Section 53

Even though she is … bragging.
Five rounds hit the 45 th ring, so that’s the level of an army sniper, right?
Three fat "…"
Gao Xiaobai looked up at a face of "satisfaction" and then at a face of "loneliness". three fat shook his little head and turned to look at his uncle.
Woman! It’s so childish …
"1 ring, 9 ring, 1 ring, 9 ring, 9 ring, captain Yu’s total score is 47 rings"
A hand suddenly rang warmly.
"Wow, uncle, you are so powerful!" Gao Xiaobai thumbs up and spares no effort to praise the way
Yu Yu had to pull his lips and walked beside Chang Huanyan. "It’s getting late. It’s nothing for the police in the afternoon. I’ll send you home first."
Chang Huan Yan nodded and had no opinion.
"Xiao Bai, have you had enough fun?" She bowed their heads and asked Gao Xiaobai.
"Enough is enough." Gao Xiaobai smiled very cute.
Today, I not only saw the root number three, but also saw my uncle performing shooting and my aunt being jealous … That’s enough.
After completing the first wish, Han Zhengming and Zhong Yuhong will take Gao Xiaobai to a place in D city every day for a few days.
After all, it is not convenient for Gao Xiaoxiao to be pregnant, and she is somewhat sorry for this.
So when the school started on September 1, she got up early and went to the children’s room to call her son to get up.
Who knows, after pushing the door, the bed and bedding in the concierge are also neatly folded. The little guy estimates that he has already finished washing and went upstairs.
Sure enough, when the couple finished packing and arrived at the building, Gao Xiaobai sat on the sofa with his new bag on his back and dressed in neat new clothes, waiting to leave.
"Mom and Dad, hurry up." When I looked at it, I also urged it.
Gao Xiaoxiao was busy with shame and Han Shu went into the restaurant to have breakfast.
At nine o’clock, the three elders were caring and attentive, and the family of three finally set off.
They also wanted to follow, but they were stopped by Han Han, saying that the primary school reporting process was simple and there was no need to be so excited.
After the car, Gao Xiaoxiao’s belly is big, so it’s spacious and comfortable to sit in the back seat with Gao Xiaobai.
D is not far from Ruiyuan, and it takes less than 3 minutes to drive there.
On the way, Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered one thing: "Which school did my husband Yanyan and jiujiu go to?"
Han Yan picked his eyebrows and some didn’t have the heart to tell the truth.
Gao Xiaobai glanced at his father and said, "Mommy jiujiu told me that she would go to D University and be my classmate."
"Really?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his son happily and reached out and touched his head. "That’s great. Then you should get along well and continue to be good friends."
"Well," Gao Xiaobai nodded and thought that he would see jiujiu later. His little face could not help but hang up and smile happily.
As expected, the primary school reporting process is almost the same as that of kindergarten. After finishing school, you can divide the classes, go to the classroom and get the class, then you can go home and rest, and the formal class will be held the next day.
Because the headmaster and Han Shu know each other and have communicated with each other for a long time, by the time a family arrives at the divided classroom to take lessons, it is already full of parents and children, as if the lessons have all been delivered, and the young class leader is talking on the table.
When the Gao Xiaobai family of three entered the classroom, it was instantly quiet inside, including the squad leader, and everyone looked at it with curious eyes.
Han Shu nodded to the class leader and walked in with Gao Xiaoxiao and Gao Xiaobai. "Can I still take the class?"
"Coco" doesn’t know if it’s because Han Shan is too handsome, and the squad leader’s smiling face is still suspicious red.
Have a suspicious blush
桑拿论坛So Han Yan took over all the classes there.
A straight white shirt, black trousers, slender, tall and elegant, with a faint and elegant smile on his face, rolled up his cuffs to reveal a strong forearm.
Gao Xiaoxiao took a look at it and found that many young mothers were staring at the man on the podium.
It’s really a disaster for the country and the people. You can get a lot of rotten peaches everywhere! She frowned and was muttering in her heart when she suddenly heard a burst of WeChat audio.
I took a sniff at my son and looked at it from his pocket with a small mobile phone.
It was Jing Anjiu who sent WeChat with a photo.
In the photo, there is a red and white western-style teaching building with the words Class 1, Grade 1 written on it.
Soon a message with Chinese characters and pinyin came, "What should I do if Xiaobai’s father and mother sent me and Yanyan’s brother Sean Chen University to report today?"
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"What’s the matter, Xiaobai?" Gao Xiaoxiao saw his little face suddenly changed from vigorous to painfully unhappy and asked
Gao Xiaobai licked his mouth and looked up. "Can Dad transfer?"
Han Dong "…"
Equally surprised is the smiling squad leader.
I’ve just finished my class and I’m going to transfer. Is it so sexual?
Gao Xiaoxiao was also a little embarrassed and asked, "What happened to Xiaobai and why did he want to transfer?"
"…" Gao Xiaobai sighed and his little shoulders drooped to stop talking.
Han Shu stretched out his hand and touched his head in an educational tone. "Since Xiaobai promised his grandmother a man, he must do what he said. Do you hear me?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Gao Xiaobai twisted his small eyebrows for a long time before nodding "All right."
The squad leader also instantly breathed a sigh of relief. "Mr. and Mrs. Han, please find a seat."
Han Han nodded and took the girls to the surface. Naturally, all the way is also attracting attention.
Just halfway through, someone said hello, "Sit here. There’s no one here."
Gao Xiaoxiao looked around and saw a beautiful young mother sitting with her, a beautiful little girl, and they looked quite alike.
"Thank you," Han Shu said politely. "But my wife is pregnant and it will be better to sit in the back."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
My son’s mood suddenly fell, and the couple didn’t stay any longer after the class leader finished, so they took Gao Xiaobai home by car.