Sorry, I have to go back first \

Lu Qing hesitated or told the organizer that he wanted to leave first, that is, to sell the other side, and it was almost time to disperse. He took the initiative to greet and prepare to leave.
The law of speech is also correct.
Although he saw Lu Qing, he didn’t have time to talk to him, but he just said hello in a hurry and left his heart. He was troubled by one thing and wouldn’t have thought of it if he wasn’t alone, so he had some different ideas in his heart.
A woman is the one who bothers my family and inspects posts every day.
Really? I don’t know what a woman’s mind is. If she’s late, she’ll ask questions and smell your perfume everywhere.
He felt particularly embarrassed when he stared at the two men in front of him, complaining bitterly. Musha had never checked the post and wouldn’t lie prone to smell perfume. He suddenly envied them, and their wives were still very concerned about them.
I can’t say panic at the thought that Musha has been refusing to tell the truth and tell the truth when she was pregnant, because he doesn’t know what this child means to her in Musha’s eyes.
If Musha and I grew up together, or if we got married because of love, everything would be easy to say, but we are the most stereotyped marriages, and there is nothing sadder than the words of parents and matchmakers.
It is said that he is worried that she will always resist this marriage, and he does not approve of it. However, when he got along with her later, he also realized that Musha was good at seeing her advantages and her lovely disadvantages, which still surprised him.
Musha received a message from her best friend when she got home. She stared at the message and was distracted. She wanted to reply, but she didn’t know what to say, so she sighed slightly and went into the house.
In my mind, I thought about talking to my best friend face to face.
I don’t want to give up my job. It’s the most critical time.
Are you really going to give up this child?
At that time, the girl friend’s rhetorical question didn’t make Musha think too much. She hesitated at last and nodded her head. Now it’s confirmed that her mind is more complicated, so the more she thinks about it, the more troublesome things become. After careful consideration, she found that things are different, so she sat on the sofa and began to lose her mind.
The phone made a harsh sound. Musha looked at it and answered the words consciously. Hey, Dr. Zhang, it’s very convenient for you to talk now.
It’s obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Zhang asked her if she had made up her mind. If she decided to have surgery as soon as possible, it would be too painful to save the children from having surgery.
喝茶约茶Musha doesn’t feel pregnant in vain, but now she has a strange feeling in her heart, and she can feel that the little life in her stomach will want to talk to herself very much. Even so, she didn’t give up her idea, but told the doctor that she would decide to go to the hospital for surgery as soon as possible.
Hurriedly hung up, Mu Sha’s heart began to get lost in thought. She knew very well that taking off this child would mean killing a little life, but her present situation was really not suitable for the arrival of this child. She was not ready for the promotion, and she could give up if she was prepared to be a mother.
Chapter 196 Lose patience
Don’t blame me for not coming at the right time. I don’t want you to be uneasy and I don’t want you to grow up in an environment without love.
Musha held her belly and began to talk. She didn’t know if this little life could feel her struggle and nai. She knew very well that the preface to marriage was to have a girlfriend, and they had a good relationship. Maybe it was just an accident to forget her, not a crystallization of love.
I made up my mind, and the rest was easy to handle. When Musha made an appointment with Dr. Zhang for surgery, she turned and walked towards the bedroom. She felt very tired and wanted to sleep to make up for her lack of sleep.
Why do you want me to accompany you to obstetrics and gynecology?
Lin Xiaoxiao glared at Xu Jiaojiao unhappily. Two women with hats and short-sighted glasses appeared in the queue of obstetrics and gynecology, and they vomited at each other from time to time. They were completely out of control.
Just think I’m paranoid and suddenly want to check my health. Are you still my friend? We can’t recognize what you’re worried about dressed like this.
Xu Jiaojiao doesn’t know that the pressure brought by Lin Xiaoxiao is simply whether passers-by are good or not. Who comes to the hospital is not to see a doctor? When can I look at people? It’s not to buy things in a department store.
You said yes, but it doesn’t mean that each of us pays attention to the girl in front of you staring at you for a long time. I guess she will recognize you soon.
Hear Lin Xiaoxiao, Xu Jiaojiao, or else.
Now that you have no idea, I’m not afraid of being recognized. It’s not a big deal. Lin Xiaoxiao took Xu Jiaojiao to sit down in anger
Xu Jiaojiao stared at Lin Xiaoxiao and was puzzled. It’s strange that you are more angry than me. Did someone bully you? Tell me I’ll help you get out.
No one bullied me, even if I did, I would take it out on my own. Lin Xiaoxiao said, her eyes suddenly turned to Xu Jiaojiao. She held Xu Jiaojiao’s hand and said, I know you are tough and strong, but I don’t want to see you pretend to be tough in front of everyone every day. If you don’t say anything, I know you don’t pretend to be tough in front of me.
You know I wouldn’t pretend to be strong without you.
Xu Jiaojiao didn’t dare to go to see Lin Xiaoxiao. She knew that her fake face was seen through and that she had overdone her acting. It was impossible to cheat someone, so she grabbed her knees and bit her lips to control her emotions.
It’s raining hard. I’ve reached the limit. I’m really going to stretch.
Jin Jing’s patience with Meng Chengjun is getting more and more impatient because of her mother’s interference. Nothing in her heart is comfortable, even if there is a scene of mother-in-law in front of her.
In the first three months, I must pay attention to the great reaction when I was pregnant with Jin Jing, which may torture me to death. Jin’s mother said with her eyes, and the two of them looked at each other and felt that the atmosphere was not quite right, and at the same time they became thoughtful.
I don’t really feel very big. I always want to throw up.
Vomiting is normal, but you can’t hold your breath and eat whatever you want. If you don’t think for yourself, you should also think for your child. If she wants to eat any food, you should be diligent;
Chapter 197 Find out what?
Okay, mom.
Jin Jing glanced at Meng Chengjun in a hurry, thinking about so many things carefully, and gradually found that some things were more complicated than expected, so he narrowed his eyes and said, I really don’t have time. Go on, I’ll go first.
Suddenly Jin stopped and saw her impatience. Why didn’t he know the reason in his heart? He looked at each other seriously and thought of something seriously. He accidentally found that something was wrong. He didn’t even look at Meng Chengjun. It was estimated that he was in trouble with Xu Jiaojiao.
Meng Chengjun was very white in his heart. When he saw Jin Jing’s indifferent reaction, he knew that it must be because Xu Jiaojiao said something that involved himself. He carefully thought about it. Something seems to be wrong. Xu Jiaojiao didn’t appear and Jin Jing didn’t call the false name in front of him. It seems that the two people have not handed it in.
What is so wrong?
I feel uncomfortable in my heart. Now I actually see the picture of my mother and Meng Chengjun getting along well together, which makes Jin Jing hard to accept. I think more and more that things can’t be so logical. He has to see Xu Jiaojiao, but he has to find Yan Law before.
I’ve arrived. I’ll go straight to your office.
Yan Lu didn’t expect Jin Jing to be in such a hurry. Although he asked someone to investigate, there was no new progress so far, but Jin Jing couldn’t wait, so he acquiesced in Jin Jing’s visit and informed the front desk to let people in.
I can’t wait for a week. I haven’t heard the news yet. Meng Chengjun is an ordinary woman. Isn’t it convenient for you to tell me what you found?
Are you, are you going to check it yourself?
The rhetorical question made Jin Jingnai follow Meng Chengjun, but he didn’t find anything wrong in the end, so he still had a lot of unhappiness in his heart when he faced the rhetorical question.
I want to know what you have found.
I just called. Don’t worry about waiting for his email.
Jin Jing was a little uncertain because she didn’t know if she had found these, so she waited for the email to finally arrive.
Come and look at the photos that have just come.
Jin Jing took Nai’s eyes to the brain and curiously locked his eyes on the brain screen to see the photos. He froze and looked at the photos in his brain in amazement and found that Meng Chengjun looked very close to a man and often went in and out of a very shabby room.
Go and prove for yourself that I can help you get here, my friend.
Jin Jing stared at him with a lot of doubts and puzzles in his eyes. He was going to investigate clearly, so he copied the photos directly to his mobile phone and stared at the man in it. He drove to a dilapidated old community outside the Fourth Ring Road.
Isn’t Meng Chengjun a neat freak and willing to come to this shabby place?
Talking to himself, Jin Jing looked around curiously, staring at the photos inside the mobile phone, staring at the door of the community for a long time, almost falling asleep, and he finally saw the target.