"Let’s go." Water clouds and hibiscus put curtains on their faces, and the curtains covered the transient and dignified. The messengers from all over the world were destined to enter the city, and the capital was surging.

When the carriage returned to Wangfu, the horizon was setting.
Shuiyunjin went straight back to the waterside pavilion room. Huangfudi was holding Shuiyunjin and folding the white brocade in the closet, looking at herself.
"Why are you back so late?" Huangfudi looked up and glanced at Shuiyunjin.
"Something delayed." Before Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda, she took the white brocade to help him wear it.
Huangfuda seems very happy to take off her white brocade and throw it aside to help her put on her new clothes.
"Why don’t you tell me when it’s ready?"
"I wanted to give you a surprise, but I didn’t expect you to find me." Shuiyun Park laughed.
"I’m very glad that you made it for me." Dressed up, Huangfuda looked around and was obviously very satisfied.
Shuiyunjin watched him change his clothes, and his lips slightly raised. This man grew angry and resentful, but now he has more kung fu clothes in his hand, which makes him look even more tall. Tsinghua is out of the dust, and his white clothes are like a black and white ink painting, moist and elegant.
"Do you think that this face still has some merits that can make Ms. Park look absent?" Huangfuda smiled at Ms. Park’s eyebrow eye flying.
桑拿按摩Shuiyunjin pie mouth "Stop! This face harms all beings and I don’t know how much trouble it will bring me back."
"But I want to harm you alone." Huangfuda hugged Shuiyunjin’s cool thin lips and covered Shuiyunjin’s lips accurately and mistakenly, gently holding them like soft wind and drizzle, and then changing her teeth and biting them gently.
Shuiyunjin feels that the lip is itchy and not painful, but it is very sultry. It seems that she can’t stand Huangfudan’s gentle romance. She opened her teeth and tried to bite Huangfudan, but she slipped in and changed it. Just then, the gentle lingering kiss came like a storm and invaded Shuiyunjin’s mouth.
The mysterious elder sister is a key figure:
Chapter 71 Asked the tadpole
I don’t know how long it took for this kiss to come like a flood, and it took a long time to be gentle and reluctant to fade.
In the room, I quietly heard two people breathing and intertwined, and two people embraced each other with warmth and affection.
"Ha ha" Huangfuda suddenly laughed in a low voice in the quiet room.
"What are you laughing at?" Shuiyun raised an eyebrow.
"I’m happy" Huangfuda’s voice is full of joy.
"A dress will make you happy like this. I knew I would have made it for you." Shuiyunjin said wryly.
"I am the most interested woman in this world, she is in my arms, I wash clothes, cook and have children, and I feel beautiful when I think about it." Huangfuda’s eyebrows and eyes are full of joy and a deep drunkenness.
"You’re not modest." Shuiyunjin felt that it was beautiful to bury Huangfuda’s chest with a smiling face.
"I’m happy to be modest. If you have another child in your stomach, I’ll be more beautiful." Huangfuda’s lips are full of joy.
Shuiyunjin’s face turned red. "The more you say, the more proud you are. You dare to think of anything."
"What can’t think? Am I not working hard enough?" Huangfuda pushed away some water clouds and looked at them with black eyes.
Shuiyunjin was seriously looked at by him and felt that his face was hot "which is so fast"
"How long will it take?" Huangfuda asked stubbornly.
Shuiyunjin frowned and asked her to answer this question.
"It’s never that fast to have a baby, and you don’t have to work hard."
"How can I make you pregnant?" asked Huangfudi, who was still unwilling to die.
"This depends on the combination of egg and sperm." Shuiyun Park blushed and felt that she couldn’t go more and more.
"What is egg and essence?" Huangfuda frowned slightly.
ShuiYunJin corners of the mouth suddenly slapped him, an ancient man. She told him that eggs and sperm were casting pearls before swine, but looking at Huangfuda’s serious appearance, she decided to talk to him again.
"It’s just that two tadpoles must collide and then combine to have a baby, otherwise it’s no use trying."
Huangfuda blinked and wondered if he was white or more confused.
Shuiyunjin looked at him and suddenly rolled her eyes. It’s really not easy for an ancient person to be white because of the combination probability of two objects. "Forget it if it’s not white. Anyway, you have to know that it’s not that fast."
"What other people are so fast?" Huang Fuda’s voice faded. He has been observing for a long time. Many of them just got married and got pregnant soon. It seems that he didn’t work hard enough.
"Who do you see soon? Usually soon, it’s a volcano hitting the earth and just touching you. It’s just the right time for everyone to be so clever." Shuiyunjin felt it necessary to give some physiological education to Huangfuda.
"We can also go when the volcano hits the earth, and I will try my best." Huangfuda said sternly.
Shuiyunjin really wants to faint. Forget it. This kind of killing the wrong thing is aimed at tossing her.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin’s dejected face, and the corners of her mouth slightly ticked "Others just catch us, but we are two of a kind, and those two tadpoles will be connected and integrated like us."
Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows. Obviously, there was some surprise. I didn’t expect this man to learn from others. He said it was good that two people who love each other and have the same heart are bound to bear the fruit of love.
In a short time, the sound of a piano came in outside the door. "The dinner of the princess of the county is ready."
Shuiyunjin smiled and looked back and saw Huangfuda take off her white brocade robe. She raised her eyebrows and said, "Why did you take it off again?"
"Don’t put it away until the day of begging." Huangfuda began to fold it up again. When he saw two lifelike Du Re embroidered on the cuff, his black jade eyes suddenly lit up and obviously liked this unique intention.
Shuiyunjin was very fond of Huangfuda’s elegant body. Du Ruo thought of embroidering clothes for him. She embroidered two flowers attached to the sachet. Looking at Huangfuda, she cherished it so much that she felt that she should start making clothes for him earlier, which would make him happy. She was willing to do it for a moment. Her mouth smiled as gentle as water. "I’ll do more for you after you like me."
"Well, I really like it if you give it to me." Huangfuda hugged Shuiyunjin and kissed her purplish lip.
Two people packed up and sat at the drawing room table and told Huangfuda what happened in the south of the city.
A long time later, I saw that Huangfuda’s face was light and his eyes were light. "The dark guard left Nanliang to pray that the king had just entered the city."
"The man in the light yellow brocade robe is the king of Nanliang." Shuiyun Park raised her eyebrows slightly.
Huangfuda nodded and prayed for Wang Jiangyu in Nanliang. Among the royal brothers in Nanliang, he was the most eye-catching and talented. The position of Nanliang Chaotang was very important. I didn’t expect him to come in person, not to say that Nanliang Chaotang was in chaos.
"He is praying for the king to be admired in Autumn Guan Yue, and he is also a native of Southern Liang, so let the dead kill him." Shuiyun Park feels strange to know the identity of Autumn Guan Yue, so all this can be checked. Now I just don’t know where Autumn Guan Yue is hidden.
"The grand struggle in the Southern Liang Dynasty is becoming increasingly fierce. If you want to kill Jiang Yu and pray for others, you will only have to fight for the throne instead of excluding dissidents." Huangfu’s voice is low and cold
"So you mean that autumn Guan Yue is a royal middleman in Nanliang." Shuiyun Park is a little shocked. If it is so speculated, autumn Guan Yue is really resilient and willing to stay in Yangcheng next year to be a geisha in exchange for joining Huangfuheng. At this time, she was only white when Huangfuheng was in Xishan small courtyard. Autumn Guan Yue asked Huangfuheng to help him get rid of Huangfuyu first. Then it is time for Huangfuheng to help autumn Guan Yue.
"Will soon know how can she sit still when Jiang Yu Qi is here?" Huangfuda said a sentence without meaning.
"It seems that the capital is doomed to be troubled. It’s good not to make the capital a river of blood." Shuiyunjin frowned with some displeasure
Huangfuda smiled. "Naturally, they all have their own goals, but this is the capital of Changyong, and they still dare not open their eyes."
"Dare to kill people at the edge of the capital and say it’s not daring." Shuiyun Park pie mouth
Huangfuda smiled and stretched out his hand and touched Shuiyunjin’s cheek. "They were all killed by one of their own, and no one knew that outsiders could not insert their hands."
Shui Yun-jin blinked, and it seems that some people understand whether Huangfu-da’s theory of meaning is for profit or assassination in secret. If outsiders intervene in Nanliang’s state affairs, it will cause more troubles. "The emperor will not care, but they will be beaten by Chang Yongjing."