Such honest selfdeprecation made me immediately respect him as a brother. Ji Zhi, right? What are your main classics?

Such honest selfdeprecation made me immediately respect him as a brother. Ji Zhi, right? What are your main classics?
Dong Yu opened his mouth, but it was not too loud. Yu … dabbled in both Confucianism and Taoism.
You should be young, right? I think he is so shy and timid and can’t help but ask
In case of … one in twenty this year, he even lowered his head.
Mr. Yanfang, I think he has a future. I like shy young people best. Since he likes reading and his knowledge is rare in Luoyang, let’s study in your hand for two years first. By the way, I gave Wang Lao a lift.
Wang Lie nodded again and again. He also likes this shy young man …
This person named Xue Mingxia Xuantianshui is the first in Liangzhou Literature Examination with a written test score of 96. Chunyuzhuang introduced me to the champion of Liangzhou District.
Righthanded Xue Xia visits Liang Gong is the most beautiful person in the hall, but his clothes are the most shabby.
oh? Is the literary test the first? I nodded slightly. You look young, too!
Righthanders have four in twenty. He bowed his head slightly.
What was the last question you answered in the written test? I asked
It’s the political system, he replied.
Oh? I also told him that he would choose the first two relatively simple questions, Briefly?
Yes, he said slowly, The big fellow has actually been in chaos in the temple for a long time since Guangwu Zhongxing. The dictatorship of consorts, the chaos of eunuchs, and the politics of princes and tyrants have occurred frequently. Now he is terminally ill, even if Yi Yin and Huo Guang are resurrected, they can help him.
An outsider can talk so coyly about the big fellow’s demise, which proves that he is an idiot if he is not showing his support for me.
There are roughly three disadvantages, one of which is that the channels of talent inspection are not smooth, and all senior officials are famous, and all the officials are grass. The inspection system of filial piety and Mao Cai has become a small trick for the exchange of interests between senior officials of a big family …
Well, what’s the second? I motioned him to skip this one.
Xue Xia Zheng added, The second is that the monarch can be fatuous, greedy and close to the yes men. The monarch can make the policy more ridiculous, while the people are naturally chaotic and capable, and the princes will naturally be disloyal.
What is the third?
The third is the chaos of officialdom. He hesitated a little. The consorts, eunuchs and the cremation are fighting endlessly, and the imperial court even put the state shepherd secretariat in chaos, which directly led to Dong Zhuo’s occupation of both capital city and then chaos. This time he took the initiative to end the understanding.
Well, it comes down to a good point. I said it was ok, but after I thought it was a bad street … Do you have any countermeasures?
桑拿会所The most important thing is to set up another talent selection system, but the grassroots are shortsighted and don’t know that they have experienced the imperial examination policy of Lianggong directly. He bowed slightly. Maybe this is a better way.
And to the monarch and officialdom chaos … He shook his head with a wry smile. I’m a righthand man, and there’s nothing I can do.
At this time, I realized that compared with the former Dong Shi brothers, this young man bite a grass man and made me feel very uncomfortable. What do you want to do in my office?
He looked surprised and thought for a moment, then replied, pen, ink, writing, grass and people can still win or be good, if there is such a position.
Shanglang naturally belongs to Shangling, which is a typical official position in the Eastern Han Dynasty …
We don’t have Shangtai. I shrugged. Then you should report to Wei Ji first.
Wei Ji’s adult is … He asked doubtfully.
Book Cao is in charge of confidential documents and is responsible for all kinds of arrangements, Chun Yuzhuang explained for him.
Although one is to regard Wei Ji as an official, in fact, his official position is far less important than that of the later Han Dynastybecause many times Jia Xu and Cheng Yu do a lot of things.
Thanks for Liang Gong, but Xue Xia didn’t know this, so he accepted it with satisfaction.
Speaking of it … these three are all Liangzhou test areas? Except Yuan Huan, the other four people are all in Liangzhou test area.
Yes Chun Yuzhuang nodded and then pointed to the remaining five people and said, These people are all recorded by the teacher Su Mingze, Fufeng Wugong, who is the third liberal arts teacher in Sili District.
Liangzhou has four people and six people, which is not bad.
The young man is full of Fiona Fang’s jaw and beard, but he feels a little high.
Su Ze Su Wen Shi? I rubbed the bar to make sure I didn’t remember. Did you answer your last question?