, showing how strong he was.
"Go" Lin Mochen doesn’t have any passion. She will be taken away from here. She just moved two steps and saw Lin Moyang coming in.
"Eldest brother, I heard that your grandpa asked me to take her back here." Lin Mo Yang’s eyes fell on Lin Mo Chen and buckled the shoulder armor of Tang poetry. "Eldest brother’s poem was spoiled as a child, and it was grandpa’s palm bead. You were so inappropriate to her."
"It’s because she is too spoiled that she doesn’t know the weight that she is so confused. This is to teach her." Lin Mochen won’t change her attitude because of Lin Moyang’s words. "Now that you have come, it’s best to bring her back."
Lin Mo-chen let go of Tang poetry and gave her a nudge in the direction of Lin Mo-yang.
Lin Moyang quickly held the Tang poetry around him. First, he glanced at her earnestly. "Are you okay?"
"I’m fine" Tang poetry endured shoulder pain.
Lin Moyang righted her and then looked at Lin Mohen. He hesitated for two seconds or left the Tang poetry, but she pulled him "Don’t go."
She knew that Lin Moyang wanted to talk to Lin Mohen, but she didn’t want them to fight because of her.
"Don’t worry, I know the discretion." Lin Moyang patted the back of her hand twice and then pulled her hand.
Tang poetry can watch Lin Moyang go to Lin Mohen with such concern, and she holds the skirts nervously.
Lin Mo Yang Lin Mo Chen’s eyes are pale with femininity.
He lowered his voice until the two of them heard "Big Brother’s poem, she has lost her former memory. You are not too cruel to her!"
"But who knows when her memory will come back? I didn’t want her to have illusions!" Lin Mo-chen’s eyes are sharp. "Long pain never comes with short pain. If you are kind to her, don’t let her think of all the previous things. I think there is always a way for you to make her fall in love with you, and you don’t have to be so bitter."
"Emotional things have never been forced." Lin Moyang gritted his teeth. "I don’t want to lie to her!"
"That’s right, I don’t want to lie to her!" Lin Mo-chen’s thin lips slightly hook "You should never give her a glimmer of hope and look after him. This is not a place where she can come casually. If she is so careless again, I don’t think there is even a nominal brother and sister!"
Lin Moyang’s eyes were slightly open, but he could not say anything.
He clenched his teeth more and more, and his fingers dropped to his side and clenched them into fists.
He turned slightly, but then quickly punched Lin Mo-chen. But Lin Mo-chen’s skill was not bad, so Lin Mo-yang succeeded in this fist. He was also quickly grasped by Lin Mo-chen, and then he gave him a punch with his other hand.
Lin Moyang was punched in the face by this, and the whole person repeatedly retreated and sat down unsteadily.
This punch caught even Gu Nan’s concern for Su Man and Lu You off guard. I didn’t expect Lin Mo-chen to beat his brother in his own home without showing any respect.
Of course, they won’t stop them from knowing that Lin Mo naturally has other intentions in doing so, and they just need to wait and see.
Tang poetry rushed to help him when he saw that his face was swollen, his lips were broken and there was a trace of bright red blood flowing.
"Moyang, are you okay?" Tears welled up in the eyes of Tang poetry, reaching out lovingly to help his face.
Lin Moyang grabbed her hand. "Don’t touch me."
If she touches him like this, then he will hurt.
"I help you up." Tang poetry held his arm and helped her up with some difficulty.
Lin Moyang was lifted up, and he felt a burning pain in his face, even with the pain of his roots.
After Tang poetry helped him, she angrily went to Lin Mo-chen but was held by Lin Mo-yang. "Let’s go. This is not the place where you should stay."
Tang poetry struggled but couldn’t earn it. "You let me go and I want to talk to him!"
"You stop that now." Lin Moyang didn’t want her, but found Lin Mo Chen because Lin Mo Chen wouldn’t argue with her, and even if he did, he wouldn’t let her take a good result and invite humiliation.
He has long seen through Lin Mo-chen’s feelings for Tang poetry, and naturally he won’t give her a face.
spa会所Tang poetry can’t be earned, and that’s it. It’s just like this. "Mo Chen Ge Mo Yang did this to me. He loves me dearly. Do you have any dissatisfaction with me? Why do you want to hit him? You and I are not blood brothers and sisters, but he is your real brother. How can you be so rude! "
Tang poetry even rebuked the tears flowing from the corner of his eyes, and the sadness between the eyebrows was as cherished as a weeping lily.
"Now that you know that he is distressed, you should listen carefully to his heart. Don’t be so selfish. You want him to block everything for you and do the Tang poetry for you. Have you never thought about what he wants to do?" Lin Mo Chen’s thin lips slightly hook "or have you never thought about it? Because of him, your heart is also very important. "
Tang poetry bit his lip. "In my heart, he is my brother like you. Although he is not related by blood, this family relationship that grew up has been deeply rooted in my heart."
"It seems that you still don’t want to face up to this problem." Lin Mochen chuckled. "Since you don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to talk about it. I hope you can think about it yourself when no one is around!"
"Let’s go home and grandpa is still waiting." Lin Moyang didn’t want his heart to be caught in front of so many people. He took Tang poetry and left.
Lin Mo-chen turned his eyes and swept the crowd. "Miss Hou Tang came and said we can’t let her in."
Why didn’t he know that his mother had told Tang poetry about the password? It has to be changed
☆, 22 How can such words be so straightforward?
After the Tang poetry left, Lu You asked the question in his heart, "Is the Tang poetry true? I made news with Chu night? "
"She said that everything has been solved. You and Chu night have already held a press conference to clarify the unnecessary worries about this matter." Lin Mo Chen did not hide that she had already said the Tang poetry, and that things have been solved and there is no need to hide it.
Lu sorrow light swallow a throat "chu night clarify face to face? He’s so badly injured that he still needs him. What am I doing? I owe him enough. Why should I owe him again? "
She thought of Chu’s night injuries and injuries, and she felt heartless and unjust when she went to the press conference under pressure.
"It’s the best way to solve the small worries for Chu Night. After all, it is his fans who are interested in it that will cause this situation." Su Man explained.