Chang Huanyan leaned in. "Brother-in-law, do you think it’s better for me to wear this suit with a tie and leather shoes?"

"Orderly" often smiles and some nai warned 1.
Chang Jing gave her a look at once. "Who wears sneakers? Now that I have entered the law firm for an internship, I have to be a lawyer. I think about myself and the image of the law firm. "
In the face of his eloquence, I often find myself somewhat right.
Yu Yu smiled and said, "Let’s go and have a look on the first floor."
"Still a brother-in-law!" Often well immediately smile happily said 1
Looking at his capering figure, I can’t help but smile. "Don’t be so used to agreeing to everything. After that, he really takes you for a big head and comes to you for everything."
"No," Yu said in a soothing way.
"Why not? He is my brother, and I know him better than you do. He is a child who is not sensible … "Chang Huanyan also wants to persuade him.
Yu Yu suddenly squeezed her little hand. "Don’t worry, I am measured."
Chang Huan Yan was full of complaints and immediately stopped.
Is he a man in his thirties, or is he used to being a policeman and analyzing people’s psychology … How can he not see that little career in his heart?
I had a good harvest from head to toe, and I was satisfied. I didn’t ask to leave the mall again, so I said goodbye.
Chang Huan Yan lai also wanted to follow him to the room to see the results. He directly said, "Come on, sister, it’s past nine o’clock. Go back and take care of my little nephew and niece."
"Remember to listen to Chengyan when you get there, and behave well," said Yu Yu.
"I know that my brother-in-law will be obedient and work hard to stay there directly after graduation!" Always boasting and saying
"Just don’t make trouble for me." Chang Huanyan didn’t good the spirit.
Often, she was flat and pouted and ignored her. "Brother-in-law, I’ll go back first. Bye."
Say that finish turned and walked in the direction of the community.
Chang Huanyan looked at his back and sighed. When will this brother grow up?
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Welfare has arrived. Parents can help themselves.
☆, 53 jealous again
Chang Huanyan looked at his back and sighed. When will this brother grow up?
"What’s the matter?" Yu Yu Wen
Chang Huanyan shook his head and said, "What clothes do you think is suitable for me to wear to the commendation meeting on Wednesday?"
Yu Yu looked down at her and lit the street lamp. Her beautiful little face was white and delicate, just like an egg peeled and tender.
"Just wear whatever you want," he said.
"How can you wear casually? On such a serious occasion, you have to go to Taiwan and deliver your acceptance speech. The scene must be the leaders of your police force. My family must not casually dress up and lose your face. "Chang Huan Yan frowned and thought for a moment." Why don’t you … wear black? Joker is also more formal. "
夜生活  title=Yu Yu’s nodding tone is full of vertical "good"
Chang Huan Yan smiled sweetly, took his hand and turned to take a taxi, but he caught sight of the man right there.
She blinked, her face was surprised for a second, and then she quickly took Yu Yu to the side of the road and reached for the car.
There happened to be a taxi passing by and stopped.
Chang Huan-yan used to pull open the door, then she sat in and moved a position to let Yu Yu come.
"Master, go to the military compound."
After waiting for the bus to drive out, I often feel relieved. Suddenly, the voice sounded, "Did you know that man just now?"
Chang Huan yan one leng then some chagrin.
She was sure that she really looked at Yin Qian just now. He seemed to want to say something, but she immediately turned around.
I didn’t expect Yu Yu to see the clue in such a second or two. It’s really worthwhile to be a policeman. blazing with anger is observant
She pursed her lips, "hmm" and said lightly, "It was an old classmate from the former university who chased me, but I didn’t agree."
"…" Yu Yu looked at her and said nothing.
Chang Huanyan deliberately said, "Why are you jealous again?"
Yu Yu "…"
"After that, can you be jealous? Do you know that I am very popular in college? I don’t know how many men want to chase me. They all look up and see each other?" Chang Huanyan said with a smile.
"Really?" Yu Yu picked his eyebrows and said a joke, "Then I have to keep an eye on you."
This made Chang Huanyan very sweet in his heart, but he still snorted and said, "Do you have to be good to me?" One day, when I really run away, hum, you can’t find my beautiful wife even with lanterns. "
I don’t know if I was amused by her words and laughed in a low voice, then I reached out and held her little hand.
Yin Qian on the side of the road is still there, looking at the traffic that has already disappeared, and the taillights on his face are somewhat complicated and difficult to distinguish.
He attended a business party here this evening, and just after seeing off the guests, he saw Chang Jingji coming out of the shopping mall next to him. He was going to say hello, but Chang Huanyan also came out, accompanied by a tall and straight figure.
When something happened, he turned his back and didn’t want them to find out, and then he heard him often shouting "brother-in-law"
So that man is the husband who always smiles?
After Chang Jing left, he couldn’t help but look back carefully.