"You don’t even want me to hold your hand." Will you meet someone you know and say you don’t know me? hum

Have you said you don’t know me? Hmm? "
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at his hand with a face of language and didn’t struggle. "How is that possible? I … didn’t I take you out shopping? "
She wouldn’t be like this if he didn’t care to play hooligans every time when he was outside.
Although this community covers a large area, many people know each other and visit the Korean family from time to time.
In the second sitting room, she heard with her own ears that a grandfather and Mrs. Han were joking. "Your Xia Xia and granddaughter-in-law have a good relationship and they went to the hotel to check in together. It was reported in the newspaper!"
Up to now, she still remembers Han Zheng Ming’s face as red as a pig liver!
Han Han first looked at her with a serious face, and suddenly she seemed to be white and smiled like a spring breeze.
"Yeah," he held her hand tightly and softly. "Otherwise, how could you take me out to buy things?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Although I don’t understand why he is so happy when she comes out to buy things … Seeing that he is in a good mood, Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t ask. Let him be.
When they got to the supermarket, Han Han still held her hand tightly and refused to let go.
When I went to the counter inside and found that what she wanted to buy was actually a sanitary napkin!
That Zhang Junlian immediately turned black into a black briquette.
Gao Xiaoxiao noticed that his expression was unhappy and he seemed to be a different person from the previous one. He couldn’t fathom this rain or shine and asked, "What’s the matter with you?" Unhappy? "
约茶Section 291
"…" Han Yan took a sip of his thin lips and said, "I still think you finally understand and take me out to buy condoms."
"…" Next to someone fierce cough a Gao Xiaoxiao brain "bomb" a fried blush directly raised his hand over his mouth.
Han Dong "…"
Xu Meizu walked into the living room in a mess, and the old lady Han asked a few words. She didn’t have the nerve to say why she was sick when she was riding in the car.
Leng Shijun took her back to the room and went to the bathroom to put bath water. Leng Shijun received Zhong Yuhong’s words again.
"The jun min zhi where did she go? Do you know? " Zhong Yugong shortness of voice asked
"…" Leng Shijun leng leng "What do you mean, Ma Minzhi? Isn’t she in the ward?"
"No," Zhong Yuhong was in a hurry. "When your father and I got here, there was no one in the ward. The doctors and nurses didn’t know where the child had gone. I was so worried. She just had surgery and couldn’t walk around like this …"
Leng Shijun instantly panicked and said, "Mom, don’t worry. I’ll get there right away. You can ask someone first or … check the hospital monitoring screen."
After talking, Leng Shijun picked up his coat and was about to leave, but Xu Meizu reached out and pulled it. "What happened to Shijun?"
"Mom Minzhi suddenly disappeared and I’m going to the hospital to find her," Leng Shijun explained.
"In-laws and parents are not driven in the past? You wait first, I want to talk to you about something. "Xu Meizu took him and refused to let go.
"No, mom, let’s talk about it when I get back. Minzhi just finished surgery and I’m really worried about him." Then Leng Shijun brushed her hand and left.
Xu Meizu was extremely unhappy with her old face.
When Leng Jing Yan put away the bath water and came back, she was just about to pull her to take a bath. Her arm got a heavy slap. "You are going to piss me off every day. Am I bullied like this? No one comforts me …"
Cold words "…"
the People’s Hospital
A minute ago, Zhong Yuhong and Han Zhengming arrived at Ward 16 with the heat preservation box, and opened the door only to find that there was no one inside.
The bed sheets were lifted, but he didn’t see anything but his coat, but he couldn’t see Han Minzhi.
Because Han Minzhi didn’t have his mobile phone with him, Han Zhengming immediately ran outside and asked the nurse Zhong Yuhong to search all the rooms before calling Leng Shijun.
Han Zhengming also came back after hanging up, saying that no one had seen Han Minzhi.
Zhong Yuhong couldn’t help it any longer. Her eyes turned red when her nose turned sour, and she cried and said, "What’s going on with this Leng Shijun? He said he wanted to stay here with Minzhi, but suddenly he went back with his mother, leaving Minzhi alone. She just had surgery here. It’s so cold outside that she just ran out in case I left any disease … I won’t forgive him for the rest of my life …"
"All right, all right, don’t worry about it first, so I’ll get someone to adjust the surveillance video and maybe I can find some clues." Han Zhengming is also a face of nai, and he has long felt that this old son-in-law is unreliable. In recent years, he has finally accumulated a little good impression and completely lost it.
Zhong Yuhong choked and nodded while wiping her tears. "I’ll go with you."
"No, you wait here. Maybe Minzhi will suddenly come back. Don’t be nobody then," Han Zhengming calmly analyzed.
Zhong Yuhong nodded "yes"
Han Zhengming got up and just walked outside the ward. The ladder door opened and a tall and straight figure came out.
Han Zhengming you see froze.
The bearer turned out to be Yu Yu, and it was Han Minzhi who was wearing a thin patient in his hand.
"Minzhi?" Han Zhengming shouted a busy walked past "what’s wrong with her? How can you be together when you meet? "
"She passed out," said Yu Yu simply, striding into the ward with Han Minzhi.
Seeing that the two old people were both upset, they explained, "I just met her in the parking lot and didn’t say a few words."
"…" Han Zhengming nodded. Although there are still many questions in his heart, he was too busy to press the bedside call button and wait for the doctor to check.
Yu Yu didn’t leave. He frowned slightly at the bedside and looked at the bed pale and haggard. Han Minzhi suddenly asked, "Why will Minzhi be hospitalized?"
I’m sorry it’s late. I’m so sleepy on the weekend. It’s even later. Ha ~ And thank you, dear. The monthly ticket is actually ranked seventh. I don’t know where to put my hand when I see the ranking ~ (* _ *) …