"Since he made a mistake, he should be punished instead of dredging to avoid guilt." Song Qingcheng continued, "If he chose to call the police instead of leaving the scene, the injured person might still be saved."

Then she turned her head and looked at Yu Tingchuan’s angular face profile. "You don’t need me to do anything about this because I know it’s my uncle who is wrong."
Yu Tingchuan said, "Being sensible is good, being sensible is also a headache."
This sentence doesn’t sound like a compliment to her.
Song Qingcheng still looked at him. "Do you want me to cry and help you?"
Yu Tingchuan’s sight is still looking at the road ahead, but when he smells it, he smiles. Take his right hand off the steering wheel and hold her hand as if his temperature makes people feel comfortable. "How long has it been like this with me?"
Song whole heart warm toying with his every finger "not identify is don’t want you to reverse black and white because of me"
Yutingchuan takes Song Qingcheng to lunch first.
Not a restaurant or a hotel, but a private restaurant in Laoqu.
How much can the whole Song feel that Yutingchuan is a requisite for her? She may feel that her station was scared and had a similar experience a few years ago. At that time, the psychological pressure was not what she could sit in that position now, and her heart was not too frightened.
After dinner, Yutingchuan didn’t send her back to Yunxi Road to take her to Hengyuan Headquarters Building.
Lu Song Qingcheng asked, "Will I bother you in the past?"
The annual leave will be taken in a few years, and it must be very busy now
She didn’t want to delay Yuting Chuangong herself.
Yu Tingchuan teased, "Then you should stay and have a rest. I won’t be distracted if I can’t see you."
""sounds like a love story
Song Qingcheng picked up her lips and felt like eating honey. Liu Xishan was temporarily forgotten by her.
To the Hengyuan basement, she followed Yu Tingchuan on the 17th floor.
There was a year-end meeting in Yutingchuan in the afternoon. Song Qingcheng had nothing to run around in the office and took a nap in the rest.
Song Qingcheng was awakened by the buzzing sound of the mobile phone.
She’s the one with the pillow and the cell phone
Seeing it shows that Song Qingcheng’s sleepiness dissipates is Ge Wenjuan’s name.
Remembering Lu Xishan’s words last night, when the car accident happened, Ge Wenjuan also went to the police to ask questions himself, and Ge Wenjuan certainly could not be lucky.
Song Qingcheng didn’t refuse this call considering Lu Xishan’s situation
She just put her mobile phone to her ear and Ge Wenjuan calmed down. "Where is your uncle now?"
In the past moment, Song Qingcheng said, "Aunt, how can I know if you don’t know?"
"You don’t know?" Ge Wenjuan obviously doesn’t believe it. "The police told me that he went to see you for the first time after the accident. Who knows where he is hiding except you?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t lose his temper and said bluntly, "After the accident, my aunt didn’t lose her uncle and ran away. My uncle won’t be out of control. My aunt answered my question and wanted to know where my uncle could go to the station to ask more."
"Is that your attitude when he comes to you for something?" Ge Wenjuan had long regretted running away from the scene last night, thinking that her missing husband would not be angry. "He must have wanted Yu Tingchuan to help you, but you didn’t agree, did you?"
"Now it is a society ruled by law, and whoever breaks the law should be punished."
Ge Wenjuan saw that Song Qingcheng was so oily and asked, "Can you just watch him go to jail?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t JieQiang.
"I think he raised you for so many years!"
Wen-juan ge deep breath light way "YuTingChuan? He’s not next to you You let Yutingchuan answer the phone and I’ll tell him myself. "
"If you don’t look for him," Song Qingcheng said directly, "Uncle’s hit-and-run will not be sentenced to prison even if he goes to jail. People who do wrong will always pay the price. If there is nothing else, just let it be."
Say that finish the song city to hang up.
Ge Wenjuan had expected her finger to touch the instant opening of the hang-up button. "Even if he is your biological father, you won’t help once?"
☆ Chapter 265 No one can hurt you with me.
Section 24
"Impossible" Song Qingcheng denied it.
Say that finish before Wen-Juan Ge hang up again.
Song city with his back against the head of a bed, holding a mobile phone in his right hand, seems to have Ge Wenjuan’s ear. Even if he is your biological father, his body suddenly turns cold and white, and he has thin sweat at the back of his neck. She raises her hand and strokes her long hair, and her brain is still a paste.
The phone rang again.
Song city didn’t look at the machine directly.
The lounge has independent hygiene.
In front of the washroom, the whole city of Song Dynasty spouted water from the faucet, and some absent-minded people replayed the dribs and drabs of getting along with Lu Xishan over the years.
Even though she said she didn’t believe Ge Wenjuan’s words, her memory was deeply buried and she was touched.
The first time I met Lu Xishan was her fourth birthday.
Maybe I’ve seen him before, but I’m too young to remember
Song Qingcheng will firmly remember the four-year-old side because Lu Xishan bought her a gift that day. Grandma led her to call Uncle Lu Xishan. She ate lunch and ran out to play, only to see Song Guan and Lu Xishan pandering in the alley.
Song Guan’s face was so bad that he turned to go, but Liu Xishan stopped her from saying anything.
Song Qingcheng doesn’t remember what Lu Xishan said.
Not only is it a little far, but it has been ten years.
The only thing that is fresh in my mind is that the sentence of Song Guan’s anger and extreme anti-smile angered me. Do you think I dare?
Lu Xishan seems to be a little overwhelmed and seems to have some scruples. He just wanted to open his mouth and say something. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the distant child and immediately stopped. He picked up Song Qingcheng with a gentle face. "How did Sophia Kao come out?"
Remembering this scene, Song Qingcheng remembered that he changed his name when he was seven years old.
Before that, her surname was Lu and her name was An Qi.
All of a sudden, the whole city of Song became white. Song Guan insisted on giving her family name Lu, and Ge Wenjuan hated her so much. What can Bai Lu Xishan take care of her grandmother all the year round?
桑拿No. Where did these fruits come from?
What’s even more ridiculous is that Song Guan was once the sister-in-law of Lu Xishan.