Show that there is a grassland in front of them. The smell of grass and abundant aura make people feel the Shu Tai River flowing, and the breeze is refreshing. Only a little fatigue has gone away in an instant.

It’s really a good place
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-three Rao is green mountains and green waters
I really have to admit how long it’s been since I’ve seen such a relaxing environment.
Whether it’s the majestic Beijing, the bustling streets and lanes in the world, the distant mountains in the spiritual world, or the quaint atmosphere in the fantasy world, it’s always better than not being small.
品茶论坛I want to come to this great power, even if I imprisoned people, I never thought that people would be wronged at all.
If a friar and his wife arrive here halfway, even if there is still a chance to revitalize the mighty Sect, it will not be difficult to think about it.
But Zongmen is still dilapidated, and the old building seems to have a figure shaking, but it is not 100% sure that it is not a wandering soul. Even if it dies, the soul can easily enter the reincarnation, even if it is still trapped in this small school.
Otherwise, it is necessary to explain the long grass and overgrown vegetation.
"There’s a living person over there. Let’s go straight and ask." Huo Jiujian showed some excitement and clutched the jade town in his hand. He planned to cross the monarch’s madness and take the lead in looking into it.
"Aren’t you afraid of being a wandering soul? When you get close to it, you will lose your body." Jun patted him jokingly.
Huo Jiujian didn’t care. "Anyway, with your help, I’m afraid I can’t repair my body."
"Do you have to be a spectre in red?" Jun Qian gave him a wrinkled nose, and after a short excitement, he began to observe the surrounding scene
In some places that look like spiritual fruit circles, the land is cracked and the fruit trees are sparse, and the fruit is dry and green, which doesn’t look like someone is taking care of it; Looking at the flat ground, it is a man’s height, mixed with weeds or lingcao, but it is also crowded by weeds, and it grows very short and thin. If you don’t pay attention to aura, you can’t find it.
If it is difficult for someone to manage this life, after all, most Lingcao can have some assistance in cultivation, even if it is not taken care of, at least it should be picked properly so as not to look like this.
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overgrown with weeds
The more I observe him, the more I think there is no living person here.
"What do you think?" Jun Kuang said to the three men.
"Let’s look at it first." Huo Jiujian is still gearing up and excited.
Jun Qian and Qin Xiao looked at each other one after another, but their eyes flashed off, which was more about curiosity and exploration of Huo Jiujian’s drooling and unintelligent sample.
"Let’s take a look at it first." Jun Kuang lost his expression of eyes to Huo Jiujian. "Feed Xiao Ji two pills to make him recover quickly." With this kind of aura in heaven and earth, Xiao Ji recovered with half the effort. At this time, it is better to lovingly let him hide in his arms all the way than to learn in human form after recovery.
One tall grass, small halberd and Qin Xiao holding hands have been completely buried. Zhongjun Crazy and Huo Jiujian are holding Qin Xiao alone and holding small halberd for fear of losing people.
Jun Qian, a lonely man, shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile. I have someone to hold me and carry my wife.
Thinking like this seems to give him great psychological comfort.
A group of people walked forward like this, and when they saw the gratifying rise and the Lingcao, they picked some, even if they had never seen it, and left one or two plants. Most of the time, they carefully dug up the Lingcao and put it away properly.
Instead of going straight to the abandoned Zongmen building, you frantically turned to the other side and looked at Lingguoyuan.
Known as field investigation
After approaching, the five talents found that the spirit orchard was more deserted than they thought. Although it was not half as tall as a man, some weeds were growing in disorder on the ground, but it also exuded a faint aura. On the contrary, the trunk was thin and the bark was yellow and cracked, which was wild and never cared for.
Let’s take a look at the rotten ground, leaving a lot of rotten wooden stakes. You can see that the fruit trees in this orchard are also growing freely. Although almost all of them take root next to the mother plants or the old trees are in the spring, the overall layout has been destroyed.
In some places, trees grow so crowded that leaves and fruits rub against each other naturally, and some even fall early because of too little; Even if you are lucky enough to be ripe and sparse, the fruit will ripen too early because of too strong light, and the drug effect will be minimal. If you add spirit, the fruit tree will be thin and lack of water, and the natural taste of the fruit will not be good without proper absorption of the essence.
"It’s a pity that most of this fruit has fallen off before it is mature. Even if it is mature, it doesn’t feel like it." Jun Qian shook his head regretfully. Previously, when he ate Lingguo, he always disliked the sweetness and the aura was not enough. I thought it was carefully cultivated
Without contrast, there would be no contrast. It’s obvious that he swallowed the dates before, and he didn’t have a good taste.
"It seems that no one really takes care of it." Huo Jiujian had a bad cold. "Did we see it before?"
"Not really. I can feel that there are always living people." Jun hung his eyes wildly and looked at Xiao Ji around him. "Don’t you think so?"
Xiao Ji Li nodded. "I have asked my busy little jade bird to take a look in the past and found that there are indeed so many people in that building, but most of them are wandering souls who seem to be tied up and their souls seem to have been refined and refined. Maybe they can be saved in the past earlier."
Huo Jiujian shook his head with disapproval when he heard that there was a ghost rushing. "I think it’s better to wait until they finish refining. They will leave for a while when refining is finished, and then we will quickly take the things in Zongmen’s treasure house and retreat unnoticed."
"Why don’t you give him a crazy funny look?" Do you know when these people are going to refine? "After a pause, he added," Do you still remember what you came to do when you went to burn the remains of the gods? Now that you have entered the temple of burning fire and been trapped in it, you must have lost sight of the jade bird transformed by Xiaoji. When these clans and families are vegetarians, they didn’t find bluebirds, but gave you noodles to Xuanzong. "
"The gentleman said" Qin Xiao don’t worry.
"That’s nothing," Jun said with laughter. "If the bluebird doesn’t see you for a while, then you may find something. You may send the bluebird to do it. Don’t go to these clans and families. After all, it may be considered as a test for them. We have to go out before they meet to understand the curtain."
Chapter nine hundred and thirty Still can be a unruly
"That’s not to say that there is no buffer now." Huo Jiujian still has some reluctance to follow the four people to move by Xiao Ji.
Originally, he was holding the small halberd for fear of losing it. Now he feels a little sad that his position is against transfer.
What’s wrong with being afraid of ghosts?
Thinking like this, while spitting on himself, he thought that if the other party insisted on not leaving but asked them to compensate for the loss caused by the interruption, would the things in the treasure house become shared by the beholder?
The more I think about him, the more melancholy his expression becomes until Jun Qian can’t see the past.
"I said what are you thinking?" Jun Qian grumpily gouged out his eyes. "Do you want to please each other if people there don’t let us pass?"
"Yes" Huo Jiujian nodded naturally.
Jun Qian asked again, "And do you want to pass it easily if you give them some benefits?"
"Yes" is still taken for granted.