Chapter 264 Promotion to UEFA Cup Final Monthly Ticket 16 plus more

Dickenson, the commentator who saw Lu Wenbin’s world wave flying into the goal, got up from the commentary seat and shouted OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR.
Yelled for more than ten seconds before Dickenson stopped for a breath and continued to explain.
In the 33rd minute, Lu successfully scored a world wave long-range goal from outside the forbidden area. Hoffenheim equalized the score and turned the total score into 52. Hoffenheim continued to lead by three goals and drew an away goal from Hamburg. It was already difficult for Hamburg to turn the table.
It is true that Lu Wenbin’s goal made Hamburg people feel desperate.
Then even if Hamburg equalizes the total score, it will go into overtime, and it will not allow Hoffenheim to score again
If Hoffenheim scores again, it will be a top two away goals, and Hamburg is even more hopeless
But the 25-behind total score made Hamburg have no choice.
They can continue to increase their offensive strength, and even Germany sometimes leaves Lu Wenbin to go to the center and frontcourt to assist.
In the 36th minute, Olic in Hamburg had a close shot at the line of the small forbidden area, but the ball hit the corner of Ozcan and bounced off the baseline, which made Olic feel annoyed.
In the fourth minute, Hamburg also got a single-handed chance, and as a result, they rushed into the forbidden area with the ball, and the horse was about to start shooting Guerrero, but Nihlsson shoveled the ball from a sliding shovel next to them and brought it down.
Hamburg players around the referee asked for a penalty, but the referee shook his head firmly, saying that Nihlsson’s tackle was clean and there was no foul.
Hamburg players can be indignant and continue to play and attack.
However, after Nihlsson’s return to Hoffenheim, the defense was very stable, and he didn’t make any low-level mistakes. In addition, goalkeeper Ozcan played well and Hamburg didn’t score another goal until the half-time.
The two sides entered the halftime with 11 points. Hoffenheim looked relaxed while Hamburg looked heavy.
At the intermission, all the TV commentators, reporters and fans agreed that Hamburg could not make a comeback
It is almost impossible for Hoffenheim to score three goals by himself without letting Hoffenheim score goals in the face of a stadium nuclear weapon like Lu Wenbin.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
Hamburg still want to keep scoring to equalize the score, even if it’s overtime.
However, the score of falling behind by three goals forced them to increase their offensive strength, and at the same time, the defense line also exposed more files and loopholes
Hamburg attacked for more than ten minutes without scoring, but Hoffenheim scored again.
In the 5th minute, Hoffenheim attacked, but Lu Wenbin didn’t take part. Instead, he took midfielder De and central defender boateng out of the forbidden area, leaving Eduardo in the middle.
Parjic, the front of Eduardo’s forbidden area, made a one-on-one match and then went into the forbidden area. He also made a false shot and really shook the remaining defenders and goalkeepers, and then the ball reached the corner of the small forbidden area.
Back-row insertion and eye-catching full-back Baker rushed into the penalty area. The corner of the penalty area met the ball and shot angrily, and kicked the ball into the goal at one stroke.
The goalkeeper Roster, who was swayed by Eduardo, couldn’t watch the ball go into the net in despair.
Then the referee blew the effective whistle of scoring in the middle circle of his finger
This is definitely a suspense goal to kill the game.
Therefore, when Baker kicked the ball into the goal, he suddenly turned ecstatic and rushed to the sidelines to celebrate with a fierce sliding knee.
However, his posture was not well mastered, he slipped halfway, lost his balance and fell to the ground, and was later chased by Lu Wenbin and others to celebrate.
In the commentary box, all the TV commentators announced that Hamburg’s death penalty had advanced to the final, and it must be Hoffenheim.
After Hoffenheim scored the second away goal and Hamburg scored an away goal, the semi-final will not be overtime and penalty shootout, and it will definitely be decided in 9 minutes.
Even if it is overtime, there will be 3 minutes before the end of the game.
The total score is 62. Hoffenheim leads Hamburg by four goals, and Hoffenheim has two away goals and Hamburg has one.
Therefore, if Hamburg wants to eliminate Hoffenheim, they must score five goals in three minutes to do it.
Hamburg may be able to play an amateur team, but it is definitely impossible to play Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.
Looking at this score and the remaining time, not only reporters and commentators but also Hamburg’s own players and fans gave up.
The players gawked at the celebration of Hoffenheim, and the players didn’t come out to protest that Hoffenheim celebrated for too long.
The home fans of the stands Hamburg team were also silent, without booing or cheering. Thousands of visiting fans came with the team, jumping and jumping in the corner like a festival.
Finally, the referee couldn’t stand it. Before waking up, Hoffenheim’s players should end the celebration and restart the game. Lu Wenbin and others returned to their own half to let Hamburg kick off again.
Baker’s goal completely broke the Hamburg team, and everyone hoped that everyone would become listless after the game resumed.
Even if you take the ball to the frontcourt, it’s a long-range shot to end the attack in a hurry. You don’t want to organize the attack well and equalize the score.
Seeing this, Ralph changed Lu Wenbin and Salihovic to prepare for a league championship.
喝茶约茶Hamburg coach Joel also knows that even if he is dying to score two goals, it is nothing like staying in the league.
Therefore, Joel also began to change people and changed two main players in succession to compete for the qualification to stay in Europe in the league.
After a few minutes, the Hamburg team was eager to fight. Hoping that Hoffenheim didn’t want to push people too hard, they tacitly dragged the time to the end of 9 minutes.
Then the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game without giving a minute of stoppage time.
Hoffenheim beat Hamburg, the same country’s rival, with a total score of 62 in 21 rounds away from home, and advanced to the final of the last UEFA Cup.
Hoffenheim and Donetsk miners will compete for the glory of the last UEFA Cup on May 2nd at Salagioglu Stadium in Istanbul, home of Bache, the Turkish Super League.
Chapter 265 attract worldwide attention for double monthly ticket
Lu Wenbin scored a goal in Hamburg’s UEFA Cup away game, and the team won 40,000, with a total of 120,000 experience rewards, and the experience rose by 16 levels to 7.472 million.
After the game ended and Hoffenheim advanced to the final, the German and European sports media set off a big discussion on Hoffenheim’s final results in the season.